Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 192

In the dining room, Ginger Wine and Song Zhu walked over.

The table was seated for four, not too big, and comfortable for the two of them.

Jiang Wine and Song Zhi sat down facing each other.

Song Zhi had just sat down in a buttock and said directly, "Your treat! I don't have any money!"

"Pit bastard!"

Jiang Wine spat out.

"If you're going to pit, you're the one who did it first! Last time, you and mom promised with your mouths full that Huo Mou Shen wouldn't bully me, but then in the turn of the hand, you two pitted me and directly buried me kind of thing." Song Zhi sat down and ticked off her favorite dishes on the menu without hesitation.

The sound of unhurried footsteps suddenly came from the cubicle.

A casual figure caught their eyes and stirred their appetites.

The man was casually dressed in dark suit pants, wearing a white shirt that was pushed up to his elbows and a belt tied on either side of his waist, tall and handsome, gloomy and unsmiling.

"Interrupting your dinner?" Ji also swept impatient looks on their faces but still cheekily sat next to Jiang Wine.

Ginger Wine frowns, her face cold as a dummy, taut in her seat.

She was semi-sarcastic and a cold laugh spilled from her throat, ''You know and still come? Mr. Ji doesn't even have that kind of eyesight?"

Chi also side elbow on the edge of the glass table, eyes deep, his face is always on Jiang Jiu with a mildly stern killing like doting, so people can't catch it, there is also a silk depression between the eyebrows, not looking at Jiang Jiu with his eyes.

Song Zhi sitting across from them could feel the atmosphere of swords drawn!

"I want to talk to Xiaojiu about custody!" Ji Yuya said softly, his tone much softer than Song Zhi's last meeting, seeming to speak to Jiang Jiu in a perpetually nonchalant and methodical manner.

Jiang Jiu didn't incline her head, didn't look at Ji Ye, only stared hooked at Song Zhi's worried brow color: "I won't give you custody, much less call my child someone else's mother."

"Then what does Xiao Jiu want?" Ji Yuya didn't hurry and let the ginger wine dissipate his anger, his voice light and faint, "Custody, I will definitely ask for it! My Ji Ye's child will never be allowed to stray outside!"

At these words, Jiang Wine snapped her side eyes, her eyes are a little red, but her eyes are full of rigidity and strength, dashingly and naturally raising her head, as if as long as she lowers her head, she will be defeated and shattered!

She seemed to smile and not smile hooked up the corners of her lips, ten thousand sincere tone: "I would rather my child call someone else's father, but also absolutely will not allow him to call someone else's mother!"

"Xiao Jiu, how dare you! I didn't let you go against me by letting you come back!"

Ji Yuya's gaze easily captured Jiang Jiu for a fraction of a second.

"Why wouldn't I dare? If you can be engaged to the Yan family, of course I can be with another man." Ginger Wine reclined on the back soft sofa, "At best, you've only contributed two mizuko and you're here to tell me what to do!

Don't you forget, when I was pregnant I was the one who lined up for the maternity checkup!

I was the one who hemorrhaged in the delivery room to give birth, who was victimized without trouble, and who was forced to have a C-section all by myself!

All the suffering was mine alone, and you want it all just because of a conspiracy and a nap!

Ikoya, do you think I'll give up custody!"

Ji Ye also tensed his lip line as he listened, looking coldly at Jiang Jiu's increasingly red pupils, the knot in his throat rolled twice and cleared his throat again, saying, "My fault!

Little nine ...... what do you want to go back with me?"

His voice sounded slightly tightly stuffed.

Song Zhi, however, could not listen to it, never knew that Jiang Wine vacancy of four years actually over these!

Song Zhi's heart ached as he wrapped his arms around Jiang Jiu.

At that moment, Song rhetoric through the ginger wine to see her lying in the hospital bed, she is under the white blinding sheets, from her abdomen slowly dense bleeding, pain frowned into a ball, white sheets are almost all stained red, but can only go to do the purging operation!

Huo Mou Shen half-kneeling on the side of her bed, to the end did not leave her half!

But it is thought within such a stark contrast to let Song Zhi died on the operating table, without the despair and pain of Huo Mou Shen at his side!

She empathized with Jiang Jiu.

Song rhetorically from seeping out of the yin and cold, the silk buckle to spread around.

Without a second of hesitation, she thumped the table and stood up directly, yanking up Xiao Jiu's arm to pull it hard from one side to the other, shielding her and disliking Ji Yu: "Letting a person carry a child with a big belly to suffer outside, what kind of a man is it for you to be engaged to another woman!"

"Song Ru, don't mind your own business! You don't know anything!" Chi also had a cold brow in an instant, without half the gentleness he had when talking to Jiang Jiu. The words slammed into Song Zhi's shoulders in a calm and hard manner.

Song Zhi's aura shortened, but immediately straightened his back again, his eyes flashing, "I don't know anything! But I know that if one's wife is pregnant, as a man one must be by one's side!

A man like you who is engaged to another woman still comes to pursue Xiao Jiu, honestly you don't deserve it!"

Ji Yuya narrowed a dangerous arc, his throat shrugged unconsciously, his body radiating hostility, "Mind your own business! I haven't settled the score with you over the Yan family!"

"The Yan family's matter is not about Xiao Ru! Don't throw dirty water on my third wife's head if you're standing up for the Yan family! If you dare to help the Yan family to touch Third Sister-in-law, we'll be enemies for the rest of our lives!" Jiang Jiu had already felt the sign of Chi Ye's anger in the form of a throat shrug.

She had been with Ji Yu for a few months, she could still read his words and stared at the knot in his throat for a couple of moments, then suddenly grunted and laughed, her eyes then moved upwards from the knot in his throat, fixing themselves on Ji Yu's handsome and rigidly cold face: "Ji Yu, I came here to have dinner today, and I'll be going back to work in a while, so don't force me.

Don't force me. If you force me, none of us will want to live well, I will take my child and disappear in front of you forever!"

Ji also originally to Song Zhi surged full of anger, but can only be heavily pressed back to the chest, blocked in the chest stifling, a moment to feel ...... the feeling of myocardial infarction!

"Xiao Jiu, what do you want to eat, I'll order."

The tone of voice instantly shifted so much that Song Zhi smacked his lips, this is the difference in treatment!

Well well well, Song Zhi could only suppress his anger!

Jiang Wine sat back in the soft chair in anger, looking at the food also sometimes good and sometimes bad, a high dark handsome face was crumbled almost to the ground!

"Xiao Jiu, I remember your tastes, I'll order it."

"Ji Yuya, when did you become a babysitter." Jiang Jiu slapped his palm away, ripped the menu back and handed it to Song Zhi, her face turning almost as bright as a June day, smiling in a way that was completely different from facing Ji Yu: "Third sister-in-law, see what you want to eat! If you like it, just order it, we don't have to spend any money today anyway!"

Song Zhi was a bit flattered, and immediately felt two icicle-like gazes that were eager to poke several holes in her, and that look was not far from killing her!

For Xiao Jiu's personal matters, Song Ru liked to keep a distance, she didn't like others to dissect her roots and ask her questions, Song Ru only needed to stand out when Jiang Jiu needed their mother's family!

"Xiao Jiu, I said I'll only spend money on you!"


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