Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 16

Although Lin Xichi didn't know what kind of medicine he had bought in Ye Buxiu's gourd. copy url access

But judging by his aura, it seemed that he was here to make trouble.

But even so, Lin Xichi still did not lose his elegant gentlemanly demeanor, and what he said was extremely polite and relaxed. If the media used this matter as an example and report in the future, he would not leave any criticism.

However, our Young Master Ye Buxiu didn't intend to have a good talk with Lin Xichi at all. With his slender fingers, he pushed Lin Xichi away. The movement was neat and unrestrained. He didn't care about everyone's opinion, but walked straight away. In front of the priest, he raised his hand and punched the unknown priest.

The innocent priest was thus beaten to the ground.

Simply that punch was just a demonstration, so he didn't suffer devastating injuries.

Then, Ye Buxiu actually snatched the microphone: "Ahem, friends present, I have to tell you that Shui Fang is my wife. If anyone dares to call his attention in the future, he will be my enemy, Ye Buxiu. By the way, I'm not here to make trouble today, but to snatch a marriage!"

As soon as these words came out, the blood in the originally quiet venue suddenly boiled with excitement. Looking at the man standing on the stage holding a microphone, he had a handsome side face and an unruly expression.

This man is Ye Buxiu, rumored to be the most heaven-defying man in this city, who exists like a god.

He took over his father's business at a young age. Even so, he did not become a manager right away, but started from the bottom, from a worker to a manager.

All the people under him are convinced of him. It can be said that every employee in their Ye Group is a talent cultivated by him, Young Master Ye himself.

Such a man has been a miracle from birth to now, and is the dream lover of countless girls in this city. Just seeing his profile on TV is enough to fascinate people.

However, this god-like man actually appeared at the wedding at this moment. This news is undoubtedly a blockbuster!

"Honey, this is a diamond ring that I specially flew to Paris to make for you. My name, Ye Buxiu, is engraved on it."

In this way, Ye Buxiu put on a shiny super diamond ring for Shui Fang in full view of everyone! The diamond ring is small and cute, and anyone with a discerning eye can tell that the diamond ring has been crafted with exquisite workmanship and is of great value!

The water side obviously didn't expect the matter to develop to this point, what the hell is the ring! What did Ye Buxiu come here today so desperately!

Shui Fang was still dreamy and unbelievable until Ye Buxiu forcibly held her finger and put it on her middle finger.

In such an atmosphere, Ye Buxiu suddenly said: "Honey, your fingers are so rough, there is no need to bother me so much when you are with my husband in the future."

In this way, Lin Xichi went from the leading role at the wedding scene to the secondary role because of Ye Buxiu's appearance.

The most irritating thing was that the wife he was going to marry turned out to be Ye Buxiu's wife!

When did Ye Buxiu and Shui Fang start dating?

Although Lin Xichi's face turned green with anger at the moment, he still maintained his demeanor. If Ye Buxiu and Shui Fang knew each other, wouldn't it be easy to help Shui Fang pay off his debts with Ye Buxiu's strong family fortune?

But he didn't do that.

From this, it can be inferred that the time Ye Buxiu and Shui Fang knew each other should be very short.


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