Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 54

"Okay." Tangyue said softly.

Her injuries are not serious, as long as the child is fine, she is not very worried about other situations.

Feng Xie hummed, and handed her a bag: "Put it on."


Tangyue was stunned for a moment, and took it. It was a CUCU brand, and inside was a long light blue dress, which was similar to her usual style.

She was a little surprised, when Feng Xie was away just now, he actually went to buy clothes from her?

Feng Xie chuckled lightly: "What are you thinking? Qin Zheng bought it for you, don't you want to go back in your ragged clothes, you will only embarrass me then."


Tangyue nodded her head slowly, and waited for Ding Fu and Feng Xie to leave before she changed into her clothes.

The brand CUCU is not very expensive, but the clothes are made of comfortable materials, and each piece of clothes is one size fits all. There are some gaps in it, but it doesn't look too big, which is Tangyue's favorite style.

When Tangyue put on her skirt and walked out, Feng Xie was leaning against the corner to smoke a cigarette. He was holding a cigarette in his hand, and a little smoke rose. Seeing her coming out, his eyes locked on her tightly, and he didn't speak for a long time.

"Feng Xie, shall we go?"

Seeing that Feng Xie didn't speak, she walked over and tugged at his sleeve.

The man took a deep look at her and curled his lips: "Let's go."

Tang Yue sighed softly.

In the car, a layer of worry appeared on Tang Yue's face.

A figure suddenly approached her, Feng Xie threw a cigarette, leaned over and held her chin, he smiled lowly: "Will you know what to do later?"

Tang Yue nodded, then shook her head again.

She knew that Feng Xie didn't want to marry Su Kebi, so she asked her to use her as a shield. In fact, as Feng Xie's wife, she was the most qualified to help Feng Xie drive away Yingying Yanyan.

Unfortunately, she was not recognized.

"I have a request."

Tang Yue said.

"Huh?" Feng Xie looked at her calmly.

Her face is really pretty, and she seems to sleep well. Since she likes him so much and has regained her appearance, he doesn't suggest going back to the room more times.

Tangyue didn't know that Feng Xie was already planning how to sleep with her at night, she looked out of the window and said, "I can pretend to be your girlfriend and help you deal with Su Kebi, but I can't reveal the news of my marriage with you. "

"After all, I don't have many chances to stay in the Feng family. I will leave when I give birth to a child. The Feng family doesn't want you to have another wife before then."

Even if it wasn't for Su Kebi, Feng Xie would marry other wealthy daughters in the future.

It's just a matter of time.

Hearing this, Feng Xie's eyes were deep, and his pupils gradually turned cold.

After a while, he snorted lightly: "Remember to cooperate with me."

Next, all the way silent.

Feng's old house.

Su Kebi took a sip of black tea, said with a light smile, "Uncle Feng, I majored in oil painting in Country A, and I like painting very much, so I took it easy and studied my favorite major."

Feng Zhen praised: "Why is this capricious? I've seen your paintings and they are very spiritual. If Feng Xie is with you, you can also cultivate his sentiments. I think he needs it too much."

Su Kebi smiled generously: "I also really hope to talk about painting with Er Shao Feng."

But where is Feng Xie now?

Feng Zhen's face was extremely dark, he and Su Kebi drank three cups of black tea here and chatted for almost an hour, why hasn't Feng Xie come here yet?


He was about to ask the housekeeper to urge Feng Xie to come back quickly, when there was a knock on the door outside: "Master, the second young master is back."

Feng Zhen's face was filled with satisfaction, he said with a smile: "Feng Xie is just a bastard in his mouth, but he is actually very obedient. You guys have a good time at Feng's house today."

Su Kebi said obediently: "Okay, Uncle, as you wish."

She will get along well with Feng Xie. With her beauty and talent, she doesn't believe that she can't win Feng Xie.


The car door opened from the inside, and Feng Xie walked out with a pair of long legs. He suddenly bent down and hugged Tangyue inside, his sweet voice melted into the air: "Be careful."

Tangyue looked at him in astonishment, and after meeting his playful eyes, she pursed her lips and calmed down a little.


Feng Xie was acting.

Just now she asked herself to cooperate with him, so this time he wanted to play a loving role with her.

Controlling her breathing, she obediently reached out and hugged his neck.


In the hall, Feng Xie walked in with Tang Yue in his arms. When he opened the door, Feng Zhen was about to say something, but after seeing the two of them clearly, his face turned dark.

In the huge hall, a huge crystal chandelier exudes soft light.

But it was as quiet as before.

A flash of shock flashed in Su Kebi's eyes, she lowered her eyes, put her fisted hand on her lap, and fell silent.

It is said that Feng Xie is not good at women, but now he came in with a woman in his arms.

Could it be that the rumors are wrong.

Her eyebrows flashed with anger.

The butler stood aside, watching his nose, nose, nose, and heart, not daring to make a sound, he knew that Feng Zhen would definitely get angry again, and Er Shao started to touch his Ni Lin again.

Obviously the Second Young Master knew that Feng Zhen was trying to match him and Su Kebi, but he still carried a woman back, which was like rubbing Feng Zhen's face on the ground.

Feng Zhen looked at him angrily: "What are you doing?"

Feng Xie casually chuckled: "Can't you tell? Hug a woman."

"I asked you to come back, don't you understand?"

Feng Zhen's eyes almost burst into flames.

Evil son!

No matter what you have to do against him!

Fortunately, he thought that Feng Xie was finally obedient and would follow his request.

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes indifferently, and asked in confusion, "Oh? What's your purpose, you can talk about it now."


Feng Zhen slapped the table hard, the black tea on the table shook, and the liquid inside flowed onto the table.

Su Kebi hid to the side for a while.

Tangyue's hands drooped, and she tightened the clothes on Feng Xie's chest. She put her head on Feng Xie's chest and remained silent.

It seemed that what happened had nothing to do with her.

Facing Feng Zhen's anger, Feng Xie said calmly: "Keep down, don't disturb her."

Feng Zhen was furious: "Where did you find the woman, throw her out to me now, do you really treat the Feng family as a garbage dump? Everyone will pick it up."

"I picked it for you, and you didn't even look at it, and you just did some stupid things."

"Are you saying that you are not satisfied with Miss Su, huh? Let me tell you, you must get married this time. "

After hearing Feng Zhen's words, Su Kebi was secretly pleased, but on the surface she said generously: "Uncle Feng, it's okay, Second Young Master Feng is still young, and now he likes to play outside, but I believe he will take care of it in the future. "

As long as the Feng family is on her side, she doesn't pay much attention to a woman from outside.

She kept an eye on the Feng family this time.

Feng Xie looked at Su Kebi with his dark eyes, and suddenly raised his lips into a smile: "Miss Su doesn't mind, but I do, I think you look ugly."

Su Kebi's whole body was stiff, women always care about their appearance the most, let alone a beauty like her.

Feng Xie directly said that she was ugly and didn't give her any face at all.

She tried her best to maintain her ladylike image: "Young Master Feng, you really know how to joke."

Feng Xie looked at her seriously: "Do you think I'm joking?"

Su Kebi couldn't keep a smirk on her face anymore.

Feng Zhen listened for a while, and almost laughed angrily: "You can't talk, just shut up with me."

Feng Xie hugged Tangyue and sat down. He played with Tangyue's hair and declared, "I won't marry any other woman except her. You should give up on it."

Seeing his lazy look, Feng Zhen became angry, and he gave Tang Yue a hard look: "You despise Miss Su for being ugly, I want to see what kind of woman you find yourself."

From the very beginning, Tangyue hid in Feng Xie's arms, they could only see her petite figure and her long hair that reached her waist, they couldn't see her face clearly at all.

Feng Xie's words instantly made Feng Zhen curious about what Tang Yue looked like.

After hearing this, Tangyue also knew that she could no longer be an ostrich. She pushed Feng Xie and said softly, "Feng Xie, let me go first."

She was held in Feng Xie's arms, she was fine when she was standing, but when Feng Xie sat down, her whole body was sitting on his lap.

The posture is a bit weird.

Feng Xie curled her hair with his slender fingers, and his magnetic voice seemed very dissatisfied: "What does he do?"

If it doesn't matter, what is she doing here?

"I have something to tell Mr. Feng, you put me down now." Tangyue's voice became softer.

Feng Xie put his arms around her waist, as long as he didn't let go, she couldn't leave at all.

"What's there to talk to him about? Forget what I said to you. Just cooperate with me." Feng Xie approached her ear, her voice became even deeper: "You don't need to worry about the Feng family, you just need to worry about me. Just one person will do."

Tangyue felt a little nervous, she was really afraid that Feng Xie's next sentence would offend Feng Zhen, and then the relationship between the two would be exposed, then the Feng family would absolutely not be able to tolerate her.

She had no choice but to say loudly: "President Feng, I am Feng Xie's girlfriend. We really love each other. I hope you can stop helping Feng Xie find a marriage partner. He doesn't need these at all."

Feng Xie stuck out his tongue and licked the roots of his teeth, then let go of his hand.

Tangyue finally stood up straight, she faced Feng Zhen, and said without humility: "President Feng, Feng Xie is an adult, he has the ability to think independently, you should listen to his opinion, not the matter. Everything is up to him.”

There is no sound.

The surroundings were quiet for a moment, only Tangyue's voice was left slowly spreading around.

Su Kebi's nails dug into the palm of her hand, her eyes were full of disbelief, her cheeks also turned red quickly, a burning feeling burned in her heart, she was ashamed and jealous.

When Feng Xie said that she was ugly, she didn't really feel much. Feng Xie didn't have any feelings of pity. She heard that he had humiliated other women before, so she didn't take Feng Xie's words to heart.

But after seeing Tangyue, she realized that Feng Xie was telling the truth.

In terms of appearance, she is indeed inferior to Tang Yue.

It's not how rare Tangyue's beauty is, or how perfect her facial features are.

It's the celestial being she radiates from the inside out, like the brilliance sprinkling the moon, it's so delicate and beautiful, it's unforgettable for people to see.

A woman like her, even if she is unkempt and embarrassed, still has a refined temperament.

Su Kebi thought she looked familiar, but she couldn't remember it at all.


She has seen such a woman before, and it is impossible not to have an impression.

"What's your name?" Su Kebi asked blankly.

"I'm Tangyue." Tangyue said lightly.

As soon as the words fell, even Feng Zhen raised his voice, and he looked at her probingly: "You are Tang Yue, aren't you disfigured?"

He had met Tangyue before, but Tangyue had been covered with a veil before, so she couldn't see her face clearly, and Feng Zhen didn't pay attention to her.

But if she captivated Feng Xie with such an appearance, it would be a big deal.

Tangyue didn't care about Feng Zhen's anger, she said slowly: "It's disfigured, but Feng Xie paid for me to cure it, so now I have recovered my appearance."

A trace of contempt flashed in Su Kebi's eyes, the Tang family is no longer good, Tangyue is now clinging to Feng Xie, she is completely dependent on Feng Xie's life.

When Feng Xie heard her talking about this, he leaned on the sofa lazily, his shirt was baggy, and he was so lazy to the bone.

He hooked his hands and said to Tangyue, "Come here."

Tangyue didn't hesitate too much, and walked to his side this time.

The smile in the man's eyes deepened, and he said with satisfaction: "Did you see it? This is the wife I fancy. Since you like Miss Su so much, then think about it yourself. Anyway, Jiang Wenling is getting old, and you can indeed find a new love. "

"It's not the first time you've gotten married, you must have experience."

Feng Zhen gritted his teeth: "Nonsense! I absolutely disagree with the matter between you and Tang Yue."

This matter was decided by the old lady Feng at the time. When he knew, Tangyue had already moved in. Originally, he did not agree, but the two did not hold a wedding, which was not recognized in the first place. In addition, the old lady said that As long as Tang Yue can leave after giving birth, Feng Zhen will acquiesce.

But this acquiescence directly let Tangyue enter the room, and I'm afraid she won't be able to drive her away in the future.

Feng Xie took an orange from the table, he ate a piece and felt sour, so he handed it to Tangyue.

Tang Yue: "?"

She stuffed it into her mouth, the sour taste just enough to stimulate the taste buds, so she stuffed the second petal, the third petal...

Seeing that she was so obedient, Feng Xie stroked her hair and was in a good mood: "I'm just informing you, not letting you make the decision."

Seeing his arrogant appearance, Feng Zhen really wanted to take care of him, but thinking of outsiders, he suppressed his inner thoughts a little.

"You're telling me this when you go home? No matter what you have to do against me, you're satisfied?" A series of questions were thrown out, which showed that he was extremely angry.

"Feng Xie, we have been friends with the Su family for many years. You and Su Ling have a good relationship. What's wrong with marrying his sister? The two families will often meet in the future. Besides, I helped you find such a good wife. You Should be happy."

Su Kebi should have left at this time, but she was watching the show, she really wanted to see how Feng Zhen would deal with this matter in the end.

There was a very important cooperation between the Su family and the Feng family. In order to strengthen the interests of the two families, they proposed a marriage.

Logically speaking, if Feng Zhen agreed, he would definitely not break his promise.

"It has nothing to do with me, I took my wife and left."


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