Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 196

Yan Baichuan looked at Song Zhi who was yelled at to the point where he was buried in Huo Mou Shen's arms and refused to come out, and really felt that he had just spoken a bit too much in his anger, and pressed down on the sea of anger and jealousy that was rippling within him, and tried to put a calm tone in his voice to say, "I'm sorry, I spoke heavily just now, so don't blame me for Xiao Zhi."

This kind of doting tone makes people listen to it imaginatively, and will guess what kind of relationship Yan Baichuan and Song Zhi have in order to speak in this kind of tone!

Song Zhi frowned at this and turned her head to Yan Baichuan with a cold face, "Yan Baichuan, I don't know you! Please don't act like you've known me for years every time you see me!

You just spoke out against me and my husband and asked me not to blame you!

Does that mean that if everyone insults us with one sentence and another don't blame, we all have to be spared all together!

Do you take me for stupid, or do you take me for blind!"

Yan Baichuan was so refuted by Song Zhi that he couldn't utter half a word.

He slowly raised his head over her shoulder to look at Huo Mushan who was being protected behind her, a sense of powerlessness spreading from all over his body, an unprecedented sense of frustration hitting him straight in the heart.

Song Ru sneered again, "I'm sorry to say that we won't let it go!

Not every apology can be exchanged for someone's understanding!"

"It doesn't matter if you can't think of me now, sooner or later you'll think of me, you'll remember everything the Huo family has done to you, and you'll understand whether Huo Mou Shen loved or felt guilty about marrying you?"

Yan Baichuan's voice is light, tugging Ji Yuya into the Maserati and pulling the door open from yet another side.

When he was about to get on the car, he opened his mouth to ginger wine lightly, "Chi also helped Yan family because of me, the person in his heart is still you, Ms. Jiang don't misunderstand it is good."

After saying that, Yan Baichuan's long legs crossed to the main driver's seat, 'bang' closed the car door, started the engine, pulled the hand zipper, stepped on the gas, one foot to the bottom, leaving the restaurant entrance with a wolfish implication.

Song Zhi stood there, not saying a word, silent to the point of panic.

Her eyes are just staring dead center in the direction that Ji Yuya and Yan Baichuan left, all coldness making it difficult for people to get close.

Huo Mo Shen inserted one hand into the pocket of his suit pants, he pursed his lips and did not open his mouth, just silently waiting for Song Zhi to open his mouth.

A long time later, Song Zhi turns his head in his expectant gaze, reaches out and pulls his large palm, gently tickling his palm before raising his head and asking innocently, "You're the one who found Qiqi?"

"En, I just called you and found that you and Xiaojiu went out, Ji Yuya's car followed behind you, and I asked big brother to bring Qi Qi to the police station." Huo Mo Shen explains.

Insubordinate as he is, he can actually not explain at all, but for Song Zhi, he willingly and patiently explains.

Song Ru completely parted with all of his son's 'fatherly patience'.

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi puffed up and spread out his soft white hands, "Give me a lollipop."

Huo Mu Shen's face sinks, "......"

Ginger Wine: "......"

"You were silent for half a day just now, just wondering why you don't have a lollipop?"

Huo Mou Shen abruptly surges out of the depths of his chest with a mouthful of anger that he can't wait to strangle Song Zhi to death, but then he sees her blearily cupping her little hand towards him for 'a lollipop', all the anger turns into helplessness, and he tells himself a few times inwardly that this is the little ancestor that he chose, and that he should finish spoiling it even while kneeling down!

"Why do you want candy?" Huo Mu Shen asks again.

"Big brother is giving Qi Qi lollipops, can't you give me one?"

Song Zhi hasn't eaten a lollipop since then, she was just thinking that Big Brother, an ironic man, knows to give Qiji snacks.

She's grown up so much that she doesn't even have snacks, and has to beg for them with her own eyes!

Huo Mou Shen still does not give, so angry!

This thought, the person can be aggrieved: "You do not say that I am young, buy me one, I have not eaten, I have not eaten enough just now."

This painting style, clear and strange!

Jiang Wine and Huo Mou Shen said they were speechless, a small woman who is a wife actually catty with a child!

Jiang Wine doesn't want the city gates to catch fire, spilling over into a small pool of fish for her, smiling awkwardly, "Third sister-in-law, I'll go over to pick up Qi Qi, I'll bring you two lollipops next time we meet again."

Third brother is really too ...... stingy!

"My wife wants a lollipop and wants you to give it to her?" Huo Mo Shen's face darkened to a few gloomy states under the bright light.

"Then I'll go, don't worry I'll definitely be back at work this afternoon." Jiang Jiu steps on her high heels after saying this and runs away with a clatter.

The only thing left on the spot is Huo Mu Shen and Song Zhi staring at each other, dark-colored pupils of their eyes, bland, cold, and silent.

Song Zhi swallowed his mouth, "Huo Mou Shen, this kind of look in your eyes is trying to tell me that you don't buy a single lollipop for your wife?"

"Heh ...... nothing you want to ask me?"

Huo Mou Shen wanted to wait for Song Zhi to ask, but she obviously dodged to avoid his pursuit, preferring to press her own heart to hide her heart and not willing to open her mouth to ask him.

"No." Song Zhi put her head away, refusing to look into Huo Mu Shen's aggressive eyes.

"Really don't want to ask?"

The man's low voice lingered in her ears.

Song Zhi inhaled deeply, she was curious about what the Huo family had done to her, but never questioned Huo Mushen's love for her.

A lifetime of being blind in the eyes and blind in the heart is not enough to be so stupid in this life that she doesn't know whose words to believe!

Song Zhi clenches her teeth, her eyes moist and bright, her gaze slowly shifts downward, avoiding his stern probing, pressing her mind down again and again, truly afraid that one day she won't be able to withstand the teasing of Huo Mou Shen's eyes, and spit out her rebirth as soon as she gets out of her mouth!

"Xiao Ru."

Huo Mou Shen one hand wrapped around her waist towards the company slowly walking, naturally holding her small hand, and she walked back to the company with her fingers interlocked.

"...... There's nothing I want to ask." Song Ru shallowly whispered, "I married not the Huo family, but a man named Huo Mou Shen, even if the Huo family is unforgiving, but as long as I have Huo Mou Shen as a man to protect me, I'm not afraid of anything!

"Xiao Ru ......"

Huo Mou Shen's throat knots slid stoically, his muscles tightened, he looked at her, his body's reaction was already obvious: "I'll make you feel at ease, you trust me."

His unusually calm eyes are sunken in, his gasps are hidden and muddy.

"I've always believed that Huo Mou Shen, this man, is enough to put me at ease!" Song Ru stopped at the entrance of a large supermarket and violently stopped in her tracks, tilting her head back to stare at him incomparably earnestly with clear, moist eyes, word for word: "I don't care about your past, I only cherish the fact that I've returned to you and have your present and future!

What's more, even if you have guilt towards me, so what?

You said that you love me and I believe it!

If you don't love ...... me one day ah!"

Huo Mou Shen didn't let Song Zhi finish the latter half word, squinting his eyes to see the clear and narrow pathway, pulling the person's wrist, directly holding her down to the wall, trapping Song Zhi between his pecs and the cold wall, lowering his head to block that chattering little mouth, stopping her from still saying the words he doesn't like to hear.


Only after a long time did Huo Mu Shen reluctantly release her lips!


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