Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 14

In the car, although Shui Fang had put on makeup, she still didn't look very good. This wedding, which was favored by the outside world, was actually not very good in her heart.

Lin Xichi, I really like him, but since yesterday, I feel that everything has changed.

Originally, she had been living in her own world, thinking that Lin Xichi liked herself as much as she liked him, but it turned out not to be so.

Sometimes I thought I became a princess, but found that I only had a princess dream.

Sitting next to Shui Fang, Mama Zhang saw her worried expression and thought she was nervous, so she comforted her: "It's great that Madam can marry Master, in fact, our Master is also a dedicated person, there are many things that are just As a last resort, it is not what Madam sees, so Madam can rest assured that what Master said will definitely be done, I have been in the Lin family for more than ten years, and Master is still clear."

The water side did not speak.

Mama Zhang was just deceived by the so-called gentleman like Lin Xichi. Lin Xichi is indeed a person who pays attention to appearance.

But that doesn't matter, sometimes it's enough for her to know alone, so there's no need to worry about it.

When the wedding car drove to the wedding venue, Shui Fang was slightly taken aback when he saw so many people.

The largest church in the city is already full of people at this moment.

Everything is like a dream, with bright red roses everywhere, pink balloons, beautifully dressed female companions and distinguished guests.

Lin Xichi was wearing a white suit and a white tie, with a small "groom" logo pinned to his chest. Standing in the crowd, he looked particularly conspicuous. Yes, in everyone's eyes, she was considered a Happiness, because she married such an excellent boyfriend, but she didn't know what happened in reality.

Noticing the arrival of the wedding car, Lin Xichi took the initiative to open the car door, then gently grabbed Shuifang's hand, and gracefully greeted Shuifang.

That's how he was, and he told himself angrily yesterday that he likes to fall in love with himself, but he likes to sleep with another woman.

Looking at his gentle and elegant appearance now, it's hard to feel that the him yesterday is the same person as he is today.

By the time Shuifang dressed up to attend, it was almost noon. The guests saw Shuifang's appearance and whistled frivolously. In the crowd, there were envious, jealous, and blessing eyes. Probably this is the so-called The world is full of vicissitudes, right?

"It's about to start." Lin Xichi whispered in her ear.

Shuifang nodded. From this moment on, she is no longer Shuifang, but Mrs. Lin, and she is the same Mrs. Lin who endured her husband cuckolding her. It's ridiculous to think about it, this happy marriage in front of outsiders , is actually just a shackle, a shackle that confines oneself.

There was a wedding march in his ears, solemn and serious, and Lin Xichi next to him smiled apologetically and shrugged off the toasts from the guests, holding the water and walking towards the priest's place.

The white wedding dress dragged behind the water side, Lin Xichi in a handsome white suit.

Both married people and guests are all due

At this moment, the priest called out slightly: "The wedding begins."

With the accompaniment of the wedding march, Shui Fang put his hand on Lin Xichi's, and walked towards the priest slowly under a group of exclamations.


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