Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 200

There was just too much information coming out of her mouth, and it was hard for Jiang Jing Xing to determine whether what was said was true or false, after all, Song Ru's mental state was there.

He bit down on a toothpick and got a police officer to handle everything behind him, and looked up to see Huo Mushan ignoring his torn wounds and firmly hugging Song Ru from behind her back, "Xiao Ru, calm down!

No one dares to harm you with me here, you don't have to be afraid!"

Surrounded by Huo Mushan's deep wood aura, Song Zu's emotions are quickly calmed.

She quickly quieted down and nestled in Huo Moushen's arms, allowing him to carry her to the ambulance.

"I'll go with you, Song Zhi should know something that we don't, maybe this is a breakthrough." Jiang Jing Xing followed and jumped into the ambulance, stretching out his long arm to close the back door.

The ambulance quickly arrives at the hospital, Huo Mou Shen hugging and coaxing and kissing Song Zhi along the way simply repositioning everyone his cool and ascetic image.

All the way to the two into the ward, Huo Muchen only reluctantly loosened on Song Zhi.

"I said you don't need to be like this to protect Song Zhi, but it's time for you to let Song Zhi take a look at Lao Qi, if this goes on, could it be that you're relying on guesswork for the reason Song Zhi suddenly knows so much?"

Jiang Jing Xing pulled out a cigarette from the cigarette box, originally wanted to take a drag to relieve his addiction, but remembering that they were in the hospital, he stiffly threw the cigarette butt towards the trash can!

"Big brother, Xiaozhu has always been very smart, she probably knows, she'll just disguise it, without me back, she doesn't dare to show her true colors." Huo Muchen said in a low voice, his words were all about defense: "I will respect her, if she doesn't want to take the initiative to say it, I won't force her!"

Jiang Jing Xing tugged at the corner of his lips, "Obviously it's just a matter of words, you guys have to guess around, interesting?

Lao San, don't make getting along as a couple into a business negotiation, playing psychological warfare with each other!

Just say it outright.

Song Zhi can even fucking block the knife for you, will not tell you this little secret, don't live love so carefully!"

He took out a toothpick and held it in the corner of his lips, snorting, "I now see you two get along with each other are testing each other, each other feel unworthy of each other!

I'm watching from the side and I'm really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really anxious!

Do you have to wait until Song Zhi is bullied before you're willing to step in?"

Huo Mushen's eyes swept through a flash of consternation, and only after a long time did he mockingly say, "I'm her husband, I'll back her up."

"Back her up?"

Jiang Jingxing tugged the corner of his lips obliquely.


From the ward comes out the doctor, who respectfully walks over to Huo Mushan's side with a few moments of embarrassment, but thinking of Mrs. Huo's command, he can only walk over against Huo Mushan's immense pressure.

"Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo is inside saying that the stitches are too ugly and refuses to cooperate with the treatment, asking Mr. Huo to go in."


Huo Mushen gazes and commands, "Bring all the doctors inside, I'll stitch with my wife."

Immediately afterward, the doctors busily set up another temporary operating table in the emergency room.

Huo Mou Shen seldom walks into the operating room as a 'patient', but now he also enters once for Song Zhi.

The operating room smells of sterilized water.

Huo Mou Shen looked at the woman half-sitting on the edge of the hospital bed, coldly condensed eyebrows, pulled a stool to sit across from her, dark pupils straight into the bottom of Song Zhi's eyes, see her have a strong resistance to the heart, stretching out their own injured hand to the doctor in front of them, coldly commanded: "Start the operation."

Song Zhi's spine stiffened, her teeth biting her lip, like a student who had done something wrong and bowed her head to admit it.

The doctor hears Huo Mu Shen's command and doesn't dare to delay a minute, asking for instructions, "Mr. Huo, the injured place is in the palm of the hand, is it difficult to hit the anesthesia?"

"No anesthetic."

The man directly dropped two words!

Song Zhi was so shocked that his pupils suddenly shrunk, "Huo Mu Shen, do you know what you're saying!"

How painful it was without anesthesia!

It was the same as a razor blade cutting through bones, the pain was unbearable!

"Do it!"

"I said no!" Song Zhi is going to jump off the edge of the hospital bed to stop the doctor from moving to stitch Huo Mou Shen directly: "It'll hurt like hell, stitching without anesthesia really hurts."

"You didn't think it would hurt when you blocked the knife for me?"

"That's different! Huo Mou Shen, don't mix it up!" Song Zhe was furious: "I blocked the knife for you is my willingness, all subconscious action, just like you love me spoil me love me is the same!

I never emotionally thought of letting you pay unilaterally, so what do I count as!

An ungrateful white-eyed wolf?"

Her eyes are scarlet, and the group of doctors in the room are all shocked by Song Zi's few words, not realizing that Mrs. Huo's thin body contains so much power!

When Huo Mou Shen heard Song Zi's vocal questioning, he couldn't help but hook his lips, reaching out to grab her wrist to keep her from moving around and breaking her wound "Then Xiao Zi will accompany me."

"Accompany you and you'll administer anesthetic?"

Song Ru didn't believe it because in her impression, Huo Mou Shen would handle all small wounds on his own if they weren't life threatening.

She also found this out because Huo Mushan had hugged her and done it before.

She didn't know she was pregnant at the time, and when she smelled blood and threw up underneath her, Huo Mushan rushed to carry her to the shower.

Song Zhi saw the blood all over the ground and realized that he was injured, and sneaked in the study to see him all by himself to deal with the wounds.

Song Ru fists against his palm, seriously firm look at Huo Mou Shen, chest heaving violently, half a long time before saying, "Good, I accompany you."

Song Zhi consciously do not want to enter the operating room alone again, she panicked hospital, afraid of the hospital lit up the red light, can only see Huo Mou Shen's handsome face eyes disappeared in her pupils.

"En, good boy." Huo Mou Shen raised his eyes and commanded in a deep voice: "Go and prepare for Mrs., remember not to leave any scars."

Girls like to be beautiful, and Huo Mou Shen thinks that what girls all over the world have, his family's Xiao Ru must have as well!

Song Zhuo frowns as she watches the doctor numbing her, frowning in pain.

Huo Mou Shen holds the person directly onto his lap, scolding sternly, "Be gentle!"

"Yes yes yes!"

The doctor is emboldened and treats Song Zhi's wounds more gently.

Huo Mou Shen lowers his head and kisses her hair, his expressionless face can't hide the sternness and coldness, "It's only for a while, they won't hurt you, whoever hurts you, I'll kill him!"

The words just fell, everyone's movements lightened a few more points, simply lightened to a certain level.

Song Zhi lying in his arms, listening to his dull, vast voice ringing in the ears, "My little Zhi is very brave, today's people you know?"

Song rhetoric body a few invisible trembled for an instant, clear face emanated syncopated cold ghostly light: "I ...... recognize."

"Xiao Ru tell me who is it?"


How does she open her mouth?

Saying that the man who had his hands and feet broken by Huo Mou Shen was among those who got the man who dug up her kidneys, Song rhetorically couldn't open her mouth at all!


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