Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 7

Although the room was full of spring, outside, the hotel administrators and waiters began to talk about it.


"Young Master Ye brought a woman into the hotel for the first time in more than 20 years, ah, saving that woman is so lucky!"


"Report! I have already closed the hotel, and today we have no other customers in the hotel except Young Master Ye!"


"Report! I've arranged the room into a suite for couples, and I've sprinkled some love powder inside. Mr. Ye has already ordered that all hotels in the city, no matter what kind of woman Young Master Ye brings into the hotel, only once , we must do our best to match them up!"


"That's right, I've checked the record about Young Master Ye's room opening before. The hotel management system in the whole city is common. Guess what? It's all zero! This time our hotel has completed a big deal. , you can apply for expansion funds from the Ye Group, after all, we helped Ye Shao successfully sleep with the first woman in his life!"


"Would you like some champagne to celebrate?"


Shui side supported his exhausted body, looking at Ye Buxiu, who was strong and without a trace of fat, his exquisite appearance was as handsome as if he had been sculpted by a skilled craftsman. He sat beside Shui side wrapped in a bath towel, picked up the table beside him He put on the cigar, and then lit it. The whole process was handsome and elegant. He squinted his eyes, took a deep breath of the cigar, and then let it out slowly.

"Think about it, it's probably because your looks are mediocre, and I've been used to being surrounded by beautiful and outstanding women since I was a child, so I'm willing to fuck you. Maybe this is called a change of taste?"

Shui Fang was naked and wrapped in a quilt, and when he heard him say such things after eating and wiping, he felt a sense of humiliation, stood up decisively and shouted: "Ye Buxiu, you are too much!" That’s right, I’m mediocre in appearance, but you actually treat a mediocre woman from the living room to the balcony to the bathroom and finally to the bedroom! This is also the first time for me. I'm bad, is there a man like you?"

Because Shui Fang was angry just now, he didn't think too much at all, and got up together, and the quilt wrapped around his body quickly fell off. Ye Buxiu stared blankly at her blushing and angry face, and pointed at her naked body at the moment Only then did Shui Fang suddenly realize that he picked up the quilt on the bed and wrapped himself tightly.

"It's useless, little fairy, you just appeared naked again, what should I do, although it's only the second time with you, I don't want to overindulge in sex." Although Ye Buxiu said so, but he There was no sign of "not wanting" at all, but he directly used his hands to lift the quilt wrapped around his body while the water was boiling.

"You despise me and don't want to overindulge, why do you provoke me again?" Shui Fang hemmed and hawed while wrapped in a quilt.

Ye Buxiu bullied him, his voice was deep and magnetic: "Honey, don't wrap it up like a zongzi, let's do what we love together."

Miserable, this time I will be wiped out again...


Birds, beasts! don't come here! If I come again, I will call the police!

But it was useless, the man had already covered her body...

Although Shui Fang admitted that although he had never been in contact with women before, he was indeed very talented, and the job was really good, nothing to say, the only shortcoming was that he was too aggressive, which made him a little overwhelmed!


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