Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 195

When Song Zhi heard Huo Mou Shen's familiar voice, she immediately scattered Jiang Jiu's hand and jumped straight into Huo Mou Shen's arms, jumping on her tiptoes and hooking onto Huo Mou Shen's neck in front of everyone.

She rubbed against his neck like a kitten, smiling sweetly and asking him to hold her.

Huo Mou Shen bumps into the kitten in his arms and can't help but drag her with his hand.

"Hubby~ I haven't seen you for a while, I miss you."

"Thinking of me and sneaking out for dinner?" Huo Mushen's light voice brushes over, instantly catching Song Zhi where it hurts.

Song Zhi was at a disadvantage, she didn't explain anything, she just leaned into his arms, her mind recalling the image of Ji Yuya tying up Jiang Wine with the child just now, and in his ear, she lowered her voice to a voice that only two people could hear, "Hubby, even if we don't have little Muxian, I still love you.

The child can't tie me down, it's you that ties me down!"

If it could really tie her down, it wouldn't be so bad that she would still be thinking about divorce after having a child in her previous life!

So the one who made her willingly captured was never Huo Mushan!

Huo Mou Shen's body trembles as he raises his eyes to look straight into the bottom of Song Zhi's eyes, his awe-inspiring voice sinking in, "You sneaked out to eat, you'll settle the score later."

Song Zhi 'Oh' sound obediently climbed down from him, good behavior snuggled in her side, to be more good behavior, and just arrogant and domineering anger dislike pool also completely different!

Jiang wine stood behind them, looked down at the empty wrist, could not help but twitch the corner of his eye!

Song Zhi just pulled his small hand tightly missing, and also shook it off with force!

Third brother's charm is too great, isn't it!

However, what makes Huo Mushan and Jiang Jiu even more physically and mentally pleasurable is the fact that Song Zhi directly hugged Huo Mushan in front of his 'love rival', which is completely 'ooh-ing and aah-ing' towards Yan Baichuan's heart!

Yan Baichuan again, his face was blue, his dark cold eyes stirred up turbulence.

"I said to stay away from my wife, the Yan family is trying to come and step on my bottom line?" Huo Mu Shen Yu bared.

"Oh ...... is Xiaozhu your canary, she even chooses who to make friends with, you have to restrict her, so to say, in Mr. Huo's heart, Xiaozhu is actually just your pet?" Yan Baichuan's speech is getting meaner and meaner, his warm jade-like face is covered in cold frost.

Seemingly not having enough fun, he continues, "I don't know if Xiao Zhi knows that she's just a plaything for you when you're in the mood!

If Mr. Huo doesn't like it, he can always throw it away or replace it with a new plaything!"

The way he said it, he was practically belittling Song Zhe to the point of worthlessness!

By the way, he was also sarcastically saying that Song Zhi was just a plaything and that Huo Mushen would cheat on him sooner or later!

Song Zhi, listening to Yan Baichuan's speech, couldn't help but jump out and accuse back, unable to contain her anger: "I choose to make friends with whoever I want, and it's none of your business whether my husband cares about me or not!"

She completely fails to realize that this kind of protection of Huo Muchen behind her makes the man more comfortable physically and mentally!

Jiang Wine also smacked her lips!

She is truly convinced of the two Third Brother's families!

Everyone else's family kills their lover's 'love rivals' themselves, while their couple is unique in that they take care of their 'love rivals' themselves and don't give anyone a chance to take advantage of the situation!

Song Zhi added in a cold voice: ''I'm willing to be controlled by my husband, what do you care?

Not to mention that my husband didn't restrict me from making friends, even if he did, I wouldn't make friends with someone like you, he wouldn't even worry about it!

And I'm not a plaything or a pet!

Yan Baichuan, if you can talk, then talk, if you can't, then don't speculate, I'll sue you for slandering my husband and instigating our relationship!"

Song Zhi was especially angry to hear him call himself a pet, and his chest was heaving.

For a long time, he couldn't ease his anger!

In her last life, Song Yanran and Lu Huaike instilled in her the idea that she was a pet and that Huo Muchen didn't love her, causing her to eventually go astray!

In this life, whoever dares to provoke again, she will ruthlessly punch them in the past!

Yan Baichuan: "Xiao Ru, are you sure you're awake to what you're saying?"

"I am very clear that I love my husband." The more Song Zhi said, the more agitated she became, the thick ink under her eyes getting deeper and deeper: "Yan Baichuan, if you dare to say one more word, I will not be able to resist doing it to you!"

"You don't recognize who I am?"

"Who are you that I need to recognize?" Song Zhe asked rhetorically.

The pupils of her eyes were scarlet, and Jiang Jiu favored Huo Moushen with a wink.

Huo Moushen's long arm curled around her, clasping the back of Song Zhi's head and pressing it down into his robust chest, soothing her shoulders that were so enraged that they were trembling.

"Irrelevant people, no need to recognize."

From the top of her head, Sinking Wood's refreshing breath fell, caressing Song Zhi's ears.

Song Zhi was gradually pacified and hugged his waist, "En, I know my husband on it."

"En, just recognize me as your husband." Huo Mou Shen's voice slowed down a few points, his evil eyebrows coldly swept towards Yan Baichuan, obviously Yan Baichuan messed with Huo Mou Shen's bottom line!

Yan Baichuan sees Song Zhi's emotions are in turmoil and his brows are wrinkled tightly, he just wants to give Song Zhi a reminder to think about the past.

"It seems like the Yan family doesn't want to gain a foothold in Huacheng anymore!" Huo Mu Shen said.

Jiang Wine immediately follows, "Third Brother this matter and I leave it to me to take charge, I understand the business and trade chains of Huacheng and Tingcheng very well, and it's time to put the M&R mall in Tingcheng."

Ting City is in Huacheng adjacent to the city, by the sea, the investment is also a good low point.

Huo Mou Shen at first was to slow down a bit, and then the coastal city also into his and Xiao Ru's business map, thinking that when Xiao Ru to give birth to the baby, take her and his son to go together, but look at the present, do not long-eyed don't want to life of the people always like to come over and he snatched people!

Robbing his legitimate wife in name only!

"Xiao Jiu, you don't follow and interfere, Yan family things are complicated, not easy to shake the foundation, you don't seek your own death!" Chi also coldly said.

"Then it seems that you are going to stand against us, then Mr. Chi, the deer will die depending on what each other can do."

Ginger Wine dashingly held her head high, never bowing down.

"You don't even want a child."

At these words, Jiang Wine clenched her fists, her eyes closed, her breath trembling.

She glanced at the opposite side of the pool also, legs weak, almost fell down, fortunately one side and poles 'hold' her just barely did not fall down, face pale creep out ruthless: "You're forcing me."

"Xiao Jiu, how could I force you? You should not interfere in this matter." Chi also gave a compromise.

It was impossible for Ji Yuya to ignore Yan Baichuan.

Even though Yan Baichuan was powerful, but now was the most critical moment for Yan Baichuan, absolutely nothing could go wrong, or else all of their plans that had been in the works for years would all be lost!

But Xiao Jiu is also all of the pool, he can not want all of the pool family, but also want Xiao Jiu!

Huo Muchen's brow color condensation, light voice explanation directly eliminated ginger wine's doubts.

"Xiao Jiu, big brother is checking ME, Qi Qi is very good at the police station, eating lollipops."

At these words, Ji also pupils shook, Jiang Wine sighed in relief.

Ginger Wine smiled and looked at the opposite two people, "I hope you can withstand M&R's wrath!"


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