Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 25

If one compares the small villa in his own family with the night in Ye Buxiu's luxury villa, it is obvious that the night in Ye Buxiu's villa is undoubtedly more beautiful.

In the bedroom, there is actually a superb open-air window. In this midsummer, you can see the stars in the sky. This soft bed makes Shui Fang feel that his whole body is soft, although he does not know that Ye Buxiu is at this moment. What the heck, but it's awesome to be able to choose such an awesome bedroom for myself.

I don't know if every room has such a great outdoor window.

Even in such a great room with such a beautiful night, the temperature of the central air conditioner in the room is integrated. This bed is not an ordinary bed, but a soft water bed. Take it off immediately and sleep comfortably.

However, Shui Fang did not fall asleep, not because she chose a bed, but because she really couldn't fall asleep.

Ye Buxiu's words are still in my ears: "Waterside, give me a good rest tonight, go to the Aegean Sea to get married tomorrow, tonight is not the point, I will not touch you, tomorrow night is the beginning of the fun, so give me enough body today , I can fuck ten weak women like you.

Is he a metamorphosis?

To say such a thing the day before the wedding.

Even a groom wouldn't say such a thing, would he?

Although Shuifang couldn't sleep and was still uneasy, but in the end he couldn't resist Zhou Gong's desperate call and fell into a deep sleep.

When he woke up, he saw a man beside the bed, and it was still Ye Buxiu.

Shui Fang didn't think too much, and said in a daze, "Hi, good morning, Ye Buxiu."

Ye Buxiu just looked at her quietly without saying anything.


In less than half a second, Shui Fang suddenly widened and squinted his eyes, then sat up like an electric shock, and shouted: "Damn it? Ye Buxiu?"

What did Ye Buxiu come to his bed so early in the morning? Oh my god, he really is a pervert, he actually has a habit of peeking at others.

Before I went to bed, I thought he was just a pervert with a strong sexual desire, but looking at it now, it is not the case at all, he is obviously a shameless thief who likes to peep at others! peep! mad!

"Water side, what is your head made of? I've been sitting here for so long, and you're so surprised that children born after such a long reflex arc will be smart?" He frowned and said with worried eyes. It sank, and it seemed to be the same as the real thing.

"Don't change the subject, monster, tell me quickly, why did you show up so early?"

Ye Buxiu slowly climbed onto Shui Fang's bed, his handsome face was close to Shui Fang's sleepy face, his voice was low and sexy: "I came out so early to see if my little one is Take a serious rest, so that you will have the strength tonight and fight bloody battles for your husband."

Shui Fang felt his head was blank and dizzy, he had no energy to speak at all, so he pushed Ye Buxiu away, biting his lower lip: "Shameless Ye!"

"Okay, my husband won't talk nonsense with you, little lady, get up quickly, my husband will take you to get married today, how about it?" Ye Buxiu got up and straightened his handsome suit.

Shui Fang felt that he had been molested by Ye Buxiu again and again. Although he was dissatisfied, he didn't say too much and got up decisively.


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