Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 26

This plane is Ye Buxiu's private plane, and it is also equipped with professional crew members, a flight attendant, a captain and some service personnel.

This equipment was originally only equipped by state-owned airlines, but Ye Buxiu was also equipped with it!

Sitting on the water side of the plane feels full of comfort. The world is so unfair. Some people are so luxurious that they explode, while some people have problems with food and clothing. The gap between the rich and the poor makes people feel an unprecedented fear And the huge psychological gap of being unable to turn over, yes, her water side is now heavily in debt, but Ye Buxiu is so rich that he has nowhere to spend his money.

The viewing angle on the plane is still good, flying above the clouds, the clouds below feel like cotton candy, neatly paved in the air.

Ye Buxiu mixed two glasses of wine and came to the water party, looking at the scenery outside the window in a daze, he handed a glass of wine to the water party's hand.

"Looking down from here, isn't it spectacular?"

Shui's thoughts were interrupted, he looked back at Ye Buxiu holding the wine glass, and took the glass, "Standing on the highest point and looking down, of course it is very beautiful and spectacular, this feeling of being above all living beings is very cool , Ye Buxiu, do you often experience this feeling?"

I thought Ye Buxiu would say something arrogantly, but a trace of pain suddenly flashed in his eyes, although it flashed like a meteor, it was caught by Shui Fang.

Ye Buxiu's face remained unchanged, and he said after a while, "Have you ever tried the feeling of being pushed down by someone closest to you while standing on a high place?"

He suddenly asked such a question, which was really unexpected for Shui Fang.

According to common sense, for a rich and powerful man like Ye Buxiu, there is no one who can dominate him or hurt him, because he has everything. Women, Ye Buxiu should seldom touch the truth, right?

money? Did he spend all the Ye Group's money in this life?

Since the two conditions are not lacking, then is there anyone who can push Ye Buxiu from a high place?

Seeing Shui Fang's pensive look, Ye Buxiu smacked Shui Fang's head viciously, "I found that your IQ is too low, and you are always in a daze when you have nothing to do. Your IQ is already low, and if you are in a daze, wouldn't it be even lower?"

"My low IQ has nothing to do with you, go to hell!" Shui Fang replied angrily.

"Of course you don't care. My Ye Buxiu's son is a genius. You are so stupid, how could you be born with a high IQ?" Ye Buxiu crossed his legs and sat down beside Shui Yifang.

"By the way, I have already made arrangements. When we arrive at the Aegean Sea, all the wedding supplies will be arranged, so at that time, we will start directly. From today onwards, you will be crowned with the title of Miss Ye, Be careful with the way you speak and act."

Shui Fang snorted coldly, "I won't pay attention, I will do something that will hurt your face, beat me if you don't accept it."

"Okay, as long as you give me a son, the above clauses will not work."

It takes a few hours to fly from city A to the Aegean Sea. The Aegean Sea is in Greece. As soon as you get off the plane on the water side, you will see Greek buildings with blue domes. The sea water is like dark blue ink. Blue and white, have you ever seen a colorful town in a fairy tale? Greece fits everything in a small town in a fairy tale.

And the second wedding in Shui's life is about to begin here.


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