Novel Name : After the divorce she surprised the world

Chapter 100

Su Wei was about to be cried by Qin Shu.

She was like a beautiful, sweet and timely rain, which came so unexpectedly.

Such a move was suddenly made.

It's even more refreshing than slapping Gu Ao Ting.


Gu Aoting was left speechless by this timely rain.

He stared down at the divorce agreement, unable to utter a word.

His face was overcast with clouds, blacker than the clouds of a June day.

Su Wei smiled at Gu Beixian.

That means: Mom is really awesome!

Gu Beixian hooked her lips, and wrote in her palm: We have discussed it.

Su Hua understood.

It turned out that the mother and son had long guessed that Gu Aoting would make such a move, and discussed the countermeasures in advance.

However, he was still very sad when his biological father made such an outburst in front of everyone, right?

The loss in his eyes just now was real.

The frustration emanating from his body was so strong that even Su Hua could feel it.

Seeing that Gu Aoting remained silent for a long time, Qin Shu lost her patience.

She bent her index finger, knocked heavily on the table, and said in a mocking tone: "Gu Dong, you have always been vigorous and resolute in everything you do, why do you sign like a mother-in-law?"

Gu Aoting's face was gloomy.

Suddenly, he grabbed the divorce agreement and tore it in two.

Then it was torn into four or eight pieces.

In the end it couldn't be broken anymore.

He ordered the servant behind him, "Clean up the trash."

"Okay, Gu Dong."

The servant obeyed the order, hurriedly brought the trash can, and put the shredded paper in it.

Qin Shu hooked her lips, "What's the use of tearing up the divorce agreement? If you tear it up today, I can ask my assistant to print it out tomorrow. If you tear it up tomorrow, I can still print it out the day after tomorrow. If you are a man, you can do it to your heart's content." Sign the divorce, don't procrastinate."

Gu Aoting didn't look at Qin Shu.

He stared straight ahead, expressionless, and said, "Divorce is fine, you leave the house clean."

Qin Shu sneered, "I think back then, our Qin family had tens of billions of assets, and you swallowed them all. We have been married for nearly thirty years, and you asked me to leave the house, are you still a man?"

Gu Aoting said confidently: "You are only good at creating art, not business. If I hadn't taken over your father's assets, you would have lost them all."

Qin Shu glanced at Gu Beixian and said, "Not necessarily, I have a son, he is good at it."

"Bei Xian's management talent was all taught by me."

Qin Shu looked at him coldly, "Since you are so stubborn, then see you in court."

Seeing Qin Shu's seriousness, the old lady panicked.

She hurriedly persuaded: "Daughter-in-law, calm down, don't be as knowledgeable as Ao Ting."

Qin Shu smiled, "Mom, you also saw that he tortured my son in different ways, how can I bear it?"

Gu Ao Ting said with a cold face, "Also talk about me, if you hadn't provoked me, the relationship between me and Bei Xian wouldn't have become so tense."

Qin Shu sneered, "Gu Aoting, take some time to look at your head. How can a woman like Chu Suosuo be worthy of my son?"

Gu Aoting frowned, "I remember you used to praise Suosuo for being well-behaved, sensible, gentle and kind."

Qin Shu raised her chin, "She was indeed like this before, but now, look at what she has done?"

"No matter what she does, she wants to bring Bei Xian back. Bei Xian let go of their childhood sweetheart's relationship for more than ten years, but she didn't let go."

Qin Shu's eyebrows were cold, "Since you like her so much, you might as well marry her. I'll send someone to your office tomorrow for the divorce agreement. Deliver it once a day until you sign it!"

After saying this, she turned around and left.

The old lady couldn't help shouting from behind.

Qin Shu left.

Gu Aoting couldn't sit still anymore.

Not long after, he took Gu Lin and left.

The room was finally quiet.

But a good dinner, but changed the taste.

The atmosphere was unusually cold.

The old lady scooped up a small bowl of bird's nest, asked the servant to bring it to Su Hua, and said, "Hua'er, don't pay attention to my stinky son. He is just obsessed with ghosts and left such a good daughter-in-law like you, I don't know Cherish it, I insist on letting Beixian marry Chu Suosuo. What's so good about that Chu Suosuo? She's coquettish and contrived, and it's annoying to watch."

He was still angry after speaking.

She squinted at Gu Beixian and complained, "I don't know how you tolerated her before."

Gu Beixian was also shot while lying down.

Afraid of making Su Hua unhappy.

He carefully considered his words, and said: "I have been studying abroad before, and I get together with her less often. I only see her once in a while during the holidays, and she is good at disguising."

The old lady smacked her lips, "That's right, she also put on a good show in front of me. Tian Tian's grandma and grandma are short, and her small mouth is sweet. At that time, I thought she was quite lovable."

Gu Beixian put his arms around Su Hua's shoulders, "Since I married Su Hua, I realized that sweetness is more important."

"That's not it." The old lady stared at Su Wei slightly absent-mindedly.

half an hour.

She sighed, "If only you were Chu Yanru's daughter, Ao Ting wouldn't object so much."

Gu Beixian said softly: "Chu Yanru and Hua Qirou really can't teach such a good daughter as Su Wei. If Aunt Qin Wan is good, she should be able to."

The old lady said solemnly: "You have to thank me, I picked a good wife for you three years ago."

Gu Beixian immediately said, "Thank you grandma."

Grandparents and grandchildren, you talk to me.

Su Hua, the client, couldn't get in a word.

Several people chatted for a while and continued to eat.

After dinner.

The old lady took out a pair of suet white jade bracelets and put them on Su Hua's wrists.

The bracelet was as crystal clear and white as cream, delicate and moist, with almost no flaws visible to the naked eye.

The touch is particularly delicate, bright and moist.

It is extremely valuable at first glance.

Su Hua hurriedly declined, "Grandma, I can't accept this bracelet, it's too expensive."

As he spoke, he was about to take off the bracelet.

The old lady held down her wrist and refused to pick it off, "My mother-in-law's mother-in-law passed it on to her, and she passed it on to me. The old Gu family has been a family heirloom for hundreds of years. I wanted to pass it on to your mother, but look at her If you want to divorce Ao Ting, this bracelet will be given to you directly."

Su Hua couldn't refuse, and looked at Gu Beixian.

Gu Beixian said: "Grandma gave it to you, you take it."

Su Wei said truthfully: "I usually have to work, and wearing such an expensive bracelet, what should I do if I bump into it?"

Gu Beixian had never seen such a down-to-earth person.

He smiled and said: "The bracelets are given to you for your collection. Then you will pass them on to the next generation and wear them when you are not working. It is no exaggeration to say that this pair of bracelets is comparable to them. Not too much. It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a rare treasure." ŴŴŴ.

Su Hua couldn't resist them, so she had to accept them.

Although the bracelet was slightly cold on the wrist, it was very moist and cool, and it didn't take long for it to warm up.

A really beautiful bracelet.

It made her wrists slender and white, giving her an instant nobility.

No wonder Chu Suosuo always likes to wear jingling neck, ears, and wrists.

The two left the old house and returned home.

Gu Beixian suddenly took Su Wei's hand and shook hands with her.

I took a photo with her mobile phone, processed it briefly, and then sent it to Moments.

He also assigned the text: hold the hand of the son, and grow old together with the son.

Since Su Wei married Gu Beixian three years ago, she has basically lived in isolation.

Socializing is minimal.

In the circle of friends, in addition to relatives, it is the master and clients.

So she usually only posts work-related ones.

She has never done such a thing as showing affection.

But Gu Beixian showed it off for her, with such literary and artistic words.

Su Hua wants to delete it.

It was stopped by Gu Beixian.

After Su Hua went to the bathroom to wash up, she picked up her phone and looked at it.

Almost everyone I know likes it.

The latest one to like is Gu Jinyao.

Staring at his name, Su Wei shook her head slightly.

The word "Yao" made her think of her Brother A Yao too easily.

The twelve-year-old boy who risked his life to save her, Lu Yao.

That was the eternal pain in her heart, a wound that would never heal.


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