Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 24

Seeing that she agreed, Ye Buxiu picked up the phone and sent a text message.

Turning to look at Shui Fang with a slightly smug expression: "Tomorrow we will take a special plane to the Aegean Sea to get married, um, how about it?"

Since Ye Buxiu has put forward conditions for herself, she is not to be outdone.

"Do you know that people are poor and ambitious. Although I am in debt, I still have requirements for my boyfriend. Since you want to marry me, you must know some taboos when you are with me."

Ye Buxiu's eyes were deep and vortex-like, staring at the side of the water, waiting for the taboo she was going to say.

"First, you are not allowed to be alone with women in public. If I find out that there are other women with you in the news and reports, I'm sorry, get a divorce, and then compensate me for my economic losses."

"Secondly, in the future, you are not allowed to go home for more than one hour after socializing outside. If you are one hour late, I will absolutely lock the door and won't let you in."

"Third, when you can go out together, you must go out together. Although I am not good-looking and have an average figure, I want to know everything about you. I will not restrict what you can do. I can accompany you silently."

The water side said three inaccuracies in a row. People are mutual. Since Ye Buxiu has put forward so many conditions for her, she can also raise so many conditions, but when the water side says these three are not allowed, , she still has no confidence, after all, she now has nothing but a dilapidated hut.

Ye Buxiu offered to help her repay her debts. This is undoubtedly Ye Buxiu's gift. Yes, he doesn't need to do so much for himself. Shui Fang has been in a wealthy family for so long. Which man from a wealthy family is not Selfish, only thinking of himself, so Shui Fang did not intend to make Ye Buxiu compromise his conditions.

I said so much just now, I just wanted to save my dignity!

That's right, that's it.

Who knew that Ye Buxiu didn't say no to it.

The corners of his mouth curled up slightly, and a gleam flashed in his eyes.

"Okay, I meet all the conditions you mentioned, not only can I meet them, in this life, I will only sleep~ with you alone, I will only take you home with a woman, and I will only enter a hotel with you as a woman. It only stays on you, a woman, but..."

Just listening to the above words, Shui Fang felt unbelievable, but after he said a "but", he knew that things were not that simple.

Sure enough, I saw him suddenly raise his eyebrows: "But, you must give me a child. If you give birth to one child, I will meet one of your conditions. If you said three conditions, then you must have three children. You can have three children." Limit any requests, if you make a hundred requests, you will have a hundred children with me!"

Shui Fang imagined that after many years, he would be surrounded by a hundred children, and then called his mother.

How scary it is to think about it!

Ye Buxiu should change his name, it's shameless to call Ye Buxiu!

It's really too shameless, not to mention whether it is affordable to have a hundred children, but Ye Buxiu, do you have so much energy to have children, are you afraid that you will die if you have a hundred children?

While the water side was immersed in terrifying fantasies, Ye Buxiu next to him said in a majestic voice: "Water side, give me a good rest tonight, and go to the Aegean Sea to get married tomorrow. Tonight is not the point. I won't touch you. Tomorrow night This is the beginning of the good show, so give me enough body today, I can fuck ten weak women like you!"


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