Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 2

When the woman left, she left behind her business card, the signed artist of Juyu Group——Xu Aiqing.

It's no wonder that I have some influence. This woman seems to have won the crown of song queen with an angelic face and a devilish figure as well as good singing skills shortly after her debut in Lin Xichi's company.

She actually had a part in what happened today.

Lin Xichi specializes in dealing with first-line female celebrities. It seems that this woman is unwilling to be a woman behind the scenes, so she came to demonstrate. I don't know how many people didn't come.

Now she has no interest in doing anything at all.

She just wanted to go out and relax.

The weather was not good, and it rained suddenly at this time. Standing on the street in the heavy rain, the water side was soaked all over because she didn't have an umbrella.

It's cold, how can it be more cold than heart?

There is also a reason why I am with Lin Xichi, the first is because I really like him, and the second is because my Shui Group was framed by others, so it caused a lot of debts, Lin Xichi took the initiative to undertake the task of repaying the repayment. It moved her very much.

The water side was drenched in the rain while thinking wildly, unaware that he was in the middle of the road at the moment.

"Beep beep——"

Although the driver driving behind him honked his horn like crazy, the water side turned a deaf ear at all.


When a black Rolls-Royce was about to load the water side, it braked in time, but it still touched the Fashen water side due to inertia, and there was no time to dodge it, and it was physically and mentally uncomfortable.

She fainted gracefully in front of the car.

When Shuifang woke up, he was already in a strange car, and the driver was a man, he was wearing a black suit, a blue bow tie, and the watch on his wrist was a bit dazzling.

As if aware of her waking up, his voice was low and elegant: "Are you awake? Do I need to take you to the hospital?"

Shui Fang also understood what happened just now, his pale face was bloodless: "Take me to the duck shop, I'm in a bad mood, find some men to have sex."

He was slightly taken aback, and turned his head, "Shouldn't you ask me for compensation? Also, as a woman, it's better to love yourself a little bit?"

Although Shui Fang didn't know the man in front of him, he also thought his words were funny: "Women should love themselves, so what about men?"

If Lin Xichi loves herself, she will go to the city center to perform a live broadcast of boulders on her chest!

"I don't know about other men, but I love myself very much and never touch any woman." His voice was clear and gentle.

It's really ironic. I just experienced a door-to-door visit by a mistress, and now there is a man boasting that he loves himself? She wanted to see, but Shui Fang changed his tone, his voice was gentle and flattering, "It is said that men are lower body animals, show me how much you love yourself~"

He watched her suddenly change her tone, and there was a hot breath in the car.

She accidentally touched him from time to time. It was strange. He was a clean freak and couldn't stand others touching him, especially women. So when he lived to be almost thirty, he didn't have a woman, because all women He would feel uncomfortable and disgusted when he met him. However, she was teasing him at the moment, and he didn't have any resistance.

Shui Fang looked at his expressionless face and felt a little disappointed. Is it because he is unattractive, or does he really have a cleanliness?

Just when he was about to withdraw his hand, he was holding onto the steering wheel with both hands, but he freed up one hand and held her hand tightly.

"Didn't you say that you are very self-loving, and you actually teased me while driving?"


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