Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 8

After finishing the work, Ye Buxiu should take Shui Fang to eat. It was agreed at the beginning that he should eat first and then go to bed. I went to have a big meal, but when I was about to go out, Ye Buxiu's cell phone rang frantically, and Ye Buxiu continued impatiently.

Shui Fang only saw Ye Buxiu's relaxed expression from the beginning to frowning tightly. Shui Fang knew that he might not be able to eat tonight's meal.

"Seeing how busy you are, I'm leaving first. By the way, I can't bear to return this black card to you." After Shui Fang got dressed, he threw the bank card that Ye Buxiu gave her on her body. bed.

Before Ye Buxiu hung up the phone, Shui Yiyi hurriedly opened the door, and under the watchful eyes of the hotel staff, he took a taxi and left by himself.

After Ye Buxiu hung up the phone, he realized that the woman was no longer there, and besides the bed, his card was still there safe and sound? Wei Wei was a little taken aback, what did he mean by throwing his card on the bedside?

There was actually a small note under the card. Ye Buxiu went over to pick up the note strangely, and saw a few words written on it: Thank you, Young Master Ye, for your service. I give you full marks for your service. Treat it as one night~ When the relationship is over, we should stop dating in the future.

What? !

This damn woman actually thinks of herself as a cowboy? Still give full marks to your service? Does she even know who fucked whom?

Our Young Master Ye Jun's face turned black at this time, very good, treat him as a cowboy, right?

However, when he found out that Shui Fang was a virgin, he felt a little delicate. As Lin Xichi's woman, she was actually a virgin?

He has a habit, as long as it is contaminated by himself, he can only use it by himself no matter what, so this water party wants to run away after eating him up? It's not that easy, his virginity was given to Shui, and she actually wanted to eat it dry and wipe it all off before rubbing oil on the soles of her feet?

pick up the phone.

"Hey, chief of police, look up all the information about the water side for me, remember, I want everything!"


Yes, I left Lin Xichi's villa aggrieved the day before and swore that I would never come back again! However! Now she is actually standing in front of Lin Xichi's villa. Yes, there is nothing wrong with her. She has no backbone. If the wedding between herself and Lin Xichi fails, then there is no way to pay off the huge debt of the Shui Group. Still going to jail! Anyway, Lin Xichi had already proposed to him in front of the media, so he wouldn't want to regret the marriage and let himself have a negative image, right?

When she picked up the key and opened the door of the villa, when the housekeeper Zhang Ma saw the side of the water, she quickly jumped up and shouted: "Master Lin! The prospective wife is back!"

Shui Fang looked at Zhang Ma strangely, "Why are you so excited?"

Zhang Ma said to Shui Fang with snot and tears: "You don't know, the young master has been sad for a whole day knowing that you ran away from home, and you don't eat or drink."

Do not eat or drink? Who are you kidding, if she was caught on the spot ~ raped in bed, she would not be interested in eating, drinking and having fun!


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