Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 94

An ominous premonition crept into my heart.

Chu Suosuo cried even harder, "Grandpa, why are your hands so cold? Grandpa, grandpa, you must wake up."

She patted his face with her hands, trying to wake him up.

Gu Jinyao thought she was crying and noisy, so he frowned and reprimanded: "If you want to cry, go to another place to cry, don't disturb me to save people!"

He has a stern appearance, strangers should not get close to him, and ghosts and gods should keep a respectful distance.

Once fierce, it is full of deterrence.

Chu Suosuo was so frightened that he didn't dare to cry immediately.

She wiped her eyes with the back of her hand, and stood up with sobs.

Habitually, I took my mobile phone out of my pocket and wanted to call 120 to call an ambulance.

After digging for a long time, I didn't get it out, thinking it fell into the water.

After a while, I remembered that the phone was out of battery, so I put it in the house to charge it.

Just now, I was in a hurry to rush Su Hua out, and I didn't bother to bring my mobile phone.

She turned her head and ran towards the main room to get her mobile phone.

Wait for Chu Suosuo to run away.

Gu Jinyao patted Hua Tianshou's shoulder and said, "He's gone, old man, please open your eyes."

Hua Tianshou slowly opened his eyelids, looked at him with slightly confused eyes, "How do you know I'm faking it?"

Gu Jinyao stood up, twisted the wet clothes on his body, and said casually: "For those who can swim across the Yangtze River when they are young, it is very difficult to drown."

Hua Tianshou laughed, "Brat, nothing can be hidden from your sharp eyes."

With his palms on the concrete floor, he sat up with some difficulty and said, "I did this to teach Suosuo a lesson. That girl was spoiled by us since she was a child, and she likes everyone to revolve around her. I don't Scare her, she will dare to do it next time."

Gu Jinyao raised his eyebrows slightly, "Did you guess it was her?"

Hua Tianshou hummed, and raised his hand to wipe the water from his hair.

Gu Jinyao asked: "How did you guess it?"

Hua Tianshou said slowly: "Hua'er acts cautiously, it is impossible to slip into the water. Suo Suo can swim, so it is impossible to drown. The two of them fell into the water at the same time, and it looks like a little girl's trick to compete for favor. Hua'er is steady, Suo Suo is so strong, It can be inferred that Suo Suo did it. It’s not good to favor anyone at a time like this, so I will save both. Women hold grudges the most, regardless of age.”

Gu Jinyao curled his lips slightly, "You are always good at being a man."

Hua Tianshou shook the water from his clothes and said, "It's based on experience."

Gu Jinyao raised his eyebrows.

Hua Tianshou smiled, "I have two daughters, Qin Wan and Qi Rou. The eldest daughter, Qin Wan, has a personality like Hua'er, gentle and stable; the second daughter, Qi Rou, is like Suo Suo, competitive. From childhood to adulthood, this kind of drama It’s not uncommon, I’ve practiced it a long time ago.”

As he spoke, the smile on his face slowly disappeared.

He thought of his eldest daughter, Hua Qinwan, who lived in a mental hospital.

Accepting Su Hua as an apprentice was because of her extraordinary talent.

More because she looks a bit like Hua Qinwan, especially in character.

Keep it by your side as a thought.

Make up for the shortcomings in my heart.

Gu Jinyao didn't speak, and reached out to help him, "I'll send you back to the house to change clothes, don't catch a cold."

Clothes sticking to the body wet, really uncomfortable.

Hua Tianshou walked back with Gu Jinyao's support.

Pass a side house in front.

Hua Tianshou said: "I'll go here to change clothes instead of going to the living room. It's embarrassing to be seen by guests in such a mess."


The two entered the room.

Hua Tianshou pointed to the landline and said, "Call Suosuo and tell her not to call 120."

Gu Jinyao nodded slightly, "Okay."

After Hua Tianshou reported Chu Suosuo's mobile phone number, he went into the bathroom to take a shower.

Gu Jinyao picked up the landline and dialed Chu Suosuo's number, and said in a cold voice: "There is no need to call 120."

Chu Suosuo was taken aback, "Why?"

Gu Jinyao said without emotion: "It's not necessary."

After finishing speaking, he picked up the phone.

In Chu Suosuo's ears, it had another meaning: Grandpa couldn't be saved even if he called 120.

It's like five thunderbolts!

The sky seemed to collapse all of a sudden!

She was so confused that she didn't even bother to change her clothes. She ran into the living room, grabbed Hua Qirou's hand, and pulled it out.

He dragged her into the yard in one go.

Hua Qirou said depressedly: "What are you going to do? You're in such a panic."

Chu Suosuo burst into tears without any money, "Mom, grandpa, something happened to grandpa!"

Hua Qirou frowned, "What's the matter? If you have something to say, talk about it. Today is your grandfather's birthday. It's unlucky to be crying."

Chu Suosuo choked up and said: "On the other side of the lotus pond just now, I pushed her into the water to find out whether grandpa loved me more or Su Wei. Who knew that grandpa rescued us both at the same time, it was too difficult , He drowned. I didn’t have my mobile phone, so I came to find it and called 120. But, Gu Jinyao called me just now and said that there is no need to call 120.”

"What? Say it again!" Hua Qirou was so anxious that her eyes almost popped out.

Chu Suosuo burst into tears, "Grandpa, he's dead."

Hua Qirou grabbed her shoulders and slammed onto the wall behind, "You damn girl? You actually killed your grandfather!"

Hit your back against a solid wall.

Chu Suosuo was dying of pain.

Grinning and rubbing her back, she argued, "I didn't kill him. It's all because of that Su Hua. She robbed me of my grandfather. If it weren't for her, I wouldn't have tried to test my grandfather, and my grandfather wouldn't have drowned. "

Hua Qirou's head was about to explode, "Stop talking nonsense! Where is he? Take me to see him!"

The two hurried to the edge of the lotus pond.

Where is there anyone else?

I saw a puddle of wet water on the ground.

Hua Qirou and Chu Suosuo looked at each other.

The courtyard was empty, and all the servants were busy in the living room.

There is no place to ask.

Chu Suosuo dialed the number that Gu Jinyao called again.

No one answered.

The two panicked completely, looking for someone everywhere, anxious like headless flies. ŴŴŴ.

In another side room.

After taking a hot shower, Su Hua walked out.

Wrapped in a large bath towel, she sat on the bed and wrapped herself in a quilt.

While she was taking a shower, Gu Beixian asked the servant to make a bowl of ginger soup.

Seeing her come out, he brought ginger soup to her, "Drink it, to prevent colds."

Su Wei looked at his wet clothes and said, "You drink too."

"I drank it."

Only then did Su Wei take it over and drink it, and after drinking it, she asked, "Is my master alright?"

Gu Beixian put away the bowl, and said calmly: "I just called Gu Jinyao to ask, and he is fine. He said that the old man was just pretending to scare Chu Suosuo deliberately, so that she can remember."

Su Hua couldn't laugh or cry.

What an old urchin.

It's not good to pretend to be dead.

This is celebrating my birthday, I don't shy away from it at all.

But hearing that he was fine, her heart hanging in her throat finally fell back into her chest.

Su Hua found a hair dryer and began to dry her hair.

Gu Beixian went to the bathroom to take a shower.

Wait for him to rush out.

The driver Ah Zhong knocked on the door.

Gu Beixian went to open the door and took the packing bag from him.

After looking at it, he handed one of the brand new suits and shirts to Ah Zhong, and ordered: "Take it to Gu Jinyao."

"Okay, Mr. Gu." Ah Zhong carried the packing bag and went to find Gu Jinyao.

No one answered his cell phone.

After searching for five or six minutes, Ah Zhong saw him in front of another side room.

He was wearing wet clothes and was standing at the door smoking a cigarette.

The orange fire flickered on and off at the fingertips.

He looked forward with a handsome and deep face, looking slightly lonely.

Ah Zhong stepped forward, handed him the packing bag, and said politely: "Mr. Gu, this is what our president asked me to give to you. The suit and shirt are brand new, never worn."

Gu Jinyao stubbed out the cigarette, took it with his hand, and thanked him.

Go back to the house, take a shower, and put on.

Fits just right.

He took out his mobile phone and sent two words to Gu Beixian: Thank you.

When Gu Beixian received the message, he glanced at it lightly, but didn't reply.

Tap the delete button with your finger to delete the message.


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