Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 9

According to Zhang Ma's words, Shuifang opened Lin Xichi's study room. Sure enough, Lin Xichi seemed to have not slept all night, and his mental state was not very good. After Shuifang came in, Lin Xichi's voice was a little hoarse: "I see, Xu Aiqing came to the door. Copy the URL to visit"

Shui Fang found a chair and sat down, and said calmly, "So?"

Lin Xichi didn't seem to care much.

"So, I apologize for what I have done, I'm sorry, I will still marry you, but Xu Aiqing is pregnant with my child, so I can't give up."

Shui Fang stood up angrily, slapped the desk in front of Lin Xichi fiercely, and shouted: "So you mean that you still refuse to sever ties with Xu Aiqing, right? So no matter what, even if you marry me, Xu Are you planning to keep the child in Ai Qing's womb? Where did Lin Xichi go, who promised me happiness and took all the pressure together? What did I do wrong?"

Seeing that the water side was really angry, Lin Xichi said in a calm voice, "I don't know what method Xu Aiqing used to get me into her bed, but I just like to sleep with her. In terms of emotional love, only You are on the water side, otherwise I will not bear the huge property of your Shui Group, what do you think?"

Shui Fang looked at his disguise and said coldly: "You are enough, this way of deceiving children is almost the same. Although you and Lin Xichi are childhood sweethearts, so what, you, Lin Xichi, don't need me Tell me more? Now what do you say that I can believe? Since you are in love with me but have sex with other women, then I can also marry you and be friends with other men?"

Lin Xichi didn't take what Shui Fang said to heart at all. Shui Fang is not that kind of person, let alone any wild man. He understands all of this, and it's because he made her so angry that he said such things. Choose words?

Thinking of this, Lin Xichi said: "Yes, during the time I've lived with you for so long, I've slept with countless women, but isn't it you who married me?"

Shui Fang sneered, "Who knows what Lin Xichi's plan is?"

Lin Xichi pushed Shuifang to the ground. He slowly unbuttoned his clothes, looked at Shuifang who was terrified, and said slowly, "Yes, I have a lot of ideas. I plan to put the Shui Group in I, Lin, you, Shui Fang, are the first person I want to deal with. Although we are childhood sweethearts, although you and I are a prospective couple, we are not married yet, are we?"

Shui Fang watched Lin Xichi's sudden change in horror, gritted his teeth and said, "Lin Xichi, what are you going to do? Go away!"

However, Lin Xichi did not listen to Shui Fang's words, but pressed Shui Fang's hands on the ground with both hands, then leaned close to Shui Fang's neck, kissed fiercely, and said: "Shui Fang, as a woman, you must have Self-knowledge, you have no face, no money, and no means. The only thing that can attract men is your figure. To be honest, I said that I married you in front of the media just because I wanted to marry you. Got it, second, I don't think a woman like you has any capital at all, so if you marry you, you should also know that I am your benefactor, so even if I mess around outside, you don't have the capital to control me, Rather than finding a beautiful wife, a woman like you with no beauty, should you burn incense to be my wife?"


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