Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 93

Today is Hua Tianshou's birthday, and there are many guests.

Su Wei didn't want to start a dispute with Chu Suosuo, so she said to him: "Master, you are busy first, I will go outside for a walk."

Hua Tianshou knew that she and Chu Suosuo were at odds, so he stopped forcing, and said kindly: "Okay, just go for a walk in the yard, don't go too far. Dinner will be served later, come back to eat."

Su Wei was very touched.

The relationship with him is neither close nor old, but a master-student relationship.

He takes care of himself like that.

Reminds her of her grandfather.

With a sore nose, Su Hua responded, "Okay, Master."

She looked for Gu Beixian in the crowd, and saw that he was sitting with Chu Mochen in the southwest corner of the living room, talking or something.

Definitely talking about business.

In order not to disturb him, she walked out by herself.

The house Hua Tianshou lived in was similar to the style of a Soviet-style classical garden.

White walls and black tiles, cornices and corners, Chinese-style carvings.

The spacious courtyard is equipped with rockery, viewing corridors, pavilions full of Zen, and exquisite and atmospheric landscapes.

The whole is soft and beautiful without losing its strength.

Next to the gazebo is a lotus pond.

There are many lotus leaves, but they haven't bloomed yet.

The breeze blows, and the fragrance of lotus leaves floats through, refreshing and pleasant.

Su Hua strolled over.

Standing on the shore, looking at a pool of green lotus leaves.

She remembered that in the pond in front of her grandfather's house, such a pond of lotus leaves would grow in summer.

At that time, my grandfather wanted her to practice basic skills.

Move a small easel for her every day, and let her draw ink lotus in front of the pond.

It seems to have started when I was four or five years old.

Seeing things and thinking about people, Su Hua looked at the pool of green lotus, and missed her grandfather very much.

Thinking of grandpa, grandma and brother A Yao.

Unfortunately, the dead cannot be brought back to life.

The person who has passed away is gone forever and will never come back.

Just when she was indulging in the past and full of sadness.

Suddenly a delicate voice came from behind, "You are really shameless. It is not enough to rob my brother Beixian, but now you are robbing my grandfather again. Why do you like to rob me so much?"

This delicate and domineering voice.

No need to guess, everyone knew it was Chu Suosuo.

Su Hua smiled.

Turning her head, she looked at Chu Suosuo, who was dressed up beautifully.

She straightened her back and said coldly: "Miss Chu, you have figured it out. It was Master who insisted on taking me as an apprentice. We also paid the tuition fee, and one million is not a small amount. As for Gu Beixian, he It is my legal husband, and you intervene between us as the third party. They are all long-faced people, please don't reverse black and white, and confuse right and wrong."

Chu Suosuo suppressed his anger and smiled coquettishly, "Don't look at grandpa praising you to the sky all day long, he loves me the most."

Su Hua was too lazy to compete with her for favor, and felt childish.

She looked indifferent and hummed lightly.

Turn around and continue to appreciate the lotus.

Seeing Su Hua admit it so easily.

Chu Suosuo was very angry.

Like hitting cotton with a fist, she won without any sense of accomplishment.

Suddenly her eyes lit up, and she saw Hua Tianshou walking towards the gate along the garden path.

It is estimated that some distinguished guests are coming, and he will go to greet them in person.

Turning his eyes, Chu Suosuo thought about it.

"Grandpa loves you the most, just try it!" After she finished speaking, she suddenly stretched out her hand and pushed it down on Su Hua's back.


There was a loud bang.

Su Hua was caught off guard and pushed into the lotus pond.

The pool water in early summer is still quite cold.

The pores of Su Hua's whole body shrank suddenly, and she couldn't help shivering.

The soles of the feet were muddy, soft and slippery, and the feet sank straight down.

She can't swim, she's a landlubber.

Instinctively waved his arms, struggling to float up.

Hearing another "plop", Chu Suosuo also jumped down.

She deliberately grabbed Su Hua's hand and dragged it into the deep water.

If it was on the shore, it would be no problem for Su Hua to deal with her.

But in the water, her body was uncontrollable, her feet kept sinking, and her hands were held by her, Su Hua was struggling.

She twitched her arm vigorously and said angrily, "Let go of me! You crazy!"

As soon as he spoke, his body was unsteady, and a mouthful of dirty water was poured into his mouth.

Chu Suosuo grabbed her arm, pressed it down hard, and shouted loudly at the same time: "Grandpa, save me! Grandpa! Help! I fell into the water! Help! Grandpa!"

Hua Tianshou had rushed to the gate to greet his old friend.

Hearing the call for help, he hurriedly turned his head and looked towards the lotus pond.

Looking at it, it's amazing!

Chu Suosuo and Su Hua fell into the lotus pond at the same time, only the parts above the shoulders were exposed.

He suddenly turned pale with fright, and shouted: "Come on! Come on! Come on! Someone fell into the water!"

However, the servants are all in the living room, busy greeting the guests.

There are no idlers in the courtyard.

Looking at the heads of Chu Suosuo and Su Wei, they almost sank to the bottom of the water.

Hua Tianshou hurriedly ran towards them.

The poor eighty-year-old man, who was tossed by Chu Suosuo, is a lot older and has to dive to save others.

Before he could take off his shoes, he jumped into the lotus pond.

Holding Chu Suosuo with one hand and Su Hua with the other, they dragged towards the shore.

However, he was too old to save two people at the same time.

Hua Tianshou was so exhausted that he couldn't even take care of himself, and drank several sips of dirty water one after another.

Su Wei struggled to grab Hua Tianshou, but her hand was locked tightly by Chu Suo, and she couldn't pull it out.

Chu Suosuo stepped forward.

I vowed to compete with her to the death!

Just when the three of them were in a critical moment.

Suddenly I heard two sounds of "plop, plop".

Two tall and slender figures, one in front and one behind, jumped into the water.

The leader is Gu Jinyao.

Behind is Gu Beixian.

Gu Jinyao instinctively swam up to Su Wei, without even thinking about it, he stretched out his hand to hold her hand.

Rescue her from Chu Suosuo.

Seeing this, Gu Beixian quickly swam over, raised his hand to hook Su Wei's waist, and snatched her away from Gu Jinyao.

He hugged Su Wei with one hand, hugged him tightly, and swam swiftly towards the shore.

It's amazingly fast.

"Brother Beixian, save me!" Chu Suosuo grabbed the water with both hands, called Gu Beixian for help delicately, and stretched out his arms to pull him.

Gu Jinyao thought she was in the way, so he kicked her far away.

Chu Suosuo was so kicked that he almost didn't come up, and he became a lot more honest.

She floated motionless on the water, staring at Gu Jinyao resentfully, daring to speak out.

After kicking Chu Suosuo well, Gu Jinyao grabbed Hua Tianshou's arm and swam towards the shore.

Although Hua Tianshou was old, he was tall.

The water is no better than flat land, the water pressure is high, and people are much heavier than usual.

Even if Gu Jinyao was retired from the supernatural force, it took a lot of effort to save him.

Here, Gu Beixian rescued Su Hua to the shore.

Pick up the coat that was thrown on the ground just now, put it on her body, and wrap it up.

Su Hua was covered in water, shivering from the cold, her hair was also wet, and she sneezed twice in succession.

He was dragged into the water by Chu Suosuo just now, and accidentally poured a few mouthfuls of dirty water.

Stomach upset, nauseated.

Gu Beixian patted her on the back and controlled the water for her.

After controlling the dirty water in his stomach, he bent down and picked her up, and was about to leave, looking for a room to change clothes.

Su Wei held his arm, stopped him for a while, and asked Gu Jinyao, "Is my master alright?"

Gu Jinyao was laying Hua Tianshou flat on the concrete floor by the bank, pinching him hard, and said: "It shouldn't be a big deal, you go and change your clothes."

With trembling teeth, Su Wei said, "Mr. Gu, please, you must wake up my master."

"Don't worry, I will wake him up." Gu Jinyao lowered his eyes and did not look at her, but his voice was extremely gentle.

His tone of voice when talking to others is completely different from his usual tone.

Gu Beixian felt uncomfortable, and without saying a word, he hugged Su Wei and left.

Chu Suosuo's cry for help came from behind him, "Brother Beixian, help me! Help me!"

Gu Beixian didn't even turn his head, hugging Su Wei, his steps were as fast as the wind.

Finding an empty room with a bathroom, he put Su Hua down and let her go in to take a hot shower.

He used his mobile phone to call the driver and told him to go to Riyue Bay to fetch Su Hua's clothes, and bring two sets of men's clothes to ask for new ones.

On the other side of the lotus pond.

Chu Suosuo couldn't wait for anyone to rescue her, so he climbed up from the water by himself.

She can swim. Although her swimming skills are not good, she can protect herself.

That's why she has no fear and dares to play such a trick.

After going ashore.

Seeing Hua Tianshou lying on the concrete floor by the bank, his eyes were closed and his lips were blue.

Chu Suosuo was terrified.

She squatted down next to him listlessly, and asked Gu Jinyao anxiously: "Is my grandfather okay? He was good at swimming when he was young, and he could swim across the Yangtze River. What happened today?"

Gu Jinyao was pressing Hua Tianshou's chest hard, giving him cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Listen to Chu Suosuo's question.

He raised his head and glanced at her indifferently, "If something happens to Mr. Hua, you are the murderer!"

Chu Suosuo's tears flowed out all at once, and his intestines turned green with regret.

She didn't want to play so big.

She just wanted to test out who was more important in Grandpa's mind, she or Su Hua.

Frightened and worried, she grabbed Hua Tianshou's hand and cried, "Grandpa, be strong, please wake up."

But that hand was wrinkled and cold, without warmth.


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