Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 82

It is surprising that a person who has been cowarded for most of his life suddenly stops being cowardly and explodes with such a strong attack power.

Being cuckolded and raising a child for someone else is trampling a man's dignity on the ground.

Family ugliness should not be publicized. If it wasn't for extreme anger, how could Su De'an break the news by himself.

Su Qing looked through the comments on the Internet, some sympathized with Su De'an, and some ridiculed him.

There are many people who eat melons.

All looking forward to the follow-up.

This wave of melon is enough for big guys to eat for a while.

Lu Rongyuan said: "Your father openly offended Zhou Xiongfei, and it seemed like he got angry for a while, but your father can't bear the consequences that will follow."

"He was able to break the boat, and he should have considered the worst consequences." Su Qing looked at Lu Rongyuan, she knew that Lu Rongyuan was waiting for her to speak, and once she spoke, Lu Rongyuan would definitely help.

But how could Su Qing talk about this kind of family matter?

Besides, Su De'an didn't even find her, so why should she get close to her.

"Xiaojie has surgery today, I have to go to the hospital." Su Qing got out of the car: "Where did Young Master Lu come from?"

Lu Rongyuan couldn't laugh or cry: "What a heartless woman."

Su Qing was too lazy to answer, and waved her back to Lu Rongyuan: "Please take half a day off."

This is not a request for instructions, it is simply a direct notification.

Lu Rongyuan looked at Su Qing's back with eyes full of doting: "Let's have dinner together tonight."

"No date."

Su Qing refused very simply.

Su Jie's operation was scheduled for ten o'clock in the morning. While waiting, An Ruo called, also because of Su De'an's revelation on the Internet.

Su Jie also saw the news on the Internet. He was very nervous at first, but his mood suddenly improved a lot.

"Sister, I'm really relieved. Now that old witch Qin Suqin has fallen out of favor, I see how she still bullies you. It's really retribution."

Su Qing was also in a good mood. After sending Su Jie to the operating room, she contacted a lawyer and formally sued Su Xue and Chen Long.

Zhou Xiongfei was too busy to take care of himself, how could he care about Su Xue's affairs.

Su Xue, who was detained for one night, looked a little dull. She had never suffered such pain in her life.

When Su Xue first came in, her chest was full of hatred for Su Qing, and now she was only looking forward to leaving.

But she didn't wait for Qin Suqin and Zhou Xiongfei to rescue her, but she heard the guards gossip about Zhou Xiongfei and Qin Suqin's affair.

"I really didn't expect that Zhou Xiongfei still has this hobby, and that woman is still a married woman."

"This young woman is more sensible and attractive."

"I heard that the woman is also the wife of Su De'an of the Su Group. It was Su De'an who broke the news."

"Being cuckolded for decades and raising children for others, no man can bear it."

Su Xue was terrified when she heard this: "What nonsense are you talking about? I want to see Zhou Xiongfei. I am the young wife of the Chu family. I want to see Chu Tianyi. Call them here quickly. Did you not notify the Chu family?"

"You should save your energy. The Chu family has already notified you, but no one came. Zhou Xiongfei can't take care of himself. Who cares about you? By the way, you are really Zhou Xiongfei's illegitimate daughter?"

"Yes, my father is Zhou Xiongfei, you'd better let me go now." Su Xue was very arrogant.

The guard smiled: "You want to go out, it's difficult, the other party's lawyer has already sued you, and the court will try it soon, you just wait to go to jail."

"What? Su Qing, that bitch, she dares." Su Xue was astonished, and became furious: "I want to see Chu Tianyi, please inform the Chu family for me, I have money, and I can give it to you as much as you want. "

"Bribing the executive is an extra crime. If I were your husband, I wouldn't come. It would be really bad luck to have such a vicious wife like you."

"No, Tianyi wouldn't treat me like this. You must have lied because you didn't inform me." Su Xue was still deceiving herself.

The guards were too lazy to talk to Su Xue, and when it was meal time, they changed shifts to eat.


Chu Tianyi stayed up all night, waiting for news from the Zhou family, but he never expected such news.

It is not a good thing that Zhou Xiongfei and Qin Suqin's troubles are well known.

On the contrary, Zhou Xiongfei may not recognize Su Xue even more because of this, so Su Xue can only be an illegitimate daughter who cannot be seen.

They are all men, Chu Tianyi understands men's psychology very well, stealing food is for stimulation, but who really abandons his wife at home to marry a lover?

What's more, for a person of Zhou Xiongfei's status, there are too many interests involved in divorce, and it is impossible to divorce at all.

And Mrs. Zhou is a soldier and has a strong temper. Zhou Xiongfei is afraid that he can't take care of himself at this time.

If he were Zhou Xiongfei, he would give up Qin Suqin and Su Xue.

In other words, Su Xue's pawn is useless.

Xie Huizhen came in a hurry: "Son, have you read the news on the Internet, the matter between Zhou Xiongfei and Qin Suqin is getting serious."

"I saw it." Chu Tianyi pondered: "Mom, we can't control Su Xue's side. No matter what Su Qing does, we have the right to pretend that we don't know. I consulted a lawyer, and Su Xue probably has to go to jail and wait for the case. Definitely, I will divorce Su Xue."

"Son, you did the right thing. We have to get rid of Su Xue as soon as possible." Xie Huizhen said: "We just wanted to take advantage of the power of the Zhou family behind Su Xue, but we didn't want to make a fuss. Su Xue is an illegitimate daughter. , how can I be worthy of my son?"

Su Xue's life experience is not made public, so it can take advantage of Zhou Xiongfei's influence. Now everyone knows that Su Xue is an illegitimate daughter with a dishonorable background.

Chu Tianyi was originally an illegitimate child, an illegitimate child and an illegitimate daughter, this would make Chu Tianyi even more embarrassed in the circle.

He was no longer destined to be the heir of the Chu family.

The more Xie Huizhen thought about it, the angrier she became: "Son, hurry up and catch Su Qing. You had a relationship before, as long as you coax Su Qing well, and you marry Su Qing, with the support of the Li family, then our mother and son's happy life in the Chu family will be smooth." coming."

"Mom, don't worry, I will catch up with Su Qing." Chu Tianyi looked determined to win: "She is just playing with me, I have a way to make her fall in love with me again."

"My son is amazing, mom believes in you." Xie Huizhen smiled: "Then you go, Su Qing was wronged last night, you just go to comfort him."


Su Qing was busy in the hospital all morning and stayed outside the operating room for three hours.

Su Jie's operation was very successful, and the big stone in Su Qing's heart was finally let go.

Su Qing told Lu Rongyuan the good news immediately, and thanked him sincerely on the phone: "Lu Rongyuan, thank you."

If it weren't for the experts invited by Lu Rongyuan, such a good result would not have happened.

Lu Rongyuan took advantage of the opportunity to ask for credit on the phone: "It's just a thank you and it's over? Did you say anything else?"

Su Qing didn't know what Lu Rongyuan was thinking.

"what do you want?"

"Whatever it is, Ms. Su should treat me to a meal."

Su Qing smiled: "Okay, but I have to wait for the Xiaojie Academy. I have to go to the company later, and I won't chat with you. I owe you this meal."

"Okay." Lu Rongyuan didn't make any progress.

Su Qing had to go to the company in the afternoon, and hung up after chatting for a while.

When Su Qing walked out of the hospital, she happened to take a taxi on the side of the road. A black car suddenly stopped and the windows rolled down.

When Su Qing saw the people sitting inside, she was startled and became nervous.


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