Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 95

The reason why Gu Beixian sent clothes to Gu Jinyao was because of Longyao Village and his party, he had rescued Su Hua once.

He didn't want to owe him a favor.

Back in front of Su Hua, Gu Beixian sat down beside her, raised his hand and pulled her into his arms.

Just hugged silently like that, and didn't speak.

As soon as he was like this, Su Hua felt that he had something on his mind.

But he didn't say anything, which made her very confused.

Fingers caressed his neck, moved up, and stroked his hair tenderly.

His hair, with a faint aroma of shampoo, is thick, black and hard, quite like his personality.

But such a tough person, in front of him, gradually turned into a temperament as gentle as jade.

It seems that since his grandmother passed away, his whole body seems to have warmed up, and he has become more and more considerate.

After hugging her for several minutes, Gu Beixian didn't let go of her.

Su Wei couldn't help but asked softly, "What's wrong?"

"It's okay, I just want to hug you all of a sudden." His voice was low, concealing subtle thoughts.

Su Wei couldn't help laughing, and said tentatively, "Do you like me that much? Hug me anytime, anywhere."

Gu Beixian hooked his lips very shallowly, and his tone was gentle and loving, with a bit of reproach, "Didn't you already know?"

Su Hua was silent and asked, "Then what do you like about me?"

Gu Beixian lowered his head to find her lips, and when he found them, he gently pushed her lips open, kissed her deeply, and let go quickly, "I like this."

Su Wei's smile deepened, and she purposely acted a little angry, "So you're just greedy for my body, you big pervert."

"Not only the body, but also the soul, I especially want to understand deeply."

He deliberately emphasized the word "deep".

No matter how you listen to it, it is easy to make people think wrong.

Su Hua couldn't help thinking about it, her ears turned red.

She pinched his waist hard and said, "Let's go, if you don't go, Master should be in a hurry."

"Okay." Gu Beixian let go of her.

Su Hua raised her head and glanced at the clock on the wall.

He hugged himself for a full ten minutes.

Gu Beixian stood up, straightened his neckline, and smoothed out the creases on his pants that he just sat down on.

Su Hua got dressed and got out of bed.

Seeing his wet hair, she picked up the hair dryer and said, "Your hair is not dry yet, I'll blow it for you before going out."

Gu Beixian raised his hand to wipe the wet hair on his forehead, and casually stroked it back, "No, my hair is short and it will dry quickly."

Su Hua's face turned cold slightly, and she said in a commanding tone, "Sit down."

Gu Beixian looked quite useful with her appearance as a little housekeeper. She bent over and sat down on the edge of the bed, her long legs crossed.

Su Hua smiled and helped him blow up.

Blowing and blowing, he stretched his hand behind, took her hand, and clasped her fingers.

Su Hua smiled.

She felt that he was really becoming more and more dependent on herself.

This feeling of being deeply dependent is both sweet and burdensome.

Helping him dry his hair, Su Hua put down the hair dryer.

She bent down and hugged him from behind, pressed her face to his neck, and said softly, "For some reason, I always feel that you are particularly insecure."

Obviously by appearance, he is a proud and conceited person.

Gu Beixian admitted generously, "I just don't feel safe, my wife is too good."

The real reason, only he himself knows best.

The rival in love is close at hand, like a shadow.

Su Hua burst out laughing, "I'm not as good as you think, and you all boasted about it. In fact, you are much better than me. Your business talent and ability are outstanding, beyond my reach."

Gu Beixian didn't take it seriously, "Born in a family like ours, the ability to do business is instinctive, nothing to be proud of."

"You're also pretty good at that." After speaking, Su Wei quickly turned her head away, her face blushing like an apple.

Gu Beixian paused.

I didn't expect her to say such a sentence suddenly.

Knowingly, he asked, "In that respect?"

"In that respect, the technique is pretty good, really." Su Wei's face turned even redder.

Gu Beixian said meaningfully: "You have become bad, classmate Su Hua."

Su Hua refused to admit it, "This is a normal relationship between husband and wife."

The two stuck together for a while, and then went out.

The sun sets and night falls.

Dinner is already served.

Everyone went to the banquet hall.

The Hua family has a super large room dedicated to entertaining guests.

Hua Tianshou changed his clothes again, it was a wine red Tang suit.

He sat solemnly at the main seat in the banquet hall.

Because of drowning, his face, which was originally rosy, turned pale.

But the state is not bad, holding a glass, chatting and laughing with the guests.

Like a quail, Chu Suosuo huddled in the corner of the wall with drooping eyebrows, silently eating vegetables.

After this incident, she was much more honest than before, and the coquettish energy in her body was gone.

His eyes were red, and it looked like he had cried a lot just now.

Gu Jinyao sat at Hua Tianshou's table.

Seeing Su Wei coming in, he raised his eyes slightly, glanced over, his eyes were deep.

He just took a look, then took it back, picked up the wine glass as if nothing had happened, and took a sip of the wine to cover up his thoughts.

This scene was keenly captured by Gu Beixian.

I feel very uncomfortable.

He raised his hand to rub Su Hua's head, and asked gently, "Should we go to the female guest's table, or sit with me?"

Su Wei looked at the table of the female guests, except for Hua Qirou and Chu Suosuo, she didn't know anyone else.

She was too lazy to sit with the mother and daughter, so she said, "Let me sit with you."

The voice just fell.

Hua Tianshou waved to them, "Hua'er, Beixian, come quickly and sit beside me."

There are two empty seats beside him, which are reserved for Gu Beixian and Su Wei.

After a little humility, the two sat down.

Hua Tianshou patted Su Hua on the shoulder, and said to the guests at the same table: "Let me introduce to you, this is my closed disciple, Su Wei, who is also Su Wenmai's granddaughter. If the little girl needs help in the future, you must Take care of it."

Most of the people at this table are over sixty years old.

Either his apprentice, or his best friend.

They're all in the antique business.

Hearing what Hua Tianshou said, everyone nodded frequently, "Of course we have to follow what the old man told us."

Gu Beixian picked up the wine glass and toasted everyone, "Everyone who needs business, you can come to me. Su Hua will be counting on you from now on."

Gu's Group ranks among the top in Kyoto.

Gu Beixian is the second son of the Gu Group.

Young and promising, ability and appearance are outstanding among the younger generation.

People like dragon and phoenix characters.

There are very few people who don't know him.

Everyone toasted and said to Gu Beixian, "Mr. Gu, you are too polite. Since you and the old man have spoken, it is our honor to take care of Su Wei."

A group of people over 60 years old are all masters in the antique world.

To actually address Gu Beixian, who is in his twenties, as "you".

Su Hua was secretly surprised.

Feeling the power of capital, money is the uncle.

This table eats and drinks, talks and laughs, extremely harmonious.

The table for the ladies.

Three dark and prey eyes secretly turned to Su Wei.

One is from Chu Suosuo, and the other is from Hua Qirou.

The other one belongs to Hua Qirou's mother, Di'e.

Although Su Wei is not good at sex between men and women, she is very keen in other matters, and she soon noticed it.

She followed her gaze and met their gazes neither humble nor overbearing.

Hua Qirou and Chu Suosuo quickly retracted their gaze, lowered their heads to pick up the vegetables.

Dio did not.

Her sinister gaze softened in an instant.

Smiling at Su Hua, she picked up the wine glass in her hand and made a gesture of clinking glasses to her.

That expression, warm and sincere.

Su Hua was secretly amazed.

It turns out that some people can really switch between two faces seamlessly.

Hua Tianshou saw it, and introduced to Su Wei: "That is my wife, surnamed Di, Di E. You can call her teacher's wife from now on."

Su Wei stood up, and shouted to Di'e respectfully, "Hi, teacher's wife."

Di'e nodded slightly, "Hello."

Su Wei sat down again, and couldn't help but look at her a few more times.

An old lady who still has a charm, well maintained.

Looks like he's in his early fifties.

Anyway, much younger than her actual age.

Di'e looks a bit like Hua Qirou, with a pointed chin and a straight nose.

But she is more beautiful than Hua Qirou, with slender eyebrows and big eyes, fair complexion, high cheekbones, and an irresistible sensuality between her eyebrows and eyes.

Wrinkles and sagging skin can't stop the style.

She is very thin, wearing a green cheongsam and jade earrings, her hair is dyed very black and is tied in a bun on the back of her head.

I heard from the clerk in the shop that Hua Tianshou is a fancier.

Di'e sang Danjiao in the Beijing Opera Grass Stage Troupe.

After going back and forth, the two got to know each other.

Later, Hua Tianshou's original partner died, so he took her home and married her as a sequel.


Su Wei thinks that Di'e should be a powerful character, with an aura that is definitely not kind, similar to the goblin grandma in A Chinese Ghost Story.

Compared with her, Hua Qirou and Chu Suosuo are much shallower.

When Su Wei turned her gaze away from Di E, she happened to meet Gu Jinyao's gaze.

He lowered his eyes without a trace, and lowered his head to hold the wine glass.

Su Hua's mind sank slightly.

She always felt that he seemed to have a special affection for her.

However, she felt that she should be self-indulgent.

Maybe he has a pair of eyes full of affection, and everyone is affectionate.

Gu Beixian calmly caught the eyes of the two of them.

After a pause, he grabbed the wine glass, stood up, and said to everyone: "My wife and I are planning to have a baby, so we shouldn't drink too much alcohol. Come here first today, and I will invite you to a banquet another day."

Gu Jinyao's hand holding the wine glass tightened slightly.

After a moment, he returned to normal.


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