Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 53

Feng Xie left, and the whole ward fell silent.

Qin Zheng explained: "Second Young Madam, in fact, Young Master Feng still cares about you very much. He just asked the doctor about your specific situation and was very worried about your situation. He is leaving now, probably because of some urgent business."

So, don't quarrel, she is really worried about Feng Shao's happiness.

Tangyue: "...."

Fortunately, she didn't care about any behavior Feng Xie did.

After Qin Zheng went out, he saw Feng Xie leaning against the wall, with one leg propped up, his eyes downcast, playing with a lighter in his hand, his eyes were a little absent-minded.

It was the first time he saw Feng Xie showing such an expression.

A little empty, a little surprised, it seems that the mind is not very peaceful.

He looked lost.

An incredible idea suddenly appeared in Qin Zheng's mind.

Feng Xie came out, couldn't it be because he was shy when he saw the second young lady's appearance?

Only then did I catch a glimpse.

The second young lady does look like a fairy.

Who is Ke Fengxie?

He had never seen any woman before, and when a woman stood in front of him naked, he didn't even look at it.

How could he be fooled by beauty.

He must be wrong.

"Does it look good?"

Suddenly, Feng Xie raised his head, his eyes turned cold, and he looked at him coldly.

Qin Zheng coughed: "Young Master Feng, do you mean Mrs. Second Young Master? I think she is very good-looking. She is the best-looking and most temperamental person I have ever met."

This is the truth. He has seen many women, but she has good-looking features, but she does not have temperament, and temperament, and her facial features are not as delicate as hers.

As early as when Tang Yue's face was disfigured, he had discovered that she had an aura of beauty, but he did not expect that the real her was so shockingly beautiful.

He praised the Second Young Madam, Young Master Feng must be very happy.

"Just now, were you crazy?" Feng Xie's tone became colder.

After Tangyue's appearance recovered, Qin Zheng stared at her for a long time, his eyes almost glued to her body.


Qin Zheng didn't expect that he would make such a big mistake. He said nervously: "I'm just too surprised. The second young lady suddenly recovered her appearance. I was shocked by her appearance. There must be no other meaning."

He raised his hand and swore: "Young Master Feng, I am your man, and I will never betray you."

He didn't dare to rob Feng Xie of a woman, Feng Xie's eyes were too terrifying.


Tangyue didn't know what was going on outside. When the doctor came in to make rounds, she took the time to ask about the child in her stomach.

In the ward, the doctor said kindly: "Miss Tang, don't worry, you are still young and in good health. This time it's just a skin trauma. You'll be fine after a few days of treatment."

"And my stomach?"

Tang Yue asked, she didn't know if it was an illusion, but she always felt that her stomach hurt.

When she rolled down the slope before, she felt a sudden pain in her stomach. Later, after entering the hospital, this feeling disappeared a little, but she still felt it from time to time.

"Your fetal position is stable, and this fetus is also stable, so don't worry." The doctor said.

Tangyue rubbed her belly and breathed a sigh of relief, but doubts flashed in her eyes: "Then why do I always feel a little pain in my stomach?"

"It may be that you are too nervous. You have experienced tense things, and you will form this kind of conditioned reflex. You just need to relax." The doctor said slowly.

So this is ah.

Tangyue relaxed a little, she caught a glimpse of the figure outside the ward, and suddenly changed the topic: "Doctor, I have been disfigured long ago, why am I recovering?"

In fact, restoring her appearance was not what she expected at all. If the artificial scars hadn't fallen off, these things wouldn't have been pulled out.

She must have a reasonable reason, and it must not be doubted.

The doctor thought for a while before saying, "That's right, Miss Tang, you heard that the scars on your face were not treated in time, did you?"

Tangyue blinked her eyes, and hummed: "Yes, the doctor also said that it can't be cured, so I applied some traditional Chinese medicine on my face later."

"That's the reason. In fact, many traditional Chinese medicines are very effective. Although your face has not been treated in time before, because of long-term application of the medicine, the medicine has been nourishing your skin, and the scars have gradually disappeared. Over the years, you have not Did you find it?" the doctor asked in surprise.

Tangyue's eyes flickered, and she said with a wry smile: "I dare not look at myself in the mirror. Every time I apply the medicine, I complete the task, and I have never seen the effect."

Speaking of this, she lowered her eyes: "Ever since I knew I was disfigured, I have been wearing a veil all day long, living my life in a daze."

"I can understand, Ms. Tang, your appearance has recovered now, you can observe it later, and if you have skin sensitivity problems, you can take some targeted treatment, but according to the test results, your current condition is very good, You don't need to worry." The doctor explained her current situation.

Tangyue smiled: "Okay, doctor, with you, I can feel relieved."

"Well, if you need anything, just ring the bell at the head of the bed, and the nurse will come right away."


After the doctor ordered, he left.

Just in time, the man outside walked in.

Feng Xie put his hands in his pockets carelessly. He sat on the sofa beside him, gently clasped the sofa, and didn't speak.

It's too quiet.

Tangyue raised her head cautiously to take a peek at him, and just happened to be caught by him.

Since they all looked at each other, it would be too embarrassing if they didn't say anything.

She said softly: "Feng Xie, do you want to go and see your body?"

When he rolled down the slope, he didn't take any protective measures. I don't know if he was injured?

Feng Xie stared at her porcelain-white face for a while, and suddenly the corner of his lips curled up: "Do you care about me?"

"I care about you." Tangyue replied lightly.

He stood up, walked in front of Tangyue, stretched out his hand to hold her small chin, and narrowed his eyes dangerously: "You seduce me with this face, I may consider giving it a try."

Tangyue: "...."

try what?

Thick eyelashes covered her eyes, and she didn't want to meet Feng Xie's gaze.

In the next second, Feng Xie raised her head and said with a low laugh, "What? Don't dare to look at me?"

The rich hormones on his body enveloped her, and a strong aggressive aura engulfed her. Tangyue's breathing stagnated, and she said immediately: "No, I haven't exposed my skin to the outside for a long time, and I feel a little uncomfortable."

She rolled her eyes and changed the subject: "Did you send Guan You to the police station?"

Mentioning Guan You, Feng Xie's eyes flashed with murderous intent: "No hurry, let him be tortured first, and then send him in."

His tone was too natural.

Tang Yue remembered the methods he used to torture people, and fell silent.

Guan You fell into Feng Xie's hands, and he must have lost half of his life. He was suspected of intentional homicide, even if he entered the police station, he would be sentenced to death.

Just as he was about to say something, Feng Xie's cell phone rang.

He didn't answer.

Tangyue noticed that the word Feng Zhen was displayed on his phone.

This is not good for the relationship between father and son, and she knows it well, no, to be precise, the relationship between Feng Xie and the Feng family is not good.

After a while, the phone was still ringing, Feng Xie seemed to want to stop the ringing, and finally connected the phone.

Feng Zhen was full of scolding: "Where are you fooling around now, why don't you come back quickly, Miss Su came to see you, you really don't know how to be polite."

Su Kebi.

The daughter-in-law that the Feng family and Feng Xie fancy.

Tang Yue pursed her lips, but said nothing.

Su Kebi's soft voice came from over there: "Uncle Feng, it's okay, I'll just come and see Feng Xie, I can wait, you don't need to rush him."

Feng Zhen said angrily: "Did you hear that, he is so sensible, you should hurry back now."

Tangyue understood.

Even though Feng Xie made such a big commotion last time, Feng Zhen still didn't get rid of the idea of matching Feng Xie and Su Kebi.

That's right, if these two people get married, it will be of great benefit to the two families. In front of the interests, other things are not important at all.

Feng Xie sneered, and said quietly, "I'm very busy right now, so I don't have time."

Feng Zhen was furious: "You usually idle around, what can you do?"

Feng Xie glanced at Tang Yue indifferently, and her thin lips curled up wantonly: "You're playing with women."

As soon as the words fell, there was a gasping voice from over there, it wasn't Feng Zhen, it seemed to be the person next to him.

Not long after, Feng Zhen suppressed the anger in his heart: "Feng Xie, don't try to challenge my anger, otherwise you don't want to know any news about your mother."

Feng Xie was silent for a moment, then hung up the phone mockingly.

Tang Yue glanced at Feng Xie strangely, everyone said that Feng Xie's mother had died a long time ago, but Feng Zhen threatened him with news of his mother, what's going on?

After hanging up the phone, Feng Xie cast a gloomy glance at Tangyue, and pinched Tangyue's face: "Why are you frowning, feeling unhappy and jealous?"

The devil is jealous.

Tang Yue thought about this in her heart, but her face showed a sad look: "Your father is also doing it for your own good. If you marry Miss Su, it will help you even more. After all, I am too ordinary to give you anything. Being around you will only drag you down."

As soon as these words came out, Feng Xie sneered: "What? Do you think I need a woman to be in power? Do I need a woman to help me?"

Tang Yue was silent, she didn't mean that, but Feng Xie had no choice but to misinterpret her meaning.


She also wanted to be clean.

However, Feng Xie suddenly approached her, his hot breath hit her face, and he said hoarsely, "Tang Yue, if you keep me, I won't leave."

Tangyue's whole body was stiff, she raised her head and met the man's eyes, his eyes were like midnight, there were hooks in the dark pupils that led her to fall into them.

Just one glance can make people fall in.

She looked away with difficulty: "I don't, Feng Xie, it's better for you to go back, it's also good for you."

She is just a passer-by in Feng Xie's life, so she shouldn't insert too much.

The water in the Feng family was too deep, and she was exhausted physically and mentally just as a bystander.


Feng Xie agreed cleanly this time, just when Tangyue let out a sigh of relief, he lowered his hand, held Tangyue's fingers and played with it, and said as a matter of course: "You go back with me."

Tangyue: "...."

"What? Don't want to?"

He didn't hear Tangyue's answer, the man's tone immediately became a little displeased, he turned his head and observed her carefully.

Tangyue pondered for a while, then nodded: "I'll accompany you back."

She didn't want to intervene in the affairs of the Feng family, but she went deep into it, even if she wanted to hide, she couldn't hide, and besides, the person who decides her life and death now is Feng Xie.

Compared with others, Feng Xie was obviously much more terrifying.

There is another reason, she also wants to repay her kindness.

This man saved her life.

Feng Xie didn't want to marry Su Kebi, and wanted to use her to stop her, but she could only agree.

Given how much she cared about Feng Xie, she would definitely agree.

Feng Xie was satisfied, he looked at the time and said with satisfaction: "There's no need to be in such a hurry, let them wait."

Didn't Su Kebi say to wait?

Then let her continue to wait.

After more than ten minutes, Ding Fu didn't care about Wangyuezhai's business, so he ran over quickly. When he saw Tangyue lying on the ward, he panicked.

"Big...Tangyue, this was my negligence, I didn't expect Kang Wu to do such a thing."

Thinking of Kang Wu, Ding Fu frowned so much that he could catch flies: "Kang Wu and I have been friends for many years. I am honest and honest. I always thought he was trustworthy. I didn't expect him to do such a stupid thing." .”

"How dare he, and become an accomplice of the bad guys. Now he has spent his whole life in prison repenting, and he asked for it."

Ding Fu said sadly, with helplessness in his tone.

Tang Yue sighed: "Uncle Fu, people are fickle, maybe he is not so bad, but he did do wrong things for money this time, and if he did something wrong, he would have to pay the price, there is no way. "

No matter what Kang Wu thought at the time, it didn't matter anymore, Tangyue would not forgive him for doing such a thing.

"I know he deserves it, and I'm not helping him, just sighing." Ding Fu said.

Feng Xie listened to what the two of them said, and felt that there was nothing special, so he walked out.

Just after he went out, Ding Fu whispered: "Miss, your appearance has recovered now, I'm afraid it will not be peaceful in Feng's family if you continue to do the same thing, what are your plans for the future?"

He didn't think the Feng family was a good place.

"Feng Xie is a lunatic. After you married him, life was too difficult, and the Feng family didn't recognize you as a daughter-in-law. It won't last long. You should find a way out for yourself earlier." Ding Fu said.

Tangyue rubbed her belly and lowered her voice: "But, Uncle Fu, even this lunatic is willing to save me. Restoring my appearance is not in my plan, and I have no choice. That's it."

"The Feng family wants to help Feng Xie find other marriage partners, and I have to keep these Yingying and Yanyan away for him."

"But if you do this, you will only have a deeper connection with Feng Xie, which will not do you any good."

Ding Fu said worriedly, if Tangyue wants to live a good life, she can't get involved in these things.

"Yes, but he wants to pull me in."

She closed her eyes, then opened them again, her insides were clear and awake.

She knew that if she helped Feng Xie get rid of Su Kebi this time, other women would appear later, and they would definitely target her, and the Feng family would also be dissatisfied with her.

But there are some things that cannot be avoided and can only be avoided.

"I want to avoid it, but if I can't avoid it, then I will face up to the difficulties. Everything will be fine, so I should repay him."

She lowered her eyes, thinking deeply.

"But Feng Xie is not a good person, he may not protect you."

"It's almost time, let's go."

Feng Xie suddenly appeared outside the door.


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