Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 4

Seeing her blank expression, he just casually put on his white shirt.

"The clothes on your body seem to be wet, why don't you choose a suit?"

Shui Fang snorted coldly, he felt that his waist was going to be broken in a flash, he still had an innocent look on his face. Gold card came to him.

"Just treat it as your money for serving me today, and it will be indefinite in the future."

After she finished speaking, she wanted to get out of the car, but when she pulled the guard, the doors were locked tightly. This man actually locked all the car doors.

"I don't like women who are disobedient, and they are women I just had sex with. I said, you can do as you want, and go buy a set of clothes later. The clothes on your body are too ugly. After buying clothes, go to dinner. After eating Go to the hotel after dinner." His voice was cold, not at all as hot as when he was doing something to himself just now, as if he had always been like this.

Caught him saying wait and go to the hotel with him? etc? What the hell is this? Is it the rhythm of the room?

"By the way, is this gold card of yours issued by a bank under the Shuishi Group? Isn't the Shuishi Group bankrupt? Don't use this card, use mine instead." He randomly took out one of the thick bank cards and threw it in front of her.

Shui Fang picked up the black card he threw in some surprise. The horse painting on it was lifelike. Looking at the back, she was completely stunned. This card is out of print in the world. It is an out-of-print card that has made outstanding contributions to the market and development of China. With this card, there is no limit to the maximum amount in it. You can use as much as you want, and it will never be maxed out. Therefore, there are only five cards in the world. The black horse card, he actually threw one for himself?

Shui Fang felt embarrassed now, and took back his bankrupt gold card with some embarrassment, and asked coldly, "Is it the second generation rich?"

"No." He smiled evilly.

"I'm just an ordinary white-collar worker. I gave you this card because I have endured it for so many years, and I have never tasted a woman. Now you are the first. I cherish it so much, so it’s nothing, right? Besides, you’re the woman who cured my misogynistic cleanliness, right?”

After he finished speaking arrogantly, he slowly leaned in front of Shui Fang and blew into Shui Fang's ear: "Talk to me again, I can fuck you again."

Shui Fang trembled all over: "What are you going to do? My back hurts, don't touch me, I'm not coming!"

"Pfft, haha." He suddenly smiled heartily, then turned the key and continued driving.

It's too much, this person actually plays like this ~ playing with himself?

Although I don't know his identity yet, but for a person like him, his identity is definitely not simple, so I don't want to get in touch with him too much. Lin Xichi had a good time, it was impossible to think about it, since it was impossible, let's make myself happy.

When the car stopped at a high-end clothing store, he got out of the car to help her open the door, and then made a gesture of please. The temperature in the car was just right, so even if she was wet from the rain, she didn't feel it. A little chilly.


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