Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 6

Ye Buxiu went downstairs and grasped the slender waist on the side of the water, and judged: "Well, although the appearance is poor, the appearance is average, and the skin is a little yellow, but the figure is good, which can be regarded as making up for the lack of it just now. The series is running short."

Shui Fang, who had never been judged and humiliated by anyone before, turned his head and stared at Ye Buxiu sharply: "Are you spoiling me, or are you judging your poor taste?"

Ye Buxiu held Shuifang's waist and came to the mirror. Shuifang in the mirror looked a bit sloppy. Before he left, he didn't come here to dress himself up. In fact, Shuifang is not bad looking, but now his face is a bit sloppy. Dirty and, with a pale face, it really doesn't look very good.

"By the way, I think we should skip the step of eating, and eat after we finish our work."

"Done?" Shui Fang looked at him blankly.

Ye Buxiu picked up the phone and said coldly, "Arrange a hotel immediately."

After speaking, he directly pulled the water party into the car.

"Your name is Shui Fang?" Ye Buxiu asked suddenly while driving.

Shui Fang shook his head, suddenly realized something was wrong, "How do you know my name is Shui Fang?"

"On the road I drove by, the mansion was so conspicuous, it goes without saying that it belonged to the boss Lin Xichi. Although Lin Xichi is a well-known playboy in the industry, the women who can come out of Lin Xichi's mansion, except Who else is on the side of the water that he personally admitted in the media?" He played melodious music, put on the car windows, and let the wind blow his hair wantonly.

Shui Fang jokingly said, "Since you know so well, you also know that I am Lin Xichi's fiancée? How dare you mess with Lin Xichi's fiancée?"

He stepped on the brake suddenly, and then pinched the lower jaw on the side of the water: "In my world, there are only women I want to have sex with, and women I don't want to have sex with."

"Which one do I belong to?"

"You only belong to me, not one of the two types. Didn't you say that I was a little disgusted with women before, and I couldn't even touch them?"

My God, it turns out that she doesn't even have the qualifications to be seen? It's really a super mistake! But no matter what, Lin Xichi, you found a first-line star to be your best friend, right? Then I can also find a handsome and lively Ye Buxiu as a bed partner.

The car stopped at a hotel again, and before he could take a closer look, Ye Buxiu got out of the car and entered the hotel.

Shui Fang was in Ye Buxiu's arms. When the hotel waiters looked at her and Ye Buxiu, their expressions ranged from surprise to jealousy to stunned.

"Kick out all the guests in the hotel. I've booked this hotel. Don't bother me if you have nothing to do." Ye Buxiu said to the waiters in a cold voice when he got on the elevator.

"Young Master Ye, don't worry!"

The hotel manager bowed deeply.

"Hey, rich and self-willed." Shui Fang sarcastically said in the elevator.

It's not a good thing to be infected with a chaebol like Ye Buxiu.

Ye Buxiu stared at Shui Fang's expression without moving: "If you say a word more, it will stir my nerves, and you will treat me as a beast in heat, and I need to find you to mate, so don't talk, I'm afraid I will be in the elevator. with you."

Shui shut up wisely.

She was carried into a room, and as soon as she entered the room, she felt a strong fragrance of flowers, and then rose petals fell, and the room was beautiful, with water beds, large balconies, bathtubs, everything.


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