Novel Name : Falling in his affection

Chapter 90

Su Qing really didn't intend to let Su Xue go this time. The lawyer also said that Su Xue will be sentenced to at least three years and Chen Long will be sentenced to five years.

The court has accepted the case and is waiting for the trial, but who would have thought that Su Xue would be pregnant at this juncture.

According to the law, prisoners during pregnancy and breastfeeding can be released on bail pending trial.

No matter how hard Su Qing's heart is, she really can't let Su Xue go to jail with a big belly.

Adults are guilty, children are innocent.

Su Qing went to the police station immediately, and Lu Rongyuan followed.

When the two arrived, Su Xue was sitting in the hall, and Qin Suqin was going through the procedures for bail.

Surprisingly, Chu Tianyi who called her not long ago was also there, sitting opposite Su Xue, smoking with his head down.

Su Xue had a happy face, her stomach was still flat, and she kept stroking her stomach with her hands, as if she was afraid that others would not know that she was pregnant.

Officer Li saw Su Qing coming, and called out, "Miss Su."

Officer Li also noticed that Lu Rongyuan next to Su Qing, even if he was sitting in a wheelchair, the aura of a long-time high-ranking person could not be ignored.

With the wheelchair and the mask, Police Officer Li quickly guessed the other party's identity, put down what he was doing, and said with a bit of awe in his tone, "Young Master Lu."

"En." Lu Rongyuan replied lightly, "Have the procedures been completed?"

Officer Li replied truthfully: "There is still one last seal left."

Lu Rongyuan's voice was cold: "Then wait a little longer, I'll ask the doctor to take a closer look to see if Mrs. Chu is really pregnant."

Hearing this, Su Qing glanced at Lu Rongyuan. In fact, she also suspected that Su Xue was cheating.

Lu Rongyuan's words caused Chu Tianyi, Su Xue and Qin Suqin's expressions to change.

Chu Tianyi was surprised that Su Qing appeared with Lu Rongyuan. She didn't escape from the Lu family's marriage, so why are they still entangled?

The appearance of Lu Rongyuan made Su Xue and Qin Suqin a little panicked, who would dare to contend with the Lu family?

As long as Lu Rongyuan said a word, Su Xue could only stay inside.

Su Xue rubbed her belly and stood up, looking pitifully at Su Qing: "Sister, I'm really pregnant, for the sake of your future little nephew, can you hold your hands high, I'll kneel down for you gone."

Saying that, Su Xue really knelt down for Su Qing, the sound of her knees hitting the floor was very crisp.

Su Qing's heart was shocked, Su Xue was really willing to let go.

Qin Suqin stretched out her hand to help her, but she didn't. She lowered her posture and said to Su Qing, "Xiaoqing, Xiaoxue is also your sister after all. She already knew she was wrong, so please forgive her this time. I really dare not."

Both his wife and mother-in-law were begging for mercy, but Chu Tianyi was indifferent and just looked at Su Qing.

Su Xue was pregnant, and Chu Tianyi never thought that his plans would be disrupted by the child in Su Xue's womb, how could he be happy, let alone beg for mercy.

Su Qing glanced at Su Xue and Qin Suqin indifferently: "Aunt Qin is really good at joking, my parents only have me as a daughter, where did the sisters come from, and where did the little nephew come from?"

Su Qing's words made the two of them blush.

The fact that Su Xue is Zhou Xiongfei's illegitimate daughter is well known, and it would be shameless to have a relationship with Su Qing.

"Sister!" Su Xue knelt on the ground so charmingly, tears came as soon as she said it: "I know that I was wrong for many things in the past, and now I really realize that I was wrong."

Su Qing said with a blank expression: "Then let the doctor come and see. If you really have something in your stomach, the law is tolerant to pregnant women, so I naturally have no reason to pursue it."

Su Xue gritted her teeth secretly, and looked at Chu Tianyi with eyes for help.

Chu Tianyi finally spoke up: "Then let the doctor check again."

Su Xue was frustrated, she hated in her heart, but her face was very gentle: "Okay, then let the doctor look at it again."

After a phone call from Lu Rongyuan, Che Chengjun came within half an hour. Che Chengjun has a lot of research on Chinese medicine, but it is just to confirm whether he is pregnant or not, just by taking a pulse.

Che Chengjun stretched out his hand to feel Su Xue's pulse, and after more than ten seconds, he nodded to Lu Rongyuan: "It's Xi pulse."

Su Xue is really pregnant.

Not only was there no trace of joy in Chu Tianyi's heart, but he was also somewhat disappointed, and his brows were tightly frowned.

The only time he touched Su Xue when he was drunk was that he was really pregnant.

Whether he is late or late, but he is pregnant at this time, then he has no way to get rid of Su Xue.

There was a smile on Su Xue's face, exuding maternal love all over her body, and asked Che Chengjun with a smile: "Is it a boy or a girl? I heard that Chinese medicine is very good at detecting the pulse, can you diagnose it?"

"I knew it when I was born." Naturally, Che Chengjun wouldn't tell the truth.

Su Qing stared at Su Xue's stomach, and did not stop her, and agreed to be released on bail pending trial.

"Su Xue, release on bail is just a delayed trial. This time, for the sake of the child, I'll give you this chance. If you still don't know what's wrong, then don't blame me."

"Thank you sister." Su Xue said gratefully: "Sister, I just want to have a good pregnancy now, and after giving birth to this child, I will be a mother in the future, and I will not do the stupid things before."

Su Qing didn't want to wait any longer, she pushed Lu Rongyuan's wheelchair, turned around and was about to leave, when Chu Tianyi suddenly said, "Xiao Qing, my promise to you will always be valid."

What a scumbag, flirting with others in front of his pregnant wife.

Lu Rongyuan glanced over and said with a sneer: "Young Master Chu is really romantic, go back and discipline your wife well, if something happens again, I will never let you go lightly next time."

Chu Tianyi's face was ugly for a while, he couldn't help it, and he was even more surprised in his heart.

Why did Lu Rongyuan stand up for Su Qing?

Su Qing didn't even give Chu Tianyi a look, and pushed Lu Rongyuan away.

Chu Tianyi stood on the spot and watched, Su Xue walked over with a gentle voice: "Tianyi, let's go back."

"Go back by yourself, I have something else to do." Chu Tianyi didn't show a good face.

Seeing her daughter being wronged, Qin Suqin was unhappy: "Chu Tianyi, what do you mean, Xiaoxue is pregnant with your child, you don't care about her, and you treat her like this, how can you be a husband? Believe it or not, I will take Xiaoxue back. In the future, you won't even look at your child."

Chu Tianyi sneered: "That's really what I wish for, but where does my mother-in-law want to go back? Is it the Su family or the Zhou family?"

"Chu Tianyi, why did you talk to the elders? I am also your mother-in-law after all."

Qin Suqin's face turned pale with anger, she couldn't go back to Su's house, and naturally she couldn't go back to Zhou's house as a mistress.

These few days, Qin Suqin has been staying in hotels outside.

"Mom, Tianyi, stop arguing." Su Xue persuaded softly: "Mom, you can go back, I can do it by myself, Tianyi, if you are busy, go do it, I can take a taxi and go back by myself."

"Xiaoxue." Seeing her daughter wronging herself like this, Qin Suqin felt very distressed.

"Mom, I'm the daughter-in-law of the Chu family, and I'm pregnant with the flesh and blood of the Chu family, so I naturally want to go back to the Chu family." Su Xue winked at Qin Suqin.

It was not easy for her to have a child as a protective umbrella, and she must use the child to fight this turnaround.

She will get back the shame Su Qing gave her sooner or later.

Nanshan Villa.

Su Qing came back again, just entered the hall, Xia Dong came over and said to Lu Rongyuan: "Boss, Xia Tian is calling."


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