Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 52

"I don't know. I've been applying traditional Chinese medicine these days, that is, treating a dead horse as a living horse medicine. I don't know if it will work." She said softly.

bang bang bang...

Tangyue only felt that her heartbeat quickened, and her appearance suddenly recovered. Would Feng Xie recognize her as the woman from that night?

Surprise flashed in Feng Xie's eyes, he looked at it for a while, then threw away the artificial scar inside his hand, and said, "Go to the hospital."

After speaking, he hugged Tangyue again, just like holding a baby.

No doubt.

Tangyue breathed a sigh of relief, she was indeed too tired after going through a series of things just now, so tired that she couldn't think about other things.

Feng Xie carried her into the car in one breath, his arms swelled slightly, they were obvious muscles, full of strength.

Tangyue rubbed in his arms unconsciously, found a good position and fell asleep.

The car drove smoothly.

At night, the weather was a bit cold, so Feng Xie closed the window.

Qin Zheng drove the car seriously, peeking at them from time to time.

Feng Xie wrapped Tangyue in her arms. Tangyue was tall when she stood up, but she was small when she crouched in a ball, and she looked very obedient.

From his angle, he couldn't see Tangyue's appearance clearly, only the two of them behaved intimately.

too intimate.

And the atmosphere is very harmonious.

He thought of Feng Xie's reaction when he learned that Tang Yue and Kang Wu had entered the mountain, his face was full of anxiety, and seeing that it was getting dark, he even summoned everyone to go to the mountain to find Tang Yue.

At that time, although Qin Zheng vaguely guessed that Guan You was going to hurt Tangyue, he was not sure.

Feng Xie didn't leave anyone to intercept Guan You, but instead asked everyone to look for Tangyue, which shows how important Tangyue is to him.

Later, when Guan You called the video, they had already reached the mountain and were about to find Guan You.

At that time, Feng Xie showed that he didn't care in order to hold Guan You back and prevent him from doing anything to Tang Yue.

But when you don't care, you obviously care to the extreme.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have jumped off the slope before they had solved Guan You, and there was an abyss below the slope.

If you are not careful, you will die.

Who said their husband and wife relationship is not good.

This is clearly love to the bone.

He originally thought that he didn't need to pay too much attention to this second young lady, but it seems that his thoughts were wrong, and he must respect her well in the future.

Thinking of this, Qin Zheng took heart and drove the car more smoothly, trying to satisfy the second young lady.


Along the way, Tangyue slept soundly, but when Feng Xie put her down, she woke up.

The smell of disinfectant in the hospital was very pungent. Tangyue moved her body uneasily, and was taken into the examination room by the nurse for a detailed examination.

After coming out, Tangyue temporarily lived in the VIP ward of the hospital.

"It's all skin trauma. It's not a problem. Just take good care of it. As for your face, it's a common hive. Is it caused by eating food you're allergic to?" the doctor asked.

Tangyue's eyes flickered for a moment. She just went to the toilet in the hospital to take a look at herself.

The lower half of the face was covered with all kinds of rashes and red spots, which looked more terrible than scars.

No wonder Feng Xie didn't show a strange expression just now.

She has covered her face with artificial scars for a long time, and it must be for this reason that she has hives on her face.

Urticaria is not a serious illness.

It can be healed easily and she has to prepare now that she will not go out wearing a veil again.

Tangyue's voice was soft: "I have been using a traditional Chinese medicine to apply to my face before, and I may be allergic to the substance in it."

The doctor said: "It's okay, the treatment is very good, I will give you an injection later, the effect will be the fastest."

"En." Tangyue had no objection.

When she arrived at the hospital, it was already very late, she ate a meal prepared by the hospital, and then went to bed with transfusion.

The night passed.

The next day, when Tangyue woke up, it was already bright outside, and the warm sunlight poured into the entire ward.

The door was pushed open.

Qin Zheng came in with a bag of fruit, he put the fruit on the table, and poured Tangyue a glass of water graciously: "Second young lady, drink water quickly."

"I asked the doctor just now, your body is recovering very well, and you can be discharged from the hospital today."

Tangyue hummed and sat up from the hospital bed. She whispered, "Thank you."

He reached out to take Qin Zheng's water, then lowered his head and drank slowly.

Qin Zheng's attitude towards her was much more enthusiastic: "This is what I should do, needless to say thank you."

He was originally Feng Xie's person, and Feng Xie cared so much about Tangyue that he would need multiple Tangyues to serve in the future.

Can not offend.

After drinking the water, Tang Yue raised her head slightly and put the water glass on the table.

Just a glimpse.

Qin Zheng was stunned suddenly.

He stared at Tangyue incredulously, and murmured: "Second Young Madam, your appearance has recovered?"

"looking at what?"

An unpleasant voice sounded, and at the same time, Qin Zheng was pushed away with one hand, and a tall and straight man stood in front of her. He blocked most of the sunlight and shrouded Tang Yue in the shadow.

Tangyue looked up at him, her face was very small, this was Feng Xie's first impression, it was probably only as big as his slap.

After one night, all the red rashes and red spots on the lower half of her face have disappeared, revealing her fair skin, her appearance is unsurpassed, and her whole body exudes a soft and tranquil look, her eyes wandered leisurely, Charming and moving, the long straight black hair was quietly scattered, peaceful and beautiful.

In fact, her facial features are not very outstanding just by looking at them, but when they are combined, they are so stunning that you can't move your eyes away.

Feng Xie stared at her heavily and did not move for a long while.

Tang Yue pursed her lips and smiled softly, her voice was extremely soft: "Feng Xie, you have come to see me."

She looked happy and sounded happy.

This was the first time Feng Xie had seen her smile. It turned out that not only her eyes were curved into crescents, but even her red lips were curved. Her teeth were not completely neat. It doesn't affect the beauty either.

When she smiled, she looked playful and charming, Qing Lingling's eyes were still looking at him, as if he was her whole world.

Oh shit.

So beautiful and so cute.

Still hook him like this.

Feng Xie looked at her in silence for a while, then suddenly stretched out his hand to cover her eyes.

Tang Yue: "?"

Before she had time to ask, Feng Xie withdrew her hand, turned around and left.

Looking at the back of him striding out, Tangyue was puzzled.

Is she ugly now?

But Feng Xie was able to maintain his composure after seeing her uglier.


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