Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 11

Lin Xichi suddenly lost interest, let go of the water, and then tidied up his clothes. After Zhang Ma left the room, he left a sentence before leaving: "The wedding will be held as usual, and I will advance it. It was originally The day after tomorrow next month, just go straight to the day after tomorrow."

Only Shui was left in the room, a little stunned.

Isn't this exactly what she wants?

Although Lin Xichi didn't like him, he still married him because of his promise.

But if this is the case, it means that her nightmare is about to begin. Marrying Lin Xichi will solve the debt problem. It's fine if the woman comes back and messes around, her life is still not guaranteed, because she wants to sleep with Lin Xichi unconditionally.

Think about it, if your life starts to become cloudy because of this moment, your whole life will definitely be over! There is no longer a day of turning around!

Thinking of this, I can't help but feel a little disgusted. If the man who sleeps with me every night has sex with other women at other times, and then touches me with that dirty body, it will be worse than letting her die.

Fortunately, after Lin Xichi went out to answer the phone, he left in a hurry. Zhang Ma was obviously still a little confused about the situation. Seeing Shui Fang coming out of the room, she leaned over and said enviously: "Ma'am, I just heard the master call The media moved the wedding forward to the day after tomorrow, it is really enviable that the master likes the wife so much."

He, Lin Xichi, is really ruthless, he is a man of his own accord, why didn't he realize that he was such a person when he was young?

Shui didn't say much, but said lightly: "His love for me is indeed a lesson from heaven and earth."

Just now Lin Xichi wanted to touch her in the study, but Zhang Ma came in and interrupted him in time. He was worried about what would happen tonight, but Lin Xichi went out after making the phone call, which made Shuifang temporarily heave a sigh of relief .

When Shuifang got up the next day, Mama Zhang happily took out a large stack of newspapers and showed it to Shuifang. Shuifang squinted his sleepy eyes. Suddenly, I felt like I was going to explode!

That's right, the headlines on the front pages of major newspapers are all written in red: Surprised by the mysterious girlfriend of Ye Shao, the CEO of Asia's No. 1 Group.

Then there is a picture below, and that picture is a sneak shot of Ye Buxiu picking her up and entering the hotel!

Surprisingly, because the back view was photographed, the man in the expensive suit can only be recognized as Ye Buxiu from the back view, and the woman in Ye Shao's arms cannot be judged to be her.

"Mother Zhang, what are you doing with this? I'm not interested in gossip."

Probably because of a guilty conscience, Lin Xichi brushed aside the newspaper and said helplessly.

"No, miss, look, under the headline on the front page is the time and date of your engagement with the master! Although the newspaper was dominated by Ye Buxiu, who is more powerful than the master, it is also in a prominent position. " Mama Zhang said excitedly.


According to what Zhang Ma said, Shui Fang took a closer look, and there was a row of blue fonts under the red font on the front page headline: Lin Xichi, the city's entertainment tycoon, announced that the news of the day after tomorrow's marriage is true.


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