Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 89

That was the first time Su Qing heard the name Yayuan.

Has Lu Rongyuan been emotionally hurt?

Su Qing really didn't know about this.

It can make Lu Rongyuan slump for half a year, it seems that this woman named Yayuan is very important to Lu Rongyuan.

Su Qing was not stupid, and probably understood Lu Chengjun's intentions.

"Vice President Lu really knows how to joke. No matter how similar two people look in this world, they are still two different people." Su Qing said neither humble nor overbearing: "There is only one Su Qing in this world."

Lu Chengjun was taken aback for a moment, then smiled, with some appreciation in his eyes: "Miss Su is quick to talk, she is indeed different, but Miss Su really doesn't want to hear about my elder brother's love history?"

Su Qing looked at Lu Chengjun, speculated about the other party's intentions, and smiled slightly: "Many people must be interested in Young Master Lu's love history. I am an ordinary person, so I am naturally curious and gossip. Vice President Lu wants to say, so I will listen carefully." .”

The smile on Lu Chengjun's face was somewhat deep, but he couldn't figure out what Su Qing was thinking about Lu Rongyuan.

He also didn't see that Su Qing was jealous at all.

Lu Chengjun sat down, and said slowly: "My eldest brother had a girlfriend five years ago, named Qin Yayuan, and the two of them had reached the point of discussing marriage, but who knew that a disaster would strike, and the elder brother's enemy came to the door and took Yayuan away. After Yayuan's accident, my elder brother fell into a slump, and later married several wives, but none of them ended well. I sincerely hope that Miss Su can help my elder brother get out of the shadows."

"Vice President Lu thinks highly of me, and I'm afraid there's nothing I can do." With a faint smile on the corner of Su Qing's mouth, "I have nothing to do with President Lu."

Lu Chengjun obviously came to test whether she and Lu Rongyuan were lovers, no matter whether she and Lu Rongyuan were having trouble, she couldn't admit it.

Otherwise, she would definitely be targeted by Lu Chengjun.

She remembered what Lu Rongyuan once said, that any woman who is Lu Rongyuan's side will not be let go.

If Lu Rongyuan has a successor, it will be a threat to the side branches.

Lu Chengjun smiled: "That's my misunderstanding, Ms. Su, I'm really sorry, don't take it to heart, my elder brother is a man of affection, Yayuan has passed away for so many years, he has been thinking about it all the time, I am also worried that he is too emotionally hurt , can't get out of the shadows."

"Vice President Lu is really kind to President Lu, and brotherly love is so rare." Su Qing smiled and praised: "Vice President Lu, I met President Lu later, and I must convey your concern for him in front of him. You can't waste all your hard work today."

Su Qing said this on purpose.

Sure enough, when Su Qing wanted to tell Lu Rongyuan, Lu Chengjun hurriedly said: "Miss Su, I hope the two of us know about our conversation today, don't mention Yayuan in front of elder brother, and bring up his sad past."

Su Qing smiled harmlessly: "Well, Vice President Lu is really considerate."

As soon as the words finished, Lu Chengjun's secretary hurried in: "President Lu is coming this way."

Lu Rongyuan is here?

Lu Chengjun frowned, but he was secretly happy.

It was only ten minutes after he called Su Qing over, and Lu Rongyuan came immediately, so he was really nervous.

Su Qing was also very surprised. Didn't Lu Rongyuan come at this time to show that he had something to do with her?

"Su Qing, you haven't finished the work in hand, what are you doing here, go back and do something." Lu Rongyuan slid his wheelchair in, with a nervous tone in his tone.

"Yes, Mr. Lu." Su Qing left obediently.

In the office, only Lu Chengjun and Lu Rongyuan were left, and the air temperature dropped suddenly.

Lu Chengjun smiled: "Brother, why are you so nervous, I just want to talk to Miss Su."

Lu Rongyuan warned coldly: "Stay away from her in the future. I know what your plans are. If you dare to touch a hair of her, I will have a way to get you out of the Lu family."

If you get out of the Lu family, you will lose all your rights, and you will have no chance to fight with Lu Rongyuan again.

As the person in charge of the Lu family, Lu Rongyuan has this right.

A gloomy look flickered across Lu Chengjun's eyes, but there was an indifferent smile on his face: "Brother, how can I use my wrong brains for the woman you like? This is a great happy event for the Lu family. It must be very happy for Grandpa to know about it." Happy."

Lu Rongyuan knew Lu Chengjun's personality very well.

If Lu Zhanyuan is a cheetah, then Lu Chengjun is a wolf with wolf ambitions.

But no matter how fierce wolves and cheetahs are, they can't fight against lions.

"Better remember what you said today."

Lu Rongyuan dropped the words of warning, and slid the wheelchair away.

The jealousy in Lu Chengjun's eyes was like a raging fire, and the water glass in his hand was tightly squeezed.

Lu Rongyuan, sooner or later I will trample you under my feet. There is only one person in charge of the Lu family, and that is me.

When Lu Rongyuan heard that Su Qing was called away by Lu Chengjun, he who was always calm was indeed in a mess.

Lu Rongyuan stopped Su Qing who had just come out of the bathroom in the bathroom.

"What did Lu Chengjun tell you?"

Seeing Lu Rongyuan blocking the door of the bathroom, Su Qing was stunned for a moment: "Mr. Lu, this is a women's bathroom, so we chatted casually, caring about whether I can adapt, and whether you can get out of your emotional pain."

Hearing this, Lu Rongyuan's expression changed slightly, what good things could be said from Lu Chengjun's mouth.

Lu Rongyuan pondered: "Su Qing, don't believe what he says."

"I'm not stupid. I can see through his purpose at a glance." Su Qing shrugged and asked with a smile, "You are so nervous, could it be that the woman named Yayuan is really your ex-girlfriend?"

In fact, Su Qing really doesn't mind, who doesn't have a past?

She also has an ex-boyfriend, and has given birth to a child.

Lu Rongyuan was silent for a long time before he nodded, "Well, she died five years ago."

Is it?

This ambiguous answer, is that what it is?

Su Qing didn't know what to say for a moment, after all, it was Lu Rongyuan's past, and he had been dead for five years, wouldn't it hurt to mention it?

"Sorry." Su Qing said apologetically.

As soon as the words were finished, Su Qing's cell phone rang, and it was her ex-boyfriend who called.

What day is it today, when you're all in a fight with your ex?

Lu Rongyuan saw that Su Qing didn't answer for a long time, and asked with jealousy: "Chu Tianyi?"

Su Qing was surprised, she really wanted to see if Lu Rongyuan had clairvoyance, she could guess it all.

"Well, ex-boyfriend." Su Qing confessed very frankly: "Recently, his net worth has soared. Maybe Chu Tianyi thinks I'm a fool when I look back. Some time ago, I sent flowers every day, and I sold them for a small profit. A sum, but when it comes to romance, you are really bad at this point, I haven't even received a single flower from you."

Lu Rongyuan said quietly: "Half of the flowers you sold were given by me."

"Ah?" Su Qing was at a loss: "When did you send it?"

Lu Rongyuan stared at Su Qing resentfully, Su Qing quickly realized: "It's really childish."

Saying this on the mouth is sweet in the heart.

Thinking about it, she couldn't help laughing again, how could she have thought that Lu Rongyuan would send flowers.

"I still have to go to the hospital to see Xiaojie, so I'm off work first." Su Qing notified directly again.

Lu Rongyuan's eyes were full of doting: "You are the hostess of the company, you have the final say."

This mouth is so sweet.

This sentence is really a blow to the heart.

Just as Su Qing was about to speak, the phone rang again. This time it was not Chu Tianyi calling, but the lawyer she hired.

After connecting, Su Qing's face became serious instantly.


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