Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 194

Song Zhu listened to the first half of the sentence as just a threat, completely padding, but the second half of the sentence was the point!

Ji also just used the child to trap Jiang Jiu!

Song Zhi's ears suddenly floated back to Huo Moushen's incredibly gentle words when he asked her for a child, and I'm afraid he was also playing this idea!

I'm afraid that's what he was planning to do!

Song Li heart grunted: "Do not say have a child, even if there is no child, she is not ready to run, on the whole life rely on Huo Mou Shen this golden thigh, hold tight and then hold tight!

It's not a bad idea to have a small Huo Moushen!

Huo Moushen bullied her, and she bullied little Huo Moushen!"

Huo Muk Shen and Ji Ye are different, Jiang Jiu and Ji Ye together stem from calculations, while she and Huo Muk Shen together have a foundation of affection, she re-lived her life and knows more than anyone else about cherishing.

She loves Huo Mou Shen and can give him a sense of security forever.

Ji Yuya clearly doesn't have a sense of security.

Song Zhi suddenly grieves for Ji Ye, because it looks like Ji Ye loves Jiang Jiu, and Jiang Jiu's demeanor is always wandering in this marriage.

She was sitting right beside Jiang Jiu, close enough so that she could hear clearly the sound of Jiang Jiu grinding her back teeth grooves tightly.

Song Zhi didn't intervene, but quietly watched as Jiang Wine's brows clouded over, leaping with lingering sparks in her flickering eyes.

"Aren't you engaged to the Yan family? What do I count with my son, to watch my own child call someone else's mother, or do you want me to be your unseen lover, junior?"

"Who told you that I'm engaged to the Yan family!" Ji also finally sullenly roared, "Jiang Wine, do you believe that if you say one more word about pushing your man to another woman, I'll get you killed in the car right now!"

Ginger Wine clenched her fists, "You're not my man!"

"You forget, I got our marriage license!"

"That was before I gave my consent and you made a good claim, so it doesn't count!"

Ginger Wine snarled.

"Want me to take you to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get justice, and then let everyone come to see if our marriage license is real or fake?" Ji Yuya's brows tense as he asks in a cold voice, "What do I have to do before you're willing to go back!"


"Fine, I'll eat!"

Ginger Wine doesn't say what her conditions are, but Ji Yeya responds in a cold voice as if he knows.

He let go of his clenched, hot, sweaty hands and poured several plates of food into the bottom of the pot in a row.

Song Zhi frowned, glanced at Jiang Wine, and immediately retracted his eyes to look again at Ji Ye, who was staring intently across the room.

For about a minute.

Jiang Wine coldly said, "Mr. Ji, you may speak!"

Song Ru's eyebrows wrinkled up, it's not that she didn't see that Jiang Wine was deliberately making things difficult, it's not that she couldn't see that Chi also couldn't eat spicy food, but when Xiao Jiu promised Chi also that the condition was only to eat chili, Chi also's eyebrows obviously loosened up, this kind of 'hurting the enemy by 800, and damaging yourself by a thousand' tactic made Song Ru have a bit of worry.

"Xiaojiu ......"

"Mrs. Huo, you'd better stay out of this, or I won't mind handing you over to the Yan family." Chi also sank his voice.

At the same time, he grabbed his chopsticks and in one go, fished out from the bottom of the boiling red oil pot almost enough to fill a small half bowl of spicy meat as well as leaves of vegetables stained with boiling oil, and without waiting to cool down a bit, he grabbed a strand of the vegetables and shoved it directly towards the eye of his throat, and without waiting to chew, he swallowed it hard.

The boiling warm heat directly scalded Ji also broke his throat, he topped his red swollen throat, and eerily said, "Xiao Jiu, go back with me."

"Ginger wine ......."

Song Zhi worriedly frowned, what if he ate out of recognition?

The key was that she was still present, she didn't want to carry the reputation of a murderer once again ah!

Moreover, how did she get the distinct feeling that she was brought here specifically to spread dog food!

It's hard to believe that she usually spreads too much dog food, so she was finally spread dog food!

Song Zhe was immersed in her thoughts when she was suddenly cut off directly by an icy cold word!

"You stay out of this!"

Jiang Wine's voice was stern, but her face didn't change in any particular way.

Seeing Jiang Jiu's icy eyes, Ji Ye also stiffly stuffed another whole bowl until it reached the bottom, Jiang Jiu's eyes suddenly revealed a touch of shade, raising his head and asking, "I'll go back with you, but I can't right now!"

"Why!" Ji Yuya narrowed his eyes in a cold, ghostly lock on Ginger Wine.

"I work at M&R." Ginger Wine said coldly.

"You work at M&R? Why do you work at M&R?" Ikoya questioned in his words.

Ginger Wine paused slightly, pulling out a ridiculous excuse and eating her own elegantly scalded vegetables, "To earn child support for the future."

"If you are short of money, come to my side! In the ME company, you can pick whichever position you like!" Every word Chi also spat out from his throat was tinged with pain.

"Now that I'm on board, you'd better stand firm, Ji Ye. The Jiang family and the Huo family are on the same side." Jiang Jiu said as she ate.

Song Zhi watched her eat and followed suit, and after only two bites she couldn't help but slam cold water down, hating the jug of lemon ice water!

Jiang Jiu sensed Song Zhi spitting out the tip of her tongue, hissing and huffing, and handed over the cup of water in front of her as well: ''Third Sister-in-law, let's go to another house to eat! Haven't you always wanted snacks, I'll buy them for you behind Third Brother's back."

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi's eyes lit up and immediately followed Jiang Jiu out.

Ji also saw Jiang Wine lead Song Zhi out of the doorway, holding down his fire-scorched stomach to hold up the cold sweat on his spine, his long legs breathlessly following.

To the door, ginger wine can not help but stop the footsteps back to glance to the pool also followed up the footsteps, and see leaned to the black Maserati car door next to the Yan Baicheuan, the corner of my lips tugged up, turn back and then can not help but cold sarcasm: "pool total or go back to finish eating it, otherwise so a table are wasted."

Chi also in the glittering sunlight face extraordinarily pale, or one hand covered the stomach toward her.

"Xiao Jiu ......"

Seeing this, Yan Baichuan stepped forward to hold Ji Yuya steady, his voice huffing, "Ms. Jiang, you know Ji Yuya can't eat spicy food, and you're actually forcing him to eat it!"

Ji Yuya's eyebrows floated coldly, and he yelled, "Bai Chuan, shut up!

Didn't you always want to see Song Zhi?

She's right in front of you, snatch it back and it's yours!"

Yan Baichuan: "......"

Song Zhi's heart 'thumped'!

Her subconscious step backward directly stung Yan Baichuan's pupils!

Yan Baichuan smiled bitterly and sighed, "Rob?"

"She doesn't even recognize me now!" Although Yan Baichuan says this, he doesn't give up on snatching Song Zhi back, especially when he buys the manor next door to Huo Garden and changes it to 'Resignation Garden', seeing Song Zhi right next door and seeing her in Huo Mushan's arms only makes him feel that every glance is a knife sticking in his heart!


Song Ru was uncertain.

Chi also had his broken hair between his forehead dampened by cold sweat, and a cold laugh spilled from his throat, lazy, "If you don't grab it, the person will never be yours!"


A strong mockery splits directly from not far away, interrupting the two men's calculations!

"Who wants to rob my wife!"

The man was suited and booted, well-dressed, walking towards them with long and steady strides, his lip line taut, his face dark and heavy, his smile tickling carelessly, "I would like to see who dares to take my life under my nose!"


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