Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 55

"Feng Xie, dare you take a step forward and try. Have you forgotten your mother's expectations for you? If you don't follow my request, I will never tell you about your mother!"

Feng Zhen winked, and the housekeeper immediately understood what he meant, and stopped him, with an embarrassed look on his face: "Second Young Master, just listen to the master, everything he does is For your own good."

He didn't want to stop Feng Xie, but the master ordered him to do so.

Feng Xie walked a few steps forward with his arms around Tangyue's waist. Hearing this, his eyes were icy cold, and a cold air was released from his body.

Tangyue could feel his gently whirling hand on her waist.

She could feel the anger emanating from Feng Xie.


Feng Xie dangerously narrowed his eyes, and his voice seemed to come from hell: "The news about my mother, you were the one who abandoned my mother back then, and now you want to use her news to trap me? Don't you Do you find it ridiculous?"

"That woman has long since died. What is the importance of her previous news?"

Although he said it wasn't important, he stopped walking, which showed that he didn't completely ignore Anya.

When mentioning Feng Xie's mother, Feng Zhen's face flashed a trace of depression, as if he was five years older: "I did this for your future."

"You don't need to move yourself, I don't need you to think about me at all."

After finishing speaking, Feng Xie suddenly glanced at Su Kebi, his eyes were filled with cold killing intent, his dark eyes were like the deepest midnight, he suddenly picked up the black tea on the table, and threw it on Su Kebi's face. On the body, the voice was cruel: "Miss Su, I don't want to see you appear in front of me again next time."

"Otherwise, the cup won't fall on your skirt next time."

Even Su Kebi was surprised by Feng Xie's brutality when she was watching the show.

She lifted her skirt palely, and could hardly maintain her composure: "I, I'll go first."

She didn't dare to take another look this time, she just wanted to leave this place quickly.

Feng Xie... was too scary.

Can she really tame such a man?

Feng Zhen saw that the daughter-in-law he had personally picked had also run away, and the veins on his forehead bulged: "What are you going to do? It's Miss Su's family. You won't be satisfied until you offend her!"

"If I dare to see her next time, I'll just let her jump into the lake." Feng Xie's voice was cold.

He said it casually, but Feng Zhen knew what he said was true.

After taking Feng Xie back, he discovered that this son was different from ordinary people. He was more ruthless than ordinary people, and he didn't take the law seriously, and acted very rampantly.

Feng Zhen was on the verge of fury: "I didn't object to your marriage at the time, that's because I didn't care at all."

"Since you care so much about this woman, you two should divorce now."

The old lady Feng cared about the child in Tangyue's stomach, but Feng Zhen didn't care.

A woman who has no value for use has no value for the child she gave birth to.

"You think a marriage certificate can bind me?"

Feng Xie curled his lips mockingly: "Father, you are so naive, you don't think I'm with her because of a broken certificate, do you?"

"Not to mention the marriage certificate, I don't care even if it's a family tree."

Feng Zhen clenched his fist and slammed it on the table: "Housekeeper, close the door, I think he's really turned his back today! ""

As soon as the butler walked out the door, he saw Mrs. Feng hurried over.

Holding on to her crutches, she quickly opened the door, and said appropriately, "What happened? You father and son have something to say, don't make trouble."

Feng Zhen sat on the sofa calmly, but his face was blushing and his neck was thick. He was obviously on the verge of anger. He glanced at Old Madam Feng without saying a word.

Before the old lady Feng came, she had already received the news. She looked at Tangyue and held her hand: "Your face is already healed. This is very good. Grandma has long known that you are a beauty, but she did not expect to be so beautiful." , my grandson's vision of picking women is indeed high, and most people don't look down on them."

"What's the use of being good-looking?" Feng Zhen frowned and said impatiently.

There are a lot of young and good-looking women out there, countless, but there are not many women with good family background who can help Feng Xie.

He didn't have a good impression of Tangyue. A person whose parents died, who conceived Feng Xie's child by means of tricks, and used this to entangle the Feng family, could only cling to the Feng family for the rest of his life.

This kind of woman can be raised outside, but cannot enter the family tree of the Feng family.

Old Madam Feng's eyes deepened. She looked at Feng Zhen and said dissatisfiedly, "What are you doing in such a hurry to help Feng Xie pick a partner? Tangyue didn't make any mistakes. I think she is a good match for Feng Xie. If you want to break them up, of course they will have opinions."

Feng Zhen looked at old lady Feng in disbelief, he didn't expect old lady Feng to take care of this matter.

"Mom, do you really have a crush on this woman?"

Tangyue's eyes flashed, she lowered her head, her eyelashes covered down, hiding the emotion in her eyes.

The old lady Feng glanced at Tangyue, and said calmly, "In short, Feng Xie has grown up, don't worry about his emotional issues so much, the more you worry about it, the more disgusting it will be."

"Tangyue still has my great-grandson in her stomach. We will wait until she gives birth to the child. What if she is in a bad mood and affects the fetus?"

Still for the sake of the child in her womb, Tangyue touched her belly. She was pregnant with a stable pregnancy. Apart from her increased appetite, she basically didn't have any other major reactions.

"I care too much? I don't care about him anymore, he can do anything." Feng Zhen was very dissatisfied that the old lady Feng turned towards them.

The old lady Feng said sternly: "Anyway, you put away all your practices now. I think Feng Xie and Tang Yue get along very well, and they are a real couple. You are so nice, why did you let him get married?"

"Let me tell you, bigamy is against the law. Anyway, I absolutely disagree."

Feng Zhen's expression was extremely ugly, if it wasn't for the fact that Mrs. Feng was his own mother, he really wanted to piss her off, but now he can only sulk.

Su Kebi has already left, and Feng Xie's behavior today has offended people thoroughly, this marriage must have been ruined.

If he were to find someone else with Feng Xie, with his temperament, he still wouldn't listen to him well.

Now that Mrs. Feng is on their side, what he wants to do is even more difficult.

"Feng Zhen, I know what you're thinking, but your thinking is wrong now. Although they haven't held a wedding yet, they are indeed married. Don't try to get them divorced. I can't let my great-grandson If there is any problem with your identity," said the old lady Feng.

The reason why she let Tang Yue and Feng Xie marry is very simple, that is, the first great-grandson must be legally listed on the Feng family's genealogy.

During this period, the two must remain married.

Feng Zhen gritted his teeth, his eyes were dark, he didn't know what he was thinking.

At this moment, Tangyue covered her stomach with her hands, and she whispered: "I feel so uncomfortable, I feel my stomach is in a panic."

Her face turned pale: "Is there something wrong with the fetus?"

The old lady Feng quickly said: "Then what are you doing in a daze, go to the hospital quickly, it won't work if something really happens."

Feng Xie glanced at her and raised his eyebrows slightly.


Mingming's face was very rosy, and it looked like something had happened, it was obviously just pretending.

The old lady Feng opened the door and ordered: "Feng Xie, you go back to your room first, I will take Tangyue to see a doctor."

"Feng Zhen, if you're okay, go for a walk in the yard, don't always do unpleasant things."

After saying this, she helped Tangyue to leave.

Feng Zhen watched them leave sullenly, perhaps because of what the old lady Feng said, he didn't say anything at the end, but just walked away.

Before leaving, he angrily said: "Feng Xie, you'd better have a position for your future life. Since you are already in the Feng family and occupy the position of the young master of the Feng family, you have to do something for the Feng family." Make some contributions instead of causing trouble for the Feng family all day long."

Feng Xie's eyes were covered with a layer of fine ice.


Mrs. Feng quickly invited her own personal doctor. She and Mr. Feng are both very old and need regular physical examinations, which is why the speed is so fast.

After the doctor checked Tangyue and said that Tangyue was in good health, Old Madam Feng was relieved.

After dismissing the doctor, the old lady Feng suddenly asked, "You were just pretending."

She used affirmative sentences, not interrogative sentences.

In other words, it showed that he had seen through Tang Yue's acting skills.

In the situation just now, if they wanted to leave, they had to find a reasonable excuse, which couldn't be said, so Tangyue admitted it as expected: "Yes, I just think I can leave."

It's all come to this point, anyway, we can't quarrel anymore.

The marriage between Su's family and Feng's family is already in shambles anyway, Feng Zhen will not help Feng Xie find a wife again in a short time.

Although the incident was a bit big, the ending was good. After all, they had achieved their goal.

"You've done a great job and are a smart woman."

The old lady Feng looked at her eyes flickering for a moment, she didn't know what she was thinking, she murmured: "No wonder Feng Xie likes you, your face, anyone who looks at it will be tempted."

Tangyue: "...."

"Grandma, you misunderstood. Feng Xie doesn't like me. He asked me to come, but he just wanted me to act in a play, so that President Feng can dispel the idea of helping him get married."

No one wants to be forced into a marriage partner.

The old lady Feng looked at her with a see-through look: "I can tell that he just likes you, otherwise he wouldn't have brought you here all the time."

"For so many years, no other woman has been able to get close to Feng Xie. I even suspect that he doesn't like women at all. That's why he is so determined to let you have a child."

She sighed, and expressed her previous thoughts: "I'm just afraid that I will be cut off from Feng Xie's generation. Anya doesn't even have a descendant."

Tangyue: "...."

She had heard of Feng Xie's feat.

Back then when Feng Xie was admitted into Feng's family, it was very popular. Many women took the initiative to post it to make connections. At first, they thought that at least someone would make Feng Xie fall in love with her, but Feng Xie's attitude was very cold.

After that, there were even women who tried their best to get the top position, and the worst thing was to drug Feng Xie.

Feng Xie didn't have the slightest sympathy for women, and he became more and more cruel to these women, gradually revealing his brutal side.

Gradually, no one dared to take the initiative anymore, until some people suspected that Feng Xie liked men and sent him some young men, naturally those people did not end well.

It's just that he didn't expect that even the old lady Feng had doubted Feng Xie's sexual orientation.

She felt that Feng Xie was quite normal, unlike what outsiders said.

The old lady Feng said: "I never thought that you would be able to live for a long time, but now I feel that if you don't have a poor family, you may not be able to fall in love with Feng Xie."

"A girl like you must have many suitors, right?"

Tangyue lowered her eyes and didn't speak.

This kind of question doesn't make any sense. After all, there are some things that she can't change at all.

The old lady Feng said: "You will live in Feng's house for a while, I hope you can understand some things."

This is the first time that Mrs. Feng has mentioned about the Feng family. Although she was nice to herself before, she was always superficially nice and kept secret about the inner affairs.

She nodded: "What's the matter?"

"Did Feng Zhen's behavior today scare you?" The old lady Feng asked her.

Tangyue pondered for a while and replied: "Fortunately, as Feng Xie's father, he wants to help him choose a better partner, I can understand."

"You can understand, but you won't forgive, because he asked you to divorce. Do you think that he wants to push Feng Xie out to get married for the sake of the Feng family, just to use him?"

Tangyue didn't speak this time.

The old lady Feng said helplessly: "In fact, Feng Zhen loves Feng Xie very much. Back then, he fell in love with Feng Xie's mother, Anya, and gave birth to Feng Xie. When Anya took Feng Xie away, he almost went crazy. all hands to find them."

Tangyue was not so surprised, after all, she had heard of it before.

But she always thought that the rumors were wrong, the relationship between Feng Zhen and Feng Xie was very tense, and she couldn't tell that Feng Zhen loved this son at all.

All they had was quarrels.

"An Ya is also ruthless. After she took Feng Xie away, she refused to leave any clues. She didn't even know where she went."

Thinking of this, Old Madam Feng's face was full of sadness: "I like Anya very much, she is a pure and kind woman. When I almost got into a car accident, she was the one who saved me."

"When she and Feng Zhen fell in love, we also supported her, but no one thought that something like this would happen back then. Something happened to the Feng family. In order to raise funds, Feng Zhen had to marry another woman."

Tang Yue said: "I know about it."

"Over the years, my husband and I have both regretted it, so we want to make up for Feng Xie. Even if Feng Zhen marries a wife later, he still puts Feng Xie first."

"He helped Feng Xie marry a wife, and he also hoped that someone could help Feng Xie."

"Feng Xie is such a jerk, Feng Zhen hopes to have a wife who can enlighten him and help him."


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