Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 20

Wait until Shui Fang got into Ye Buxiu's luxury car.

Ye Buxiu, who was sitting in the car, was obviously a little happy. He turned up the piano music in the car to the maximum, and then put down the window. The sound inside the car attracted the eyes of passers-by outside.

Because there are not many in this city with such a luxury car, and it’s so flamboyant~ Bao’s playing the piano music so loudly, it’s strange that passers-by don’t look at him.

Shui Fang deeply despised Ye Buxiu's approach in his heart, what is this guy doing, playing handsome? But it's really cool to do so...

"Well, I want to tell you, thank you for preventing me from marrying Lin Xichi today, actually I don't want to marry either..."

Ye Buxiu glanced sideways at the side of the water, and said calmly: "I'm not joking with you, nor do I want to help you. The reason why I came here to make trouble is because I came here to steal my wife."

Shui Fang looked at Ye Buxiu in disbelief, "What did you say?"

"Your company's debts are like a drop in the bucket for my Ye Group. I can help you pay off your father's debts, but you must also promise me that from now on, you will be my Ye Buxiu's woman, and I Tell you……"

Halfway through Ye Buxiu's speech, he suddenly leaned into Shui Fang's ear, and said softly: "If you give me two sons or two daughters within a year, I will help you pay off the debt. So marrying Lin Xichi today is because he once promised to bear the debts of the Shui Corporation, right?"

Shui Fang stammered, "To be your woman?"

"Well, being my woman, being my woman is a bit troublesome. I have already told you that I am a clean freak, and I cherish the first things very much. Since I cherish it, you will know that I am People are very possessive, and when I'm not around, I'm not allowed to be alone in a room with a man, this room doesn't refer to indoors, but indoors and outdoors."

"Also, you are not allowed to wear too revealing clothes in public, and you are not allowed to go out alone. In fact, I don't recommend you to go out alone. You can buy things for you. The most important point is I am not only possessive, but also sexual, so every time I want, you are not allowed to refuse me, and everything else depends on my young master's mood."

When Shui Fang heard that he had been trapped by Ye Buxiu, he said with some displeasure, "I refuse to be your woman."

Ye Buxiu didn't want to say directly: "Okay, you can refuse to be my woman."

Then he opened his mouth again and said, "But you still have to be my wife."

Who are these people, my God, this is simply a decline in the world, people's hearts are not old!

Shui Fang replied unwillingly: "But we just had a one-night love."

"I don't like one-night stands, I like multi-night stands, it's useless if you don't become my wife, I will also trap you in the place where I live, and then let you go when I am interested in other women in the future , or keep trapping you to watch me fall in love with others."

Shui didn't know where the jealousy came from, and said viciously: "Dare you, since you have already possessed me, you don't want to have an affair with other women!"

Seeing Shui's jealous look, Ye Buxiu smiled heartily: "This is my Ye Buxiu's woman, go, go home with me, you have to take care of me, do you understand? My little wife. "


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