Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 27

At night, in addition to the magnificent sea and colorful buildings, the entire Aegean Sea town is more and more gorgeous under the shroud of golden lights.

It’s like walking into Alice’s Wonderland. The lights are on and the sky is not yet completely dark. Pedestrians on the road have already started to take a walk after dinner, walking in the alleys of Santorini and watching the lively street scene and cheerful crowd.

In fact, this kind of scenery can't be seen because of money. In many cases, rich people may not be able to see it. Even for a rich and powerful man like Ye Buxiu, it is obvious that if it is not because of marriage, he will not be fine. Come here to relax.

After getting off the plane, he disappeared, saying that he was in a hurry and would come back later, so he let himself look around first, and at the same time sent a bodyguard or something to follow behind the water side.

Looking at it, the bodyguard behind him looks big and thick, and wears sunglasses. Although he looks respectful to her, she doesn't know how to do anything. Do you need to send someone to monitor her? Is this man Ye Buxiu really too suspicious?

When the water side was tired from shopping, it was getting late.

The bodyguard suddenly received a call, and said to Shui Fang hurriedly: "Madam, the wedding has already begun, Madam, come with me."

The water side was a little astonished, it was almost late at night, and he was still married, Ye Buxiu was really out of his mind, alas, there is no way, who makes people rich, money can be bigger than the sky, rich Can make ghosts turn millstones.

The wedding location was chosen very close to the seaside. When Shui Fang was hurriedly brought here by the bodyguards, Ye Buxiu was standing among a group of people, holding a very expensive and beautiful wedding dress in his hand, and was talking Thinking about something, the bodyguard leaned forward and said something in Ye Buxiu's ear, and then Ye Buxiu moved his eyes to Shui Fang.

Feeling to be seen through by Ye Buxiu's eyes, Shui was a little uncomfortable.

"Come on, follow me to change into the wedding dress."

Ye Buxiu came to Shui Fang and held Shui Fang's hand, probably because he felt that Shui Fang was a little unnatural, Ye Buxiu suddenly said: "Today, all my good friends are here, and they are all in the business world. Very powerful person, I was busy informing them as soon as I got off the plane, and got this wedding dress, Ye Buxiu's wedding must be perfect."

Shui Fang didn't say anything, he brought Shui Fang to the changing room, held Shui Fang's waist, and then put the wedding dress in front of Shui Fang, "Well, the size is indeed suitable."

After speaking, he went out by himself.

Only at this time did Shui Fang come back to his senses and sort out his thoughts. That is to say, Ye Buxiu started working on his wedding as soon as he got off the plane, but he was busy looking at the scenery, eating and drinking. It's on my mind, and what's even more weird is that he actually knows the size of his body, isn't that too damned?

After Shui Fang put on the wedding dress, she looked at herself in the mirror. The white skirt lace wedding dress was like a small dress. Her waist was relatively thin, so there was a big bow behind the waist of this wedding dress, and it also came with a The garland of bright green and brightly colored flowers, on the side of the water, carefully put it on the head, let down the long hair that had been tied all the time, and scattered it on the shoulders.

Look at the beautiful wedding dress, looking at yourself in the mirror, like Cinderella who has been cast by magic.


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