Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 21

Ye Buxiu is indeed a man who is so rich that he is insane.

The servants alone are enough to form a small tribe, and this super big villa that looks like it occupies several streets, with its own garden, swimming pool, restaurant and all kinds of luxurious decorations, the water side thinks about his own home, barely It's better than the one in Ye Buxiu's villa.

As soon as Ye Buxiu entered the villa, he threw a bunch of keys to a gray-haired old man in front of the door: "Find a sunny and energetic room for the young lady to live in."

The old man took the key, and when he heard the word young mistress, he looked at the woman in front of him in shock.

Ye Buxiu has never brought a woman home since he was studying, even though Mr. Ye has hinted that his precious son can bring a woman back, even though the Ye family has the capital to let Ye Buxiu play with women, However, Ye Buxiu was just as uninterested in women as he had never brought a woman home.

So this is the first time?

The old man couldn't restrain his excitement, and agreed with trembling lips: "Yes, young master."

On the side of the water, watching the old man drift away, looking at the villa built with money in front of him, the corridor can't be seen at first glance, and there are rooms in all directions. If you come here for the first time, you will think that this is a huge villa. If you think about it, if you live in the Ye family, will you waste a day finding the exit every day?

The voice was full of jealousy and hatred: "Young Master Ye's house is really different. In this era of buying cars and houses, you Young Master Ye are a few blocks away from human beings."

Ye Buxiu snorted coldly, "It's actually like this. You see, there are too many rooms here. The main reason is that old man Ye wants me to bring some women back. These women have a room for each of them, and I, Ye Buxiu, are all here."

Shui Fang sneered, "Oh? You are not afraid of your kidney deficiency? The rooms here are not less than a thousand, right? Since it is not less than a thousand, if every woman lives in one room, then you must have at least a thousand women? Why, do you think you are Emperor, there are three thousand beauties in the harem?"

Ye Buxiu walked forward with Shui, "In addition to me, Ye Buxiu, in our Ye family, there is also my brother Ye Qi. The women my brother played with can be regarded as a circle around the world. My dad alone can also go around the world." It's Mr. Ye, when he was young, there were many women, am I worthless, I think so many women share me, why don't I share every savings I have with the women I like."

Shui Fang smiled: "The rich are self-willed."

Ye Buxiu replied: "If you are rich but not self-willed, you will get sick."

When Ye Buxiu came to a room with Shui Fang, he saw Ye Buxiu knock on the door, and before the person inside could answer, he broke in, and Shui Fang followed Ye Buxiu in desperation. Xiu behind.

This is a study room. In front of you is a table with some classical art. The patterns on it are exquisitely carved. A man who looks about sixty years old is sitting on the chair. Although the years have made his temples a little gray, but It can be seen from the outline of his face that he must have been very handsome when he was young.

"Is this the woman you snatched back from the Lin Group's wedding?"

Ye Buxiu nodded.

Shui only felt that a sharp line of sight looked at him from beginning to end. It felt like being watched by an eagle, and he would be preyed if he didn't pay attention.

"very common."


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