Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 85

Hearing Su Qing's voice, Su Xue raised her head suddenly.

When she saw Su Qing, a trace of hidden deep fear flashed in the depths of Su Xue's eyes.

"Sister, I was wrong, I was really wrong, let me go, I won't dare again." Su Xue crawled in front of Su Qing, clutching the railing with both hands, kneeling on the ground and begging with her head up: " It's so cold here, there are rats and snakes, I'm so scared, I don't want to be locked up here, sister, please let me go."

Su Xue knew that she could not count on the Chu family, nor could she count on Zhou Xiongfei. If she wanted to leave, she could only ask Su Qing to give her a hand.

She has bullied Su Qing for more than ten years, but she never thought that one day she would kneel down and beg Su Qing.

Su Qing looked down at Su Xue, her body was soaked, her hair was messed up, the fear in her tone, the fear in her eyes, she could see it clearly.

Su Qing was a little puzzled, but if she was locked up for one night, is she afraid of this?

Su Qing recalled what Lu Rongyuan said, it seems that he sent someone to deal with the people here, and "specially took care" of Su Xue.

Otherwise, how could there be rats and snakes in such a place.

Su Xue looked terrified. If she was locked up for a few more days, she might have mental problems.

But why did she let it go?

"Not good." Su Qing refused coldly: "Why did I let you go? You didn't let me go back then, and you didn't show mercy to me last night. Why do you think I let someone who hurt me go?" ?”

"Sister, I'm obsessed with ghosts. You said you wanted to see Chen Long, so I came here. I really didn't expect him to be interested in sex." Su Xue was still quibbling at this time.

"Is this your attitude of admitting your mistakes?" Su Qing said blankly, "Then you should continue to stay here."

With that said, Su Qing turned and walked out.

"Su Qing." Su Xue was in a hurry, grabbed the iron gate and stood up, shouted at Su Qing, gritted her teeth and said, "I admit, I bribed Chen Long to harm you, five years ago and last night, it was me What I did, and what I have done to you over the years, I know I was wrong, I apologize to you, can you forgive me?"

Su Qing stopped, and she was a little surprised to hear that Su Xue recognized everything.

Seeing that Su Qing stopped, Su Xue's face was happy, as if she saw hope: "Sister, did you forgive me? You will withdraw the lawsuit, right?"

Su Qing looked at Su Xue coldly: "Since the day you entered Su's house when you were eight years old, for more than ten years, our conflicts, grievances and grievances, both big and small, are countless and incomprehensible. Su Xue, I know you too well, even if you smash your head and admit your mistakes now, your hatred for me will only increase, and once you are released, you will look for opportunities to retaliate."

Su Xue was startled, she really hated Su Qing, wished she could drink his blood and gnaw his bones, her fright and embarrassment this night were all thanks to Su Qing, when she went out, she would definitely make Su Qing pay the price.

But she didn't expect Su Qing to puncture her mind.

Su Qing said lightly: "So you just stay inside, I'm not such a virgin, let someone who hurt me come out and continue to hurt me."

"Su Qing, what else do you want?" Su Xue shouted hysterically: "You vicious woman, I beg you like this, you really want me to die inside, don't you, you bitch, wait for me Come out, I will never let you go."

Su Qing snorted coldly: "Then let's wait until the day you can come out, I will accompany you anytime."

Leaving those words behind, Su Qing left directly, and Su Xue's growling curse gradually faded away.

After walking out of the police station, before Su Qing got in the car and left, Qin Suqin, with a bruised nose and a swollen face, rushed towards her cursing.

"Su Qing, you vicious woman, let my daughter go quickly and withdraw the lawsuit, otherwise I will never end with you."

Qin Suqin pulled Su Qing, like a shrew, raised her hand to hit Su Qing.

She can't count on Zhou Xiongfei, but she can't let Su Xue go to jail.

"Let go." Su Qing pushed Qin Suqin away, her voice was cold: "If you want to be the next Su Xue, go in and have a sit, then just go ahead and fight."

Qin Suqin was overwhelmed by Su Qing's aura, she didn't dare to fight, and looked at Su Qing as if poisoned.

"You little wolf cub, your wings are stiff, I really regret why I didn't drive you out back then." Qin Suqin's eyes were tearing up: "It was you who exposed Xiaoxue's life experience, right? Su Qing, why are you thinking so viciously?" .”

"Didn't you learn this from Aunt Qin?" Su Qing sarcastically said, "Is Aunt Qin still satisfied with my performance?"

Qin Suqin was so angry that she almost vomited blood, and her blood pressure soared.

"Instead of messing around with me, you might as well hire a better lawyer for Su Xue, maybe you can save a year or a half of the sentence." Su Qing pretended to be surprised, as if she just remembered: "By the way, I almost forgot , Aunt Qin is now a mud bodhisattva and can't protect herself, tsk tsk, this body is full of scars, it makes people... happy."

"You you you..." Qin Suqin was trembling with anger.

Su Qing smiled and drove away.

This time, she fought Su Xue to the end.

Su Qing went to the hospital to see Su Jie, and she was already awake. She had just finished the operation and was still very weak.

After seeing Su Jie, Su Qing returned to Li's house.

Before entering the door, Su Qing heard Xia Bao's laughter.

Xia Bao was picked up by Liu Xueqin today.

Seeing that Su Qing came back, Xia Bao ran over happily: "Sister."

Liu Xueqin also smiled and said, "Xiaoqing, you haven't eaten yet. There is some left in the kitchen for you. I'll ask someone to warm it up."

"Okay, thank you godmother." Su Qing hugged Xia Bao and asked Liu Xueqin, "Is godfather back yet?"

"In the study, he said that if you look for him, you can go directly to the study."


It seems that Li Kuihua knew that she would come to him.

Su Qing went upstairs and opened the door of the study, Li Kuihua was working.


"Xiaoqing is here." Li Kuihua put down what he was doing: "Is Xiaojie's operation going well?"

"Everything went well." Su Qing said, "Godfather, thank you for your support this time."

Li Kuihua naturally knew what Su Qing was referring to.

Su Qing will always remember the kindness of being able to call Director Wang immediately after her accident.

Li Kuihua smiled: "Xiaoqing, you are my daughter now, Li Kuihua. A father naturally has to protect his own child, a family, so don't be so polite."

Su Qing thought about it and said, "Godfather, I want to know, when I beat Li Sen, you didn't bother me, was it because of Lu Rongyuan?"

Li Kuihua was taken aback: "You know everything?"

"Yeah." Su Qing smiled self-deprecatingly: "I don't know if it's lucky to be able to fall into the eyes of the young master of the Lu family."

In the previous breakup round, the two seemed to have a clean break, but now that she did the math, she still owed Lu Rongyuan more, and she couldn't tell the difference at all, and she couldn't afford to pay it back.

"Xiaoqing, you can't underestimate yourself." Li Kuihua said: "This emotional thing cannot be determined by identity and background. By the way, your father came here this afternoon."

Su Qing's heart tightened: "What is he here for?"

"According to your father, he intends to hand over the Su Group to you."


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