Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 88

Lu Rongyuan has been pretending for so long, if he stopped pretending, it would definitely surprise many people.

The Lu family fought very hard, otherwise Lu Yuan would not have pretended.

Su Qing sat quietly and listened, and when Lu Rongyuan asked her to listen, she just sat and listened openly.

After all, Lu Rongyuan has been pretending for so long, and he can't "heal" suddenly, there has to be a process.

Che Chengjun stayed at Nanshan Villa, Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan went to the company by car after having breakfast.

Lu Rongyuan suddenly said: "The one just now was Cha Chengjun. We are close friends. He has excellent medical skills. This scene needs his cooperation to finish."

Su Qing was a little surprised that Lu Rongyuan explained to her specially.

Su Qing tilted her head and stared at Lu Rongyuan: "If you suddenly stop pretending, I'm thinking that there will probably be many women who would like to pounce on you and marry you."

Before the famous lady in the circle heard that Lu Rongyuan was crippled and his face was ruined, he would not live for long. In addition, the Lu family was fighting fiercely. If Lu Rongyuan hiccupped, he would be a widow and no one would dare to marry. It's different.

Lu Rongyuan is a proper diamond-level bachelor, and women are jealous.

The corners of Lu Rongyuan's mouth rose slightly: "Qingqing, are you jealous?"

Since Su Qing felt a sense of crisis, Lu Rongyuan felt very relieved.

Su Qing curled her lips: "If anyone is jealous, I'll just say it casually. I have nothing to do with you. Who you like to be with has nothing to do with me."

There was a sudden force on her waist, Su Qing was pulled into Lu Rongyuan's arms, and she leaned into her ear, rubbing her ears together: "I'm already asleep, want to renege on my debt? Hmm?"

For the last word, Lu Rongyuan prolonged the ending on purpose, making it extremely charming.

Lu Rongyuan's voice was deep and pleasant to hear, Su Qing blushed, and gently pushed him: "Sit down, don't make trouble, there are still people." Exit the transcoding page, please download the app to read the latest chapter.

Xia Dong, who was driving in front, had a strong desire to survive, so he immediately put down the sound insulation panel.

Su Qing: "..."

Lu Rongyuan said in a deep voice: "Okay, there is no one now."

Su Qing said duplicity: "What age is it now? We're all adults. Whoever says we have to sleep together must be together. Besides, you must have brought me last night, right?"

"What about before that?" Lu Rongyuan's hand became stronger again, and he pressed Su Qing's waist tightly against himself, with a bewitching voice: "Qingqing is dissatisfied with my previous performance? Don't want to take responsibility?"

Just thinking about Lu Rongyuan's explosive power, Su Qing couldn't help swallowing, and said: "Form is emptiness, form is emptiness."

Seeing that Su Qing still didn't fully open up to herself, Lu Rongyuan felt a little frustrated.

With Su Qing's disgraceful past and the disparity in their identities and backgrounds, it will take some time for Su Qing to be with him calmly.

"The future will last forever." Lu Rongyuan kissed Su Qing lightly on the forehead and let her go.

Su Qing was slightly taken aback, the softness on her forehead did not disappear for a long time.

She knew what Lu Rongyuan was thinking, but it was still difficult for her to take the last step.

Such an unrestrained self, even Su Qing despises herself.

The car drove into the parking lot. Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan took the president's special elevator to go upstairs. The elevator stopped at Su Qing's office floor first. When Su Qing walked out, she immediately attracted the attention of many colleagues.

Su Qing was the first woman who could take the special elevator up with the president.

Lu Rongyuan was sitting in a wheelchair with a mask still on his face, the elevator closed and continued to go up.

As soon as Su Qing took her seat, colleagues immediately came over to gossip.

"Su Qing, why did you come up with Mr. Lu? What's the relationship between you two?"

"Yes, tell me quickly, you are the first one who can take the special elevator with Mr. Lu."

"Su Qing, you have been very lucky recently, please share with us."

Only then did Su Qing realize that she was framed by Lu Rongyuan.

I didn't expect that taking an elevator could cause so many troubles.

Su Qing smiled and said frankly: "It seemed that I was going to be late just now, but when I met Mr. Lu, I came up together."

Many people thought that Su Qing was Li Kuihua's goddaughter, maybe Lu Rongyuan took care of Su Qing because of Li Kuihua's face.

Everyone didn't think about it any more.

Liu Jie came over with a bunch of documents: "Su Qing, sort these out. Qin Yafei has resigned, and your workload will increase a bit. Thank you for your hard work."

Qin Yafei resigned?

"Manager Liu, you're all right, why did Qin Yafei resign?"

"I don't know too well. It was ordered by the HR department." Liu Jie said in a low voice, "It seems that President Lu fired him personally."

Why did Lu Rongyuan fire Qin Yafei?

The two have nothing to do with each other.

Su Qing was even more puzzled.

The news that Su Qing and Lu Rongyuan came to the company together by elevator quickly reached Lu Chengjun's ears.

"It seems that my elder brother is really interested in this woman." Lu Chengjun leisurely pruned the flowers and plants in the office, and said, "Go and invite this Miss Su here. Being a daughter, what kind of ability does a woman who can get into the eyes of my elder brother have."

"Yes." The secretary replied and went out immediately.

Su Qing was busy when she was suddenly notified to go to Vice President Lu's office.

Vice President Lu Chengjun, the eldest son of the Lu family's second wife, what do you want her for?

Su Qing went there with doubts, this was her first visit to Lu Chengjun's office.

The secretary opened the door for her: "Miss Su, please come inside."

"Thank you." Su Qing walked in, and saw Lu Chengjun watering the lucky bamboo: "Vice President Lu."

When Lu Chengjun turned his head and saw Su Qing's face, surprise flashed across his eyes, he subconsciously squeezed the watering can tightly in his hand, and said calmly, "Miss Su, please sit down."

"Vice President Lu is looking for me. Is there something wrong?" Su Qing didn't dare to sit down. Lu Chengjun seemed very friendly, but she always felt that it was difficult to deal with.

"I also have a little friendship with Mr. Li. I missed the marriage banquet before, and I didn't have something to do in the Imperial Capital, so I missed it. I heard that Ms. Su is in the company and cares about it. Is Ms. Su still used to it?"

Lu Chengjun because of Li Kuihua's relationship?

Su Qing always felt that it was not that simple.

Su Qing responded with kindness: "It's not bad, and the work is very pleasant. Thank you, Vice President Lu, for your concern."

Lu Chengjun smiled, this woman is very defensive.

"Miss Su, sit down." Lu Chengjun poured water for Su Qing himself, and asked tentatively: "I also heard that Miss Su has an unusual relationship with my elder brother. My elder brother is really pitiful. The previous car accident , became like this, married several wives, all of them died inexplicably, if Miss Su can get married with eldest brother, then I can rest assured."

"Vice President Lu is joking, Lu is always my boss, and I am just an ordinary employee of the company." Su Qing said with a light smile: "What happened to President Lu is indeed a pity, but I believe that Lu will always get better of."

Lu Chengjun looked at Su Qing carefully, thinking: "That's really a pity. To tell the truth, Miss Su, my elder brother suffered a serious emotional injury a few years ago, and he was in a state of depression for nearly half a year. Just now, I saw that Miss Su was similar to Yayuan back then. , presumably it is because of this that elder brother takes extra care of Miss Su."


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