Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 92

Gu Beixian glanced at Hua Qirou, and the corners of his lips curled up in mockery, "The daughter Mrs. Chu taught is quite 'simple'."

Anyone can hear it.

This is irony and kills two birds with one stone.

Not only satirized Chu Suosuo, but also satirized her as a mother.

Hua Qirou moved his lips, wanting to say something else.

Gu Beixian didn't bother to listen anymore, took Su Hua's hand and left.

Chu Mo Shen followed.

Liu Hua Qirou was alone in a mess.

Wait for someone to go away.

Hua Qirou took out her mobile phone from her expensive Hermes bag and called Chu Suosuo.

As soon as the phone is connected.

She reprimanded her head and face, "You damn girl, you ran into Gu Beixian's room to answer his phone, why didn't you tell me? You answered his phone as soon as you answered it, and asked Su Wei to record the audio. Why are you so stupid? "

Chu Suosuo was taken aback, "What? Su Hua recorded?"

"Yes. Just now she played your recording in front of me, Gu Beixian and Mo Chen. I almost lost myself!"

Chu Suosuo cursed: "This Su Hua is so fucking cunning!"

"You are so stupid! Be careful next time!"

Hua Qirou hangs up the phone angrily.

at the same time.

Gu Beixian looked down at Su Wei, "Good job, you know how to record."

Su Hua smiled.

In fact, she was trembling with anger, her brain was congested and blank, and she had lost her mind long ago.

I can't even think of recording or anything.

It was the finger that accidentally touched the recording function.

It was saved.

I didn't expect it to come in handy today.


Su Hua concentrates on restoring the family tree at home.

After repairing, she returned to Tianshou Pavilion.

Arrange for the clerk in the store to call Gu Jinyao and ask him to pick it up.

Gu Jinyao received the call and came here in the afternoon.

Su Wei handed him the genealogy and said, "Mr. Gu, take a look, are you satisfied with the restoration?"

The restoration of cultural relics is divided into research restoration, exhibition restoration and commercial restoration.

Su Hua's restoration method is commercial restoration.

The requirements for commercial restoration are higher than the previous two.

It is necessary to restore the damaged items to their original shape and color, so that their color, decoration and texture can present a complete visual effect.

The genealogy she restored is an antique book, which is exactly the same as the original.

With a magnifying glass, you can't pick out the kind of flaws.

Gu Jinyao looked at it twice over and over again, and smiled lightly, "Miss Su's hands are really rejuvenating."

Hua Tianshou was sitting by the window drinking tea.

When Gu Jinyao praised Su Wei, he was excited.

He stroked his beard and laughed, "Of course, I don't even look at whose apprentice it is. Is the apprentice taught by me, Hua Tianshou, inferior? Hua'er is a pair of masters who cultivate the world."

The restoration of ancient calligraphy and painting is obviously not taught by him.

Gu Jinyao and Su Wei looked at each other and smiled helplessly.

Didn't bother to expose him.

Hua Tianshou took a sip of tea and said, "Jinyao, I'm celebrating my eighty-first birthday this weekend, you must come to my house. I have a lot of treasures at home, and I want to show you."

The treasure in his mouth is naturally a collection of antiques.

Gu Jinyao responded immediately.

Hua Tianshou said to Su Hua again: "Disciple, you also want to come."

It's Master's birthday, so Su Hua will naturally go.

Although I don't want to see Hua Qiruan and Chu Suosuo, but I can't take Master's face off.

In a blink of an eye, it's the weekend.

Su Wei and Gu Beixian came to Washington together.

The birthday gift that Su Hua brought to Hua Tianshou was a painting he copied.

Because he likes Qi Baishi's paintings the most, especially shrimp.

She drew a picture that was exactly the same, but it was stamped with her own seal.

Qi Baishi's shrimps are lively, lifelike and full of charm.

Use light ink to throw the brush to paint the body, infiltrating the color, showing the crystal clear feeling of the shrimp body.

Use thick ink vertical dots as eyes, horizontal writing as brains, ink falling into gold.

The whiskers, claws, and pincers are drawn with fine strokes, combining rigidity and softness, concise and vivid.

Su Hua captured his essence, and her painting skills were no worse than his.

When she was a child, in order for her to paint shrimps alive, my grandfather went to the small pond in front of the door to catch a lot, put them in a bowl, and asked her to observe them repeatedly.

Gu Beixian brought Hua Tianshou a box of century-old wild ginseng.

Hundred-year-old wild ginseng is very scarce, and there is no market for it. No matter how much money you spend, you can't buy it.

I don't know where he got it from.

Hua Tianshou was full of praise for the shrimp that Su Hua copied.

He didn't even look at the expensive old wild ginseng that Gu Beixian gave him.

When a guest came, Hua Tianshou pulled him along and said, "This is a shrimp drawn by my apprentice. Look at this shrimp, it is alive and lifelike, and it stands out from the paper."

At first, out of face, the guest took a quick glance.

This sweep.

There was a strange brilliance in his eyes.

I couldn't help but take another look, and praised repeatedly: "You apprentice, did you get the true biography of Qi Baishi and Lao Qi? This shrimp is exactly the same as his painting. Not only the image, but also the charm is also drawn. It is flexible, interesting, and vivid. Tut tut."

It didn't take long.

All the guests who came here knew that Hua Tianshou had taken in an apprentice who was very good at drawing shrimp.

Hua Tianshou was delighted from ear to ear.

He also asked the servant to take out the five-colored plum-patterned jade pot and spring vase that Su Hua had repaired before, and said, "This is my apprentice. I learned to repair it in just two months. It was broken into nineteen petals, and I was taken aback." She repaired it without a single flaw."

It is already difficult for ordinary people to be the top in a line.

But Su Hua was in the top two rows.

When the guests who came looked at Su Hua again, they couldn't help but look at her with admiration.

I thought she was just a vase that I had to look at, flashy and unreal.

I didn't expect him to be a solid person, beautiful and intelligent.

Su Wei knew that Hua Tianshou was paving the way for her and helping her to spread her fame.

Now that she is famous, she will be like a fish in water in this industry in the future.

When Chu Suosuo and Hua Qirou arrive.

I heard everyone whispering to each other, saying that the old man is blessed, and when he gets old, he takes in a genius apprentice.

It can not only restore ancient paintings, but also restore ancient ceramics, and the painting is amazing.

Chu Suosuo really took a deep breath, holding it in his stomach, he was about to turn into a toad.

In my grandfather's shop, I just listen to these things, but I still listen to them when I come to his house.

The more outstanding Su Hua is, the more she will be overshadowed.

In the past, when grandpa celebrated his birthday, she was the little princess who was surrounded by stars.

Now the person who is surrounded by stars is replaced by Su Wei.

How can she not be angry?

I just can't get enough of it.

Chu Suosuo carried a longevity peach-shaped cake, walked up to Hua Tianshou angrily, put the cake on the table next to him, put it heavily on the table, and said, "Grandpa, this is the cake I made for you myself!"

She actually had her cook at home make it.

Instead, she studied with the chef for a few days.

But no matter how you do it, it is not as beautiful as the chef's cooking.

Simply used what he did.

Seeing Chu Suosuo's angry look.

The smile on Hua Tianshou's face froze slightly, then he gave a thumbs up and praised: "This cake made by Suo Suo is awesome!"

Chu Suo twitched his eyelids, "Then do you think I made the cake sticks, or did your apprentice draw the shrimp sticks?"

In front of the guests, Hua Tianshou served a flat bowl of water, "Both of you are great!"

That being said, anyone with a discerning eye knows it.

The cake and the painting.

Not the same.

This cake, as long as the hands are not too stupid, can basically be made after ten days and half a month of learning.

But that painting of shrimp requires several years or even more than ten years of skill, as well as extremely high talent and spirituality, to draw it.

There are only a few people in a great country in a hundred years.


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