Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 84

Qin Yafei was crying like pear blossoms and raining, and with that pretty face, which man wouldn't feel soft-hearted?

She was really sad, this was the first time Lu Rongyuan yelled at her.

Seeing that Qin Yafei was so sad, Lu Xingnan couldn't help pleading with Lu Rongyuan on her behalf: "Brother, Feifei also knows she was wrong, Yayuan is just such a younger sister, for Yayuan's sake, forget it this time, I have already taught Feifei a lesson gone."

Lu Rongyuan slapped the table, his voice was cold, and he shot a sharp look: "Get out."

Qin Yafei subconsciously shivered with the sound of the table being slapped, her face turned pale.

Lu Xingnan glanced at Qin Yafei, pursed his lips: "Yes, big brother."

As soon as Lu Xingnan left, Qin Yafei panicked and shouted anxiously: "Xingnan..."

With Lu Xingnan around, he could more or less help with a few words of pleading.

Qin Yafei's voice didn't stop Lu Xingnan from leaving. This time the matter was indeed serious. Qin Yafei didn't have the slightest repentance. She was full of lies, so she should be taught a lesson.

In the huge office, only Lu Rongyuan and Qin Yafei were left, and the air froze at freezing point for a while.

Lu Rongyuan didn't speak, just sat on the chair, staring at Qin Yafei coldly.

Qin Yafei felt guilty: "Brother Rong Yuan!"

Lu Rongyuan lit a cigarette and smoked it expressionlessly: "I do have to take part of the responsibility for your sister's affairs, and because of this, I will make up for your sister's guilt on you. I always thought you could learn Focus on your sister's gentleness and kindness, but I didn't expect that your mind would be so vicious, damaging the brakes, don't tell me it's just to teach Su Qing a lesson."

This is clearly to put people to death.

Qin Yafei quickly admitted her mistake: "Brother Rong Yuan, I really didn't mean to harm Su Qing. I just had a little quarrel with Liu Jie, so I wanted to teach her a lesson. I didn't expect it to be so serious. Brother Rong Yuan, I was wrong."

She must not admit that it was against Su Qing.

"Qin Yafei." Lu Rongyuan said coldly and angrily, "You should be thankful that you are Yayuan's younger sister, otherwise, you don't want to leave here completely."

Qin Yafei's heart trembled, she couldn't believe it: "Brother Rong Yuan, are you going to kill me for Su Qing?"

Lu Rongyuan flicked the cigarette ash in his hand, and pressed his eyebrows coldly: "I owed your sister, and now I have settled it, now get out of here and go back to country A, without my permission, you are not allowed to set foot on this land. "

Lu Rongyuan dropped these words, turned his chair, and turned his back.

Qin Yafei's eyes were red, and big tears fell down: "I can go, but I just hope that Brother Rong Yuan will not forget that my sister died for you, and five years have passed, and even a dead body has not been found. You owe my sister Yes, you will never finish, you forgot my sister, you are sorry for her."

After finishing speaking in one breath, Qin Yafei ran out of the office crying.

Lu Rongyuan fell silent by himself. Five years ago, Lu Chengjun drugged him. At that time, his enemies came to find him. In order to distract those people, Yayuan never came back.

Lu Rongyuan closed his eyes with a heavy heart, as Qin Yafei said, what he owes Yayuan is not only unfinished, but also has no chance to repay.


Lu Xingnan watched Qin Yafei run out crying, and immediately followed.


Qin Yafei stopped and didn't give Lu Xingnan a good look: "You are satisfied now, brother Rong Yuan told me to get out of the capital and not come back."

"Feifei, I'm just here to give you a piece of advice, don't be so smart and treat people as fools." Lu Xingnan put his hands in his pockets, and said in a calm tone, "Sister Yayuan took good care of me before, so I remembered this feeling and didn't expose it just now. You, big brother, don’t know anything.”

"So what if I just target Su Qing? She is far behind my sister." Qin Yafei wiped away her tears and said, "From the first time I saw Su Qing, I didn't like her very much. My sister is so loving." Brother Yuan and Brother Rongyuan belong to my sister, so don't let anyone get involved."

"What about you?" Lu Xingnan said in a serious tone, "Are you doing it for your sister, or because you are attracted to your elder brother?"

"I..." Qin Yafei was left speechless by the question: "I have always envied the relationship between sister and brother Rong Yuan. My sister went away forever to save brother Rong Yuan, but who can really be sure, sister really dead?"

Lu Xingnan's expression froze: "What do you mean?"

"I've been dreaming about my sister recently, and I think my sister may not be dead."

Lu Xingnan's expression suddenly became serious. If Yayuan hadn't died, things would have gotten worse.

Lu Rongyuan's heart was already on Su Qing, if something happened, it would be a headache.

However, there has been no news for five years. How could it be possible to be alive if it fell into the hands of those people.


Su Qing finished her work and stepped off work.

Afraid of being left behind, Su Qing walked faster than a rabbit with her bag.

When Lu Rongyuan learned that Su Qing had left, his face suddenly became ugly.

The fact that Lu Rongyuan called Qin Yafei to the office soon reached Lu Chengjun's ears.

"My elder brother really scolded Qin Yafei?"

The secretary nodded: "Well, I saw it with my own eyes. Miss Qin ran out crying, and Lu Sanshao also chased her out. I heard Mr. Lu seemed to ask Miss Qin to leave the imperial capital."

"Because of what, did you hear it?" Lu Chengjun lifted his spirits.

"It seems to be because of Su Qing's car accident last time." The secretary asked, "Second Young Master Lu, do you think Mr. Lu has that kind of intention for Su Qing? I asked someone to go to the subsidiary to inquire about this Su Qing. It was Lu Sanshao who recommended him to come to the headquarters, and Lu Sanshao is also a member of Mr. Lu, could it be Mr. Lu's intention?"

Lu Chengjun frowned, he suddenly remembered that this Su Qing almost married into the Lu family before.

The first three who married into the Lu family all died inexplicably.

Only this Su Qing escaped from marriage temporarily, but Lu Rongyuan did not pursue it.

Lu Rongyuan disappeared for a while, then came back suddenly, he inquired, something happened to Lu Rongyuan, even old man Lu was alarmed, and on the day of Lu Rongyuan's accident, Su Qing also had an accident.

How can there be such a coincidence in the world.

Lu Chengjun pondered for a while, then suddenly smiled: "My big brother hides really well. After waiting for so many years, I finally found my big brother's weakness."


On the way back to the hospital to visit Su Jie, Su Qing received a call from the police.

Su Xue clamored to see her in the detention center.

Su Qing thought for a while, and the car turned around and went to the police station.

Zhou Xiongfei personally went to the police station and looked for Director Wang, but he still couldn't get Su Xue out, and he didn't know who else was supporting Su Qing.

Intuition told Zhou Xiongfei that the person who helped Su Qing this time was the one who removed his son's leg before.

If Zhou Xiongfei couldn't release Su Xue on bail, he could only go through judicial procedures.

Su Xue panicked and frightened, she clamored to see Su Qing.

The police couldn't take it anymore, so they called Su Qing.

Su Qing stood outside the iron gate, looking indifferently at Su Xue who was cowering in the corner.

"I heard you want to see me."


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