Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 86

When Su Qing heard the news, she didn't feel any joy in her heart. On the contrary, she felt a little cold.

Before she tried Su De'an and asked him to hand over the company's management rights, but was rejected.

Now that they are in trouble, Su De'an knows that there is no way to fight against Zhou Xiongfei, the company will be hit hard sooner or later, and even go bankrupt overnight, so he wants to hand over the hot potato to her.

In a disguised form, Su De'an was using the Li family as a backer.

Su Qing could imagine that Li Kuihua could also understand Su De'an's thoughts.

"Xiaoqing, what are you going to do?"

Su Qing pondered for a few seconds: "The company also has half of my mother's effort, so I naturally can't watch the company have an accident."

Su De'an had expected this before finding her.

Li Kuihua nodded, he had already guessed Su Qing's decision: "It's getting late, go back to your room and have a good rest, recharge your spirits, you have worked hard these two days."


Su Qing left the study without any appetite, so she just ate and went back to her room.

Xia Bao saw that Su Qing was thinking, so he sneaked into Su Qing's bedroom wearing cartoon pajamas.

Seeing Su Qing taking a shower in the bathroom, he sneaked into the bed and hid himself tightly.

The bathroom door opened with a bang, and Su Qing came out wrapped in a bath towel, and at a glance she saw that the bed was bulging, and Xia Bao's little fat feet suddenly protruded, which was so cute.

"Xiao Bao." Su Qing didn't know whether to laugh or cry, she walked over and lifted the quilt, Xia Bao rolled on the bed, giggling.

"Sister, I want to sleep with you tonight. Without my sister, I can't sleep." Xia Bao hugged the quilt, looking like a good daughter-in-law.

Su Qing was amused and laughed: "Old rules, you are not allowed to kick the quilt, and you are not allowed..."

Xia Bao took Su Qing's words fluently: "Don't take advantage of my sister, eat tofu, I know it all."

Su Qing smiled, this little guy always finds various reasons to sleep with her at night, he is very dishonest at night, and rolls into her arms when he falls asleep.

Xia Bao's flesh was soft and slippery. In fact, with Xia Bao there, Su Qing slept more soundly.

Rather than saying that Xia Bao is attached to her, it is better to say that she is increasingly inseparable from Xia Bao.

Su Qing went to change into pajamas, Xia Bao quickly hugged Su Qing's waist, raised her red face, and smiled brightly at Su Qing: "Sister, do you like Xiaobao?"

"Such a cute little treasure is simply loved by everyone, and flowers bloom when they see flowers."

Su Qing couldn't help pinching Xia Bao's face, it felt really good: "Go to bed, I have to go to kindergarten tomorrow."

"Sister, good night." Xia Bao giggled and got into bed.

Su Qing was about to turn off the lights and go to sleep when the mobile phone placed beside the bed rang.

Lu Rongyuan sent a message.

When she got off work, she deliberately walked fast, just to avoid Lu Rongyuan.

Su Qing clicked on the phone, and it was a voice from Lu Rongyuan, a mellow and bewitching voice came out of the phone.

"Qingqing, I can't sleep."

Su Qing: "..."

Why did she feel that this coquettish tone resembled Xia Bao's?

Xia Bao suddenly got out of bed: "Sister, is it from the wheelchair uncle?"

When Lu Rongyuan met Xia Bao before, he was in a wheelchair, so Xia Bao gave Lu Rongyuan a nickname.

Su Qing: "Yes."

"Sister, can you let me talk to the wheelchair uncle?" Xia Bao rolled his black eyes with a touch of cunning: "I miss the wheelchair uncle."

The two of them were at odds before, and they started to miss it again?

Su Qingzheng didn't know how to reply to the message, so she gave Xia Bao the phone.

Xia Bao giggled and dialed the video call directly.

When Lu Rongyuan on the other side of the phone saw the video call from Su Qing, he was overjoyed and connected immediately.


"Uncle, it's me." Xia Bao smiled and waved to Lu Rongyuan.

When Lu Rongyuan saw that it was Xia Bao in the video, and he was still on the bed, his face darkened suddenly: "Little kid, where's your sister?"

Lu Rongyuan couldn't see Su Qing.

Lu Rongyuan didn't wear a mask this time, he didn't know it was Xia Bao at first, Xia Bao looked at Lu Rongyuan in the video and exclaimed: "Uncle, you are so handsome."

Xia Bao's compliment made Lu Rongyuan feel a lot better, and his tone became much gentler: "Little kid, you have good eyesight, where's your sister?"

"My sister is sleeping with me." Xia Bao pointed his mobile phone at Su Qing, and he himself was lying in Su Qing's arms crookedly, gloating at Lu Rongyuan: "Uncle, my sister and I are going to bed."

The implication is, don't bother.

Su Qing was amused by Xia Bao, this little guy was obviously trying to annoy Lu Rongyuan on purpose.

Sure enough, seeing Xia Bao's little face rubbing against Su Qing's body with a look of enjoyment, Lu Rongyuan felt that his own things were being taken over by others.

"Little kid, let go of your sister, she is mine."

"Hmph, no, my sister likes me the most, we sleep together every day." Xia Bao got cheap and acted like a good boy, waving to Lu Rongyuan: "Uncle, good night, I wish you a sweet dream."

"Little brat..."


Hang up directly.

Su Qing was really dumbfounded by Xia Bao.

She didn't go back to Lu Rongyuan either, but instead thought it was interesting for the two to fight back and forth.

"Xiao Bao, it's time to sleep."

"Okay." Xia Bao grinned and slipped into bed.

Hmph, if you want to rob him of your sister, don't even think about it.


Nanshan Villa.

After the video call ended, Lu Rongyuan couldn't fall asleep.

"Xia Dong, let's go to Li's house."

Xia Dong came in from the outside and saw that Lu Rongyuan was going to Li's house, he hurriedly said: "Yes, boss, by the way, boss, it's so late, why are we going to Li's house?"

"To pick up someone." Lu Rongyuan walked quickly with a cane.

If he didn't bring Su Qing back tonight, he would definitely not be able to sleep.

Xia Dong quickly realized that Su Qing lived in Li's house.

"Boss, is it appropriate for us to pick up Miss Su so late?"

It's really inappropriate to do it at night, and I can't explain it to Li Kuihua, it will make Su Qing's reputation bad.

Therefore, Lu Rongyuan didn't intend to enter through the main entrance openly.

The two arrived at the outer wall of Li's house. Xia Dong looked at the two-meter-high wall and asked, "Boss, are we sure we want to climb over the wall to get in? Your leg is still not healed."

"That's why I called you here." Lu Rongyuan looked at the ground, Xia Dong quickly understood, squatted down, and used it as a pad for Lu Rongyuan.

Even if his leg is injured, the two-meter wall is nothing to Lu Rongyuan. After Lu Rongyuan turned over, Xia Dong followed suit.

The two stood still. They were just about to find Su Qing, but they didn't know which room Su Qing lived in. Suddenly, two people walked over here.

It was Li Kuihua and Li Sen.

Seeing Lu Rongyuan, both of them also looked surprised and confused.

Did these two people come in over the wall just now?

Lu Rongyuan was so embarrassed that he climbed over the wall, but he was seen by Li Kuihua. His fame in this life can be regarded as ruined, but Lu Rongyuan remained calm on the face, showing no embarrassment at all.

Li Kuihua quickly realized that in the middle of the night, Lu Rongyuan didn't go through the main entrance, but climbed over the wall. He definitely didn't come to see him, but to see Su Qing.

Li Kuihua coughed lightly, as if he didn't see Lu Rongyuan, looked up at the night sky: "The moon is really round tonight, Komori, did your sister sleep on the second floor?"

Confused, Li Sen replied subconsciously: "Sleep."

Lu Rongyuan listened to the words of the two, and frowned.

second floor?

Which room is Su Qing's bedroom on the second floor?

Li Kuihua seemed to be able to hear Lu Rongyuan's inner voice, and asked again: "How do you get to your sister's bedroom?"

Li Sen: "Turn left on the second floor and take the third room."

"En." Li Kuihua nodded: "It's getting late, so let's go to bed earlier."

Li Kuihua and Li Sen just left like they didn't see Lu Rongyuan.

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