Novel Name : Wealthy and powerful: My CEO husband, please keep a low profile

Chapter 28

"Master Ye has been single for so many years and actually got married, what do you want us prodigal sons of love to do?"

The man who spoke had his hands in his pockets. He was casually dressed in casual clothes and looked somewhat European and American. His face was particularly tough and his face shape was also very good-looking. He was Ye Buxiu's good friend who grew up wearing open crotch pants - Yan Duyu .

This Yan Duyu is really a prodigal son in love. As he himself said, he has been dating many women at the same time, and he only maintains a sexual relationship with women, and does not have true feelings for anyone, so he has always been a person who wants People who walk by the river but don't want to get their feet wet, but recently they seem to be entangled by a rich daughter.

Ye Buxiu glanced at Yan Duyu: "The prodigal son of love, stop being so prodigal, and find a wife to play with earlier?"

As if he had hit his weakness, Yan Duyu shook his head helplessly: "Finding a wife is not free, Young Master Ye, it is said that the background of the wife you are looking for this time is not simple, she is burdened with debts, I say you I don't know what I was thinking, just find a wife who is of the right family, but you actually found someone who lost money."

Ye Buxiu looked at Yan Duyu viciously with a sinister face, and said in a cold voice, "Yan Duyu, I think you haven't been beaten for a long time, right? Hmm? If you lose your appearance, you won't be able to use your face to mess around everywhere. , will the girls in this city thank me, Ye Buxiu, for avenging them?"

Yan Duyu suddenly remembered something, and suddenly walked away from Ye Buxiu, with a look of fear: "Master Ye, I was just joking, if Master Ye is so rich, even if he has billions of debts, You are not eye-catching, so don't bother with a little scum like me."

Ye Buxiu took a sip of wine gracefully, with an elegant smile on his lips.

"Young Master Ye, your wife is so beautiful."

Suddenly, Yan Duyu uttered a word out of nowhere.

"That's natural."

Ye Buxiu replied lightly, and suddenly remembered that something was wrong. Yan Duyu would not praise a woman if he hadn't seen a real person, so he followed Yan Duyu's line of sight. An angel with no experience in the world, she exudes dazzling light all over her body. I don't know whether it is the wedding dress that sets off the water side so movingly, or the water side makes the wedding dress so beautiful. In short, they complement each other.

Many foreign passers-by attending the wedding could not help but burst into warm applause.

Under the praises and blessings, Ye Buxiu slowly walked in front of the water side.

"Everyone here today is my good friend, and Fa Xiao, Shui Fang, you will be my rightful wife soon, so you don't have to be nervous."

Ye Buxiu whispered in Shui's ear, he exhaled gently, and in this mysterious and dreamy Aegean Sea, such a romantic wedding was held.

Shui Fang blushed and couldn't say anything.

This time there is no pastor's declaration, but a wedding party. The water party is wearing a wedding dress sitting elegantly by the sea and looking at the sea, next to the noisy crowd. Sometimes life is like this. I want to have a vigorous wedding, but in the end I was rejected. A man wears a cuckold and wants to be ordinary, but a romantic dream changes the trajectory of his life.

At this quiet moment, there was sudden commotion in the crowd. A woman who looked about forty years old ran to the wedding scene angrily, looking at this posture...

No, will there be accidents in the second marriage?


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