Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 17

For the time being, I don't want to investigate the relationship between Ye Buxiu and Shui Yifang.

I wanted to take advantage of today's wedding to hold a press conference to promote new products, but it was all messed up by Ye Buxiu who suddenly appeared.

Not only that, but he actually proposed to his soon-to-be-married wife so boldly in front of him, the groom-to-be, what kind of joke is this?

It seems that there is no such thing in Korean dramas?

Is it robbery? Or make trouble?

Although Ye Buxiu has gone too far, Lin Xichi still doesn't show any anger. He doesn't have that condition. He has many projects that he wants to cooperate with Ye Buxiu, and even some of the things he develops want to get the Ye's Group. invest.

Now at this juncture, Ye Buxiu suddenly confronted him tit for tat, is it for the good of his own Lin Group in the future, or is he turning his face now?

There is no doubt that if he turns his face now, the relationship with Ye Buxiu will definitely be very tense in the future. In this way, he will lose the opportunity to cooperate with the Ye Group, so now, it is a question of whether to counsel or do it.

However, our Young Master Ye Buxiu...

"The wedding between me and Shui Fang will be held in a few days, but I don't plan to inform everyone, because I plan to have a honeymoon with my wife for only two people."

He announced domineeringly, without even thinking about it. It was obviously Lin Xichi's wedding, and he didn't feel that there was anything wrong at all, and he didn't even feel ashamed to steal other people's wives. He even acted like a leader in a serious manner. Said to a group of people attending the wedding who didn't know the truth in the audience.

Just when Lin Xichi was about to come out to say something, a woman's voice came out sharply from among the crowd: "Hey, Lin Shao's fiancée messed around with others a few days ago, and today there is a scene of snatching a marriage. I have to say, Miss Lin, your script is really good."

The audience suddenly changed from a noisy atmosphere to a quiet atmosphere where even a needle can be heard.

Then, under the eyes of everyone, Xu Aiqing slowly walked out from the crowd.

Shui Fang knew that Xu Aiqing was deliberately embarrassing herself. To be honest, now that Ye Buxiu suddenly appeared, she didn't even think of dying.

But this feeling, no doubt...

So cool!

Lin Xichi's face turned black! Although he was politely speaking to Ye Buxiu now, his heart must have exploded at this moment!

So in the audience, she didn't say a word, just quietly watched this sudden Korean drama.

Ye Buxiu definitely knew what Xu Aiqing was talking about.

Because no one knew that he was the one who provided the photo of him hugging the water party on the headlines of the newspaper a few days ago.

He just wants to let the whole world know that he has a woman named Shui Fang, and other ugly men who have no money will quickly leave.

But he just hates it. A man like Lin Xichi who doesn't know good or bad and current affairs is obviously in the newspapers, can't he see it?

The woman Ye Buxiu likes, even if he loses his fortune, he will get it. No matter where you are from, no matter what your status is, even if it is a wedding, he will grab you!

Seeing Xu Aiqing's sudden emergence, Shui Fang stepped on his high heels, not to be outdone, and walked in front of Xu Aiqing.

"As for writing scripts, I think that's what celebrities love to do. I can't create scripts like getting pregnant before marriage."


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