Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 18

Shui Fang's eyes became sharp, and the confidence on his face didn't seem to be affected at all by Xu Aiqing's irony and provocation.

She looked at Xu Aiqing who was also dressed gorgeously in front of her without moving, her expression was haughty and cold.

Some things can be figured out after careful thought, isn't Xu Aiqing showing up at the wedding just to tell herself that she already has Lin Xichi's child?

Or came to demonstrate that Lin Xichi's marriage to her was just a promise?

No matter what, since the wedding has been ruined, I don't have to be a humble man.

Xu Aiqing looked at Shui Fang's expression. It seemed that this woman would not collapse and show weakness because of her sudden attack.

She Xu Aiqing is just a star, what can she not offend? Even if he is banned, he still has the support of fans, but happiness is only once. This time, no matter what, he must make Shui Fang quit and let Lin Xichi become his own man.

Going around the side of the water in front of her, Xu Aiqing planned to come to the stage. When she passed by Lin Xichi, she felt that Lin Xichi secretly held her hand, as if to signal her to stop.

No, she will not stop, today is a rare opportunity.

She took her hand away from Lin Xichi's hand fiercely. Since people like Ye Buxiu who robbed the bride had spoken boldly, how could she, as the one who robbed the groom, not speak?

This farce did not end because of Ye Buxiu's snatching of marriage, because the popular star Xu Aiqing actually stood on the stage and snatched the microphone from Ye Buxiu's hand, and said coldly: "The marriage between Lin Xichi and Shuifang was originally It was just a mistake. I, Xu Aiqing, had been dating Lin Xichi for a long time before Shuifang was engaged to Lin Xichi, and now I have Lin Xichi's baby. I don't know how Shuifang and Ye Dashao hooked up. I know, but I have to thank Young Master Ye for making this decision to snatch the marriage, so that true lovers can finally get married."

As soon as this remark came out, the audience was stunned.

Men like Ye Buxiu, who are low-key and luxurious, have come out to snatch marriages, which is already attracting people's attention.

The popular star Xu Aiqing also suddenly appeared to snatch a marriage.

This marriage quickly became the center of public opinion. There were still a few media outlets at first, but from the moment Ye Buxiu brought people to smash the wedding scene, all the reporters and media in the city drove there, scrambling to be the first Broadcast this city's hot news!

Originally, Ye Buxiu was the focus of the audience, but now everyone focused on Xu Aiqing who suddenly appeared.

The two real focus, the bride and groom, were completely reduced to supporting roles in this turmoil.

Ye Buxiu is not interested in having a romantic drama with this celebrity, since his wife has already been snatched, he should retreat now.

Hurriedly got off the stage and came to the water side, the princess picked up the water side, no matter how everyone looked at it, she went straight to the outside.

"Ye Buxiu, are you crazy? As I said, I just had a one-night stand with you." Shui Fang whispered in Ye Buxiu's arms.

Ye Buxiu had an arrogant face, and his handsome eyebrows frowned slightly, "It's terrible, it's terrible, if you are handsome, you die quickly. I must be the one who dies the fastest, so I want to marry a wife soon!"

Shui Fang looked at Ye Buxiu in surprise when he said such shameless words, Ye Buxiu, you should change your name to Ye Buxiu.


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