Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 51

The last feeling of death, she can only feel the weeds and stones passing by her body, and her whole body is tingling.

Suddenly, a black figure soared from above, stepping on the slope, with the sound of hunting wind, the shirt was blown up.

It's like the master of martial arts.

There was fine dust falling down, and there was an extra shadow on the head.

Someone else fell.

Tangyue opened her eyes, her body suddenly stopped sliding, a warm hand hugged her around her waist, she blinked slowly, raised her head slightly, and first met her firm chin.

Maybe it was because her eyes were caught in the wind and sand, and they were very dry. She squinted her eyes, but she still couldn't recognize who it was.

But this embrace is familiar.

Has a hint of tobacco and mint.

It's the smell of Fengxie.

It's not that he has given up on himself and doesn't care about her life at all, so why did he come to save her.

"What are you doing in a daze? Hold me tight!" A deep male voice came from above.

Tangyue froze for a moment, and hugged the man's waist reflexively. He looked very strong, with abdominal muscles on his abdomen, but his waist was very thin when hugged.

She hugged her tighter, couldn't help but bury her face in Feng Ye's arms, and took a deep breath.

This feeling of being alive suddenly made her brain nerves active, and the blood in her body became hot. She could only suppress her emotions desperately.

Feng Xie's body froze, he lowered his long eyelashes to look at Tang Yue, and clicked his tongue.

This woman actually sucked him.

This is what he looked like when he saw Su Ling sucking cats.

"Come to buy century-old ginseng, do you believe this reason?" Feng Xie snorted lightly.

He wears a strong climbing rope, even with her, he can climb up easily, and he can find the most suitable foothold every time where Tangyue looks dangerous.

Tang Yue said in a low voice: "I just wanted to try my luck, I never expected to encounter such a thing."

"Be smarter in the future. Also, I don't need to eat ginseng."

Tang Yue: "?"

Before she could analyze the meaning of Feng Xie's words, the rope suddenly trembled and slid down a bit.

Feng Xie's eyes sharpened, and he quickly grabbed a stone on the slope.

There was a loud bang from above.

After discovering that someone was coming, Guan You got entangled with them. He was very skilled and dragged Qin Zheng for a while, and then saw the bodyguard on the side pulling the rope and rushed over with all his strength.

He wanted to tear off the rope and let Feng Xie die.

The bodyguard was accidentally thrown to the ground.

A smug smile appeared on Guan You's face. He took two steps forward and was about to touch the rope.


The bullet pierced his palm, and the severe pain made him no longer have any strength.

Qin Zheng shot Guan You in the leg again.

Kang Wu on the side was so frightened that he almost knelt down when he saw Qin Zheng looking over: "I don't know anything. He gave me 100,000 yuan and ordered me to do it. I just keep looking at money."

The rope was still sliding down, although the speed of the slide was not fast, but if it continued like this, both of them would die.

I can't bear the weight of two people.

Although Tangyue didn't know what happened above, she could guess a thing or two. If Guan You won, it would be impossible for Feng Xie to take her away. Instead of wasting time here, it's better to let Feng Xie go alone.

If he has good skills and fast speed, he will definitely be able to go up.

Maybe he can help himself to avenge himself.

In a flash, Tangyue figured everything out, she let go of Feng Xie's hand, and said firmly: "You throw me down, go up by yourself."

She is a burden now, there is no need to implicate Feng Xie.

If there is no Feng Xie, she will die, so why not choose to let go at this time.

But even if she let go, her body still didn't fall down.

Feng Xie didn't let go, he was still holding her waist tightly, the rope on it was no longer falling down, but no one was pulling it up either.

The situation is not good.

But he did not choose to abandon Tangyue.

Tang Yue recalled the phone call before, and looked at Feng Xie in disbelief. She didn't understand why Feng Xie didn't let go. If this continues, the situation will only get worse.

The man was in the air, and even pushed her up, his breath sprayed on her face: "Tang Yue, is it worth it for a ginseng? Hmm?"

"Do you regret it now?"

The husky male voice is magnetic, as if a fine cello is being played.

Tangyue just replied instinctively: "I don't regret it."

If she hears that there is century-old ginseng next time, she will not give up. This is the material for making Qinghe pills, and she will always have to look at it.

This time, she was too vigilant and didn't find out what was wrong with Kang Wu, not the ginseng.

The man looked at her complicatedly, and suddenly laughed lowly. He hugged her and hung in the air quietly, motionless.

"Just love me that much? You have to take such a big risk in order to boil ginseng for me for a hundred years."

Tangyue: "...."

At this point, she still said these meaningless things, and she didn't want to explain the ginseng thing anymore, she just said: "Feng Xie, let me go as soon as possible, after you get up, help me avenge..."

I can't speak.

Because Feng Xie lowered his head, and then blocked her chattering mouth.

In the sky, her entire body is suspended in the air, and her only attachment is Feng Xie.

The man wrapped her whole body in his arms, and there was darkness in front of her. In the world with only Feng Xie, she had no choice but to feel him.

She smelled the clear smell of tobacco on his body, the vigorous heartbeat, the scorching temperature, his undulating chest muscles slightly resting on her, and the obvious abdominal muscles clinging tightly to hers, everything on his body was directed towards her. She passed it on.

It was the first time we were so close, even closer than the first union.

This was a very lingering kiss, Feng Xie kissed very slowly, in a leisurely manner.

After parting, both of them breathed a little.

Tangyue asked anxiously: "Are you desperate?"

She really couldn't understand that this man still wanted to kiss her.

Feng Xie smiled evilly, his eyebrows and eyes were flirtatious, his fingers whirled around Tangyue's waist, and said softly: "We die together, someone will accompany you."

Tangyue closed her eyes, not wanting to pay attention to him.

Even in this situation, this person is not serious.

She didn't want to die, and she didn't want someone to die with her.

"Feng Xie, do you know? I really want to survive." She said softly.

There is hope in life.

From the very beginning, she and Feng Xie were different people.

"What's the good of being alive?"

Feng Xie clicked his tongue in disgust, and he pulled the rope.

Someone above immediately pulled the rope up vigorously. It was already dark, but the people above prepared large lighting equipment to illuminate the surroundings.

Tangyue stuck her head out of Feng Xie's arms, and the strong light caused tears to secrete from her eyes.

She twitched her lips, still a little unbelievable until now.

She was saved.

Surrounded by a lot of bodyguards in black, all of them were Feng Xie's people, Guan You was seriously injured and was already tied up by two people, Kang Wu was also arrested, and he was trembling at the moment.

Did Feng Xie actually bring so many people here?

"your face?"

Feng Xie untied the rope on her body, narrowed her eyes suddenly, then approached her, reached out and took away a thumb-like artificial scar from her face.

Tangyue: "!"

Only then did she realize that her face was chilly. It turned out that the veil had been removed long ago.

"What's wrong?" Tangyue bit her lip and asked carefully.

Feng Xie came closer, with no expression on his face, he touched Tang Yue's chin, his eyes became darker and darker.

"Is your face getting better?"

Tangyue's heart skipped a beat, she touched her face, it was very smooth, and the artificial scars that had been applied before had disappeared.

She was cautious in her actions, even if she was wearing a veil, she would usually put on artificial scars to prevent people from discovering.

But today, she almost died. How could she notice these details? The scar on her face was probably rubbed off when she fell.

Feng Xie... Are you going to find out?


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