Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 191

Jiang wine looked askance and then said, "I'll assign the amount of tasks and give it to you guys in the afternoon, everyone has been working hard lately.AK wants to see us M & R make a fool of ourselves, that is, he wants to make a fool of his wife.

If Song Ru isn't happy, Mr. Huo won't be happy, and you guys won't be able to have a good time, so everyone must do a good job!"

"Yes yes yes!"

They nodded their heads repeatedly, "Director Song, Director Jiang, we must do a good job and not let you down!"

"Good." Jiang Wine lowered her head to look at her wristwatch, raised her head and collected all the cold hostility on her face, smiled faintly at them and said, "It's noon, let's all go eat."

Song Zhi followed Jiang Jiu as she turned to leave the office and asked, "You were so harsh just now, aren't you afraid that everyone will have an opinion of you?"

"Afraid of what! Upper and lower level leaders shouldn't be mixed with personal feelings in the workplace in the first place, and they should give a downward spiral when it's time to do so! They will only be more pressurized and will do a better job!

Xiao Ru, let me tell you, in San's world there is only the weak and the strong, and the winner is the king!

What's more, some people are so bright that they can't find their way around when given a little sunlight, so this kind of person doesn't need to be polite, just slap them back directly!"

Song Zhi lowered her curtains, learning how to get along with people from Jiang Jiu's mouth, but even more so, she felt that she had to learn a lot of things, not only to make up for her professionalism, but also psychological warfare!

She let out a long breath: "I know."

Ginger Wine patted fear on her shoulder, "I didn't know how to do it in the beginning either, I learned it all after planting my head. Thanks to Ji Yuya, I was forced to leave the country because of that scheme. The Jiang family, in order to seize my family's property, declared me dead to the public and 'reasonably' took away all my 'inheritance', so I was a wild Jiang family member before."

Song Ru pursed her lips, a flash of shock swept across her eyes!

"Yes that's right, in everyone's eyes, I'm already dead!" Ginger Wine smiled brightly, in a completely indifferent tone, with a dashing candor between his brows, as if he would fall into the abyss as soon as he lowered his head!

"With your ability will go back in style!" Song Zhi was firm.

"Don't mention it, I don't want to say too much about the Jiang family now, it's too complicated. My brother is just occupying a corner of the Jiang family, just like third brother, but my brother isn't as well-born as third brother." Ginger Wine briefly spoke about the trivialities of the Jiang family, but it was to the point.

She wrapped herself in 'eggshells', so fragile that she would crack at the slightest touch, but still!

"Xiao Ru, Third Brother protects you too tightly, and you haven't come into contact with too many people, so of course you don't understand the wickedness of the human heart." Jiang Wine shallowly hooked her lips, "In the future, you'll come into contact with more people, and Third Brother will teach you hand in hand."

Song Zhi firmly believes that Huo Muchen will teach her hand in hand!

He would also teach her by word of mouth!

Personal mouth-to-mouth informing, body-to-body collisions to understand!

She can't help but hook her lips, suddenly remembering that she's worked until now, and although she's mastered the basic essentials of her job, she still can't get along well with her employees, and she's more inclined to immerse herself in the world of one's work.

Maybe it's the ear, Huo Mou Shen work has always been a person to kill and decisive, however, Song Zhi can not completely do like ginger wine, pulling the corner of the lips, shaking his head, first useless ideas to shake out!

She first put the design draft program to stay up all night to rush out!

The E-Star program had gone public nearly a year earlier than planned in her previous life, and was one step closer to her dream of getting closer to Huo Mou Shen. After the official promotion, the E-Star program would completely reshuffle the commercial and economic circles in Huacheng, and would bring M&R to its peak!

If you follow what Lu Ziyan said to her, then M&R will stand at the top of Huacheng, and Huo Mushen won't need to be shackled by the Huo family at that time, or even be able to acquire the Huo family with impunity!

Song Ru wanted to see Huo Mushen standing at the top!

"Let's go, all the breakfast I had this morning was consumed in beating up Huo Xin Xin." Jiang Wine stepped on her high heels to walk around her to head towards the elevator.

Song Zhi stepped on her small high heels and clopped along, bringing up the suggestion, "Why don't we go eat together."

"You don't have to go keep Sango company?"

Ginger Wine teased, stepping into the elevator with a small tail behind her.

"No chaperone!" Song Zhi bit out two words, reaching out to grab Ginger Wine's wrist.

"You'd better not accompany me to dinner, in case Third Brother doesn't kill you and kills me, I can't afford it!" Jiang Wine yanked away the small fingers she was picking at, and very nonchalantly refused awkwardly.

Song Zhi followed behind Jiang Jiu, not caring if she was willing to go out with her.

Jiang Jiu turned back several times and said, "Third sister-in-law, please spare me."

"This road is not your home, I come here if I want to." Song Ru look arrogant humming, justified appearance can not find half a fault.

Jiang Wine walked all the way, Song Zhu followed all the way.

Jiang wine from the very beginning 'third sister-in-law you spare me' to 'third sister-in-law, you call third brother again like this' threat, and finally directly evolved into 'what do you want to eat'?

Song Zhi replied: ''Hot pot? Last time I ate at home it wasn't as authentic as outside."

"Third Brother doesn't cook well for you?" Jiang Jiu raised an eyebrow.

"No, it's because Huo Mushan tells me to lighten up and lighten up every day, and I feel like I'm light and light now. He also promised to buy me snacks, but he ended up giving me chocolate so far." Song Zhi gestured with his fingertips, two fingers pinched and placed in front of the black soft eyelashes to show that the chocolate is so small that it is not even a fingernail, accusing aggrieved, "Just a small fast, just this big point, and and and and ...... he also smacked the chocolate does not smell good and did not let me eat it."

"You let third brother buy you something else ah."

"Huo Mu Shen is a cheapskate, he won't buy it for me." Song Zhi stole a couple of glances and determined that there were no black-clad bodyguards that Huo Muchen had arranged for her before 'especially' reassuringly and boldly spitting out, "And and he just strolled through the supermarket once, and he didn't let me take anything, and he also bought a bunch of ...... "

Stacked on the nightstand then!

It is estimated that after you want a child, you can not use it!

Song Ru lowered her head and broke a finger, this Sunday is Huo Mu Shen's birthday ah!

She couldn't help but laugh, but immediately tensed up.

"You have money! It's not like you don't have a salary, I remember you had half a million dollars a while ago." Ginger Wine said.

"Which is not!"

At these words, Song Zhi immediately exploded!

"Huo Mou Shen said that I'm a family member and that M&R is poor, so he didn't give me any money! And gave me a global limited black card and still won't let me use it, it's totally just for show, there's no way to even take it for pretending!" Song Zhi looked at Jiang Jiu, white soft sweaty hairs stood up, living as a little wildcat with fried hair!

"Oh, you can take it in Third Brother's name." Ginger Wine covered her lips, her face holding back a smile that she just couldn't hold back.

"If I were to spend and buy in his name, I guess the reputation of my bullying would fly up in the sky the next day!" Song Zhe deflated his lips.

Jiang Wine picked a low-key, intimate hot pot restaurant with decent service, walked in and picked the innermost corner by the window.

A low and introverted Maserati followed ......


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