Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 193

Ji also clenched his wrist bones and clacked, obviously extremely dissatisfied with Jiang Jiu's efforts to curry favor with Song Zhi!

Xiao Jiu had never been kind to him!

His woman actually had to go and curry favor with another woman!

And he could only watch, as Jiang Wine's rightful husband yet he could only watch, watch, watch!

Song Zhu raised his head to glance up and found Ji Yuya's face as dark as the bottom of a pot, with no color visible at all except black.


Ginger Wine snapped and rested the glass heavily on the glass table, making a dull 'thud' sound, his eyes filled with sarcasm, "If you're willing to eat, eat, if you're not, get lost!"

Ji Yuya leaned back spine-wise, waves of light under his eyes flooding with anger, clutching the armrests of the sofa, "Then I'll take the whole book."

Chi also probably thought that if Song Zhi only chose what he liked to eat without regard to Jiang Jiu, then there might be something that Jiang Jiu liked to eat, and finally simply threw his bravado around and ordered all the dishes.

It could directly push the atmosphere into an awkward situation!

"Mr. Chi is rich and generous, we can't compare." Ginger Wine didn't even appreciate Ji Yuya's favor, and the sarcasm in his eyes deepened.

Seeing the atmosphere fall to the freezing point, Song Zhi called waiter obediently Ji also asked for a whole book of meals, turned his head to see Jiang Wine with cold zzzzzzzz staring at Ji also, Ji also easily received Jiang Wine gaze, eyes deep and reveals a strong fire.

This kind of duh hot gaze and Huo Mu Shen every time to see her have a spell!

Chi also eyes gradually intensified intense deep meaning, unconsciously a little bit of hand to Jiang Jiu holding cup hand, unconsciously move the small action let Song Zhi capture, she directly pulled over Jiang Jiu's hand, deliberately provocative: "Jiang Jiu, your hands are really clean, don't get dirty."

Ji Yuya clenches his fists, biting out cold words spitting out anger: "Does Mrs. Huo like meddling in other people's business that much?"

Song Zhi looks at Ji Ye's face that dares to be angry, lifts her breath and says to Ji Ye: "My husband has always been protective, of course I have to follow my husband when I marry him, whoever dares to bully our people, of course we have to protect them, and kick the shameless ones all a few feet away!"

"The Huo family has always been ruthless and can lay hands on anyone close to them.

If Xiao Jiu gets in the way of the Huo family's interests in the future, Mrs. Huo will also lay hands on Xiao Jiu, yes, or ...... no?"

Ji also hit the nail on the head, the words came to his mouth, no matter how he said it, he could get around to ginger wine.

Song Zhu is most annoyed by men putting their calculations on women, really damn when she is a good bully!

"Close people still wolfishly treat us, we are not hot feet, why should we step on cold faces?" Song rhetorics words will also be implicit, but ginger wine hear really really can't help but laugh, hold back the red face, tense all over the body.

Song Ru is also disdainful of Ji, snorting wanly, "For that kind of wolf hearted thing, hurting the people that Huo Mou Shen and I protect, the tactics that our Huo family usually takes are to dig out the heart and pull out the lungs ......"

Leaning her body forward slightly, she looks earnestly at Ji Yuya, every word carrying a hidden fury: "Let him regret coming to this world in this lifetime!"

"Your Song family is really out of assholes!" Ji Yuya was nonchalantly sarcastic.

Song Ru was disliked Song family, really half angry!

Originally, Song Yanran and Song Yuancheng had used Tang City's resources to invest recklessly, allowing Tang City to be hollowed out a little bit, and if Tang City had been put in their hands, it would have been eaten up sooner or later!

If they were not assholes, who else could be?

Song Zhi rightfully took off, "Yes, you're right, the Song family are assholes, so what can you do with us?"


There was no way to dislike it!

People had personally admitted that they were assholes, so what other reason could they come up with to refute it!

Ji also sneered, his eyes shifting from her to Jiang Jiu's tautly smiling face, "Don't hold back your laughter if you want to, laugh."

Song Zhi mocked him, even if his wife didn't protect him, she also mocked him together with Song Zhi!

Chi also silently in the bottom of the heart small account book on the account, secretly said: "not anxious, small nine is his wife, he has plenty of time to slowly wear people down ......"

The words just fell, ginger wine really nonchalantly laugh out loud!

Laughing with a strong sense of ridicule, ginger wine laughed: "Third sister-in-law, your words are too good, wolf heart and dog lung things should be done! But nowadays, some dogs have no heart and no lungs!"

The words were all sarcastic to Ji Yuya!

Ikeya wasn't angry, just as the waiter came over and asked for the requirements.

Ikariya gracefully hands the menu back, "Clear soup."

"I want red soup!" Ginger Wine speaks up abruptly.

Song Zhi also nodded in agreement, she and Jiang Jiu had originally eaten hot pot just to relieve the lightness in their mouths.

But Jiang Wine looked at Ji Ye with a thickly sarcastic expression, "I also want perverted spicy!"

Song Ru: "...... "Isn't it a bit too much, but it can be eaten, it's better than Huo Mou Shen carrying a rice bowl every day to hold her and feed her clear congee and bird's nest!

Ji Yuya's eye contours contract sharply, his hands on his legs clenching tightly, just hearing her say the words 'red soup', his taut and straight body has already begun to be intensely uncomfortable.

It was pervertedly spicy again!

Ji Yuya clenched his teeth and stared at Jiang Jiu, with a look that seemed to say, "Xiao Jiu, your guts are really up in the air!

Really tough on your husband!"

Jiang Wine raised her eyebrows and let out a provocative cold snort from between her nostrils.

Is this even tough?

There are even more ruthless ones to be seen!


The hot pot restaurant was the location that Jiang Wine had stepped on long ago, and it was also a Netflix restaurant, the spiciest level.

The bottom of the pot, as much as possible are red oil, the waiter is also heard this table three people will store all the dishes ordered, especially think these three people are powerful characters, in hearing their request, hate to store spicy to the level of the sky level of the bottom of the end of the up.

Song resigned to improve the taste, want to eat a little spicy, but looked at the table on the red oil rolling, just smell the spicy and stimulating hot pot pot base, backed off and gulped.

She decided to eat just a little bit ...... just a little bit!

Eaters, not afraid of death!

Jiang Wine, however, was extremely capable of eating spicy and sour, and she quietly used her hand to pick Song Zhi's palm, writing the three words 'don't eat', which Song Zhi immediately understood.

It was obvious.

Ginger Wine was intentionally messing with Ji Ye!

Chi also stirred up the excitement of their meal, and Jiang Wine didn't want Chi to feel better, this level of spiciness could be eaten until Chi also passed away!

"Mr. Ji, please."

The dishes are all served, just waiting for the chopsticks to come off the pot.

Jiang Jiu made a 'please' gesture and smiled without smiling, "Mr. Ji is the shareholder of this meal, Third Sister-in-Law and I are the accompaniments, so Mr. Ji should move his chopsticks first!"

"Xiao Jiu, are you sure you want me to eat?" Chi also pupil eyes condensed out of the cold mass, obscurely looking at Jiang Jiu: "Xiao Jiu, Qiji misses you at home!"

"What did you say! You snatched my son away and sent him to the Yan family!" Jiang Wine couldn't hold up his face and confronted Ji Yuya eye to eye.

"My son is naturally by my side, it's good that I put Chichi in ME and have someone to take care of him." Chi also use calm tone to explain the first half of the sentence, the second half of the sentence steeply grim, threatening her, "You return to my side, he misses you, I also will not allow seven seven to leave my side, I will not allow ...... you to leave my side!"


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