Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 10

When Shui Fang heard these words, her heart felt as if she had been pricked by a needle. She felt uncomfortable and forced herself to hold back the pain. She said with difficulty: "Lin Xichi, you don't have to marry me. It is impossible for my Shui Group to fall into your trap." Devil's palm, let me go! How dare you touch me? I will sue you for sexual assault! Don't forget, although we are a prospective couple, I have my own rights before I marry you!"

"Own rights?"

Lin Xichi seemed to have heard some funny joke, and laughed: "Is your so-called right to resist me? Let me tell you, even if you call the police chief, it is useless. The chief's daughter is going to work in our company." Internship, it’s too late for the director to win over me, and you have to marry me obediently and honestly, and then watch me come back with different women every day~ Love, and you, not only want to be my wife, but also my servant People! In fact, if you don’t run into the matter between me and Xu Aiqing, it’s fine. Wouldn’t it be good for you to be the wife of your president honestly? Do you want to play with me? The water side? Do you really think you are very attractive? Can make a man fascinated? Let's put it this way, men with a little bit of money will look down on your face, do you understand?"

After Lin Xichi finished speaking, he looked at the earthy side of the water, and sneered, "By the way, I, Lin Xichi, have played with so many women, and you are the only one who is so proud of the water side. Serve me by my side!"

Shui Fang looked at Lin Xichi, who used to be as gentle as water and got along day and night, suddenly seemed to be a different person. Ye Buxiu told her very gently that he wanted to have sex with her, while Lin Xichi said that he played with her.

The interest in these two sentences is completely different. Making love is a matter between two people, and the man must also take into account the woman. This is a happy thing, but playing is different. Lin Xichi said to play with her, So it means that Lin Xichi will ignore her thoughts and feelings, and only care about her own desires.

There is a world of difference between the two.

"Lin Xichi, I really never thought that one day you would become like this." Shui Fang looked at him in despair.

It was still the familiar face, the difference was that there was no pity between his brows, only desire.

"If you and Xu Aiqing stop arguing and be my wife obediently, you won't be able to spend all the money I give you. As for how I'm flirting outside, you don't have to worry about it. Isn't it great? Why do you want to confront me?"

After all, Lin Xichi tore Shuifang's clothes like a beast, Lin Xichi looked at the small dress Shuifang was wearing, could it be that she really went out to find a wild man? According to the brand of this dress, it started at hundreds of thousands. No, no one is richer than Lin Xichi, except for that pervert named Ye Buxiu, who is worth over 100 billion, otherwise no one can compare. He, but according to a man like Ye Buxiu, what kind of woman has he never seen? It's even more impossible to have an affair with Lin Xichi, so she probably bought this dress herself? Hehehe... They are all bankrupt, and they still buy such expensive clothes when they are in debt. Women are indeed spenders.

Just after Lin Xichi stripped the water side and was about to eat the water side, the door of the study was suddenly opened, and Zhang Ma poked her head in and said, "Master, your phone number."

After finishing speaking, he suddenly saw the master and his wife doing something shameful, then he covered his eyes and said, "I didn't see anything!"


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