Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 56

All that Feng Zhen did was for Feng Xie?

A trace of surprise flashed in Tang Yue's eyes, no wonder Feng Zhen still refused to give up after Feng Xie rejected Su Kebi last time.

The old lady Feng said: "Not long after Anya took Feng Xie away, she disappeared. When she died, it was said that Feng Xie was only six years old, so she could only wander around."

"During this period, he was almost abducted and trafficked countless times, and he grew up after experiencing all kinds of hardships. When we found him, he had already become the boss of the underworld, and he led a bunch of gangsters under his command."

Tangyue was silent, the old lady Feng summed up Feng Xie's life in two or three sentences, but she knew it was not easy.

Keeping an underage child alive is tough every step of the way.

It can be said that it is a miracle that Feng Xie can survive till now.

"An Ya should be dead, otherwise she wouldn't have abandoned Feng Xie, but after all these years, we haven't found Anya's body."

"When we wanted to take Feng Xie back, he originally wanted to refuse, but Feng Zhen told him that he knew about Anya at that time, so Feng Xie compromised."

Tangyue nodded, Feng Xie seemed to still care about her mother.

"Feng Xie really wanted to know the reason why Anya abandoned him back then, that's why he stayed in the Feng family, but he has become wild outside, not everyone can change it, even if Feng Zhen wanted to teach this son, It's already too late." The old lady Feng sighed.

Tangyue took a piece of red bean cake, and the sweet and greasy taste spread in her mouth.

After eating, she asked slowly: "Does the boss know the news about Anya at that time?"

Hearing this, Old Madam Feng shook her head: "I don't know, he was looking for Anya at that time, maybe he knew some clues, but he didn't know much, otherwise he would have found Anya."

"Feng Xie cared about his mother very much. When Anya left, he had already remembered and had feelings for his mother, so as long as there was a clue, he would not give up the investigation."

Tang Yue frowned and said, "But all these years, Feng Zhen never told Feng Xie about Anya."

"I don't know, maybe Feng Zhen should tell him something, and leave him a thought. Anya's wish is actually to hope that Feng Xie can return to Feng's family."

The old lady Feng said helplessly: "Anya's fate is not good. She was an orphan and later became a dancing girl. She hoped that Feng Xie could return to the Feng family to live a better life, but she was afraid that Feng Xie would be bullied in the Feng family. He took it."

Tangyue understands the truth that she would rather be with a beggar mother than an official father. Besides, Feng Zhen was about to get married at that time, so it was normal for Anya to be afraid that Feng Xie would meet her stepmother.

"Feng Xie's temperament has been settled. He is rebellious, and it will be difficult for the upper class. The Feng family can't control him, so they want to help him find a knowledgeable wife to help him. If he can sharpen his anger most."

Tang Yue said: "So, Mr. Feng found Su Kebi not to use Feng Xie to consolidate the business, but to carefully select Feng Xie's wife."

"You are very smart."

The old lady Feng praised: "Feng Xie's reputation in the upper class has already been ruined, and there is no daughter willing to marry him. Although Su Kebi is an illegitimate daughter, she has been abroad all year round and does not know Feng Xie's deeds. She is the daughter of the Su family, and she is very outstanding, Feng Zhen just wants them to get married."

"It can be said that this is Feng Xie's best choice now."

Tangyue had finished eating the cakes, she was a little thirsty, so she took another sip of tea, the sweetness in her mouth was slightly diluted.

Feng Xie's violent reputation has spread throughout Haicheng, as long as he loves his daughter, he is definitely not willing to push his daughter into the fire pit.

"Tangyue, but now I feel that you are the best choice. You are smart and well-born, and Feng Xie cares about you. After you have a child, you can live well. You let Feng Xie be able to get along with you safely. Just live your life."

"He's so ridiculous. When he first came to Feng's family, he didn't even have any love for this world. After you gave birth, he also cared about you. As long as he cares about you, he will have a human appearance." , and slowly cut off from those bastards outside."

The mist rose upwards, blurring Tangyue's expression. She covered the tea bowl with an erratic voice: "Grandma, you are joking, I don't have this ability."

Feng Xie is an invisible wind, even if she comes to him, she has no way to control him.

The old lady Feng helped her so much today, so it turned out that she had such an idea.

It's a pity, she has no confidence in herself, and she never thought of controlling Feng Xie.

"You can, I believe in you."

The old lady Feng held her hand: "Don't look at Feng Zhen's opinion of you now, if you can make Feng Zhen not to be such an asshole, he will definitely be willing to recognize you as his daughter-in-law and record your name in the Feng family tree , when the time comes, you will be the legitimate second young lady."

That's right, she's not there yet, and the rest of the Feng family don't recognize her.

Tangyue understood this truth, but refused: "Grandma, I remember that I signed that contract, and when the time comes, I will leave."

The old lady Feng was puzzled: "As long as you stay in the Feng family, I will help you. You don't have to be afraid of anything."

Her requirements are not high, she just hopes that Feng Xie can behave like a decent person.

Tangyue lowered her head, thought for a while, and then said: "Feng Xie saved my life, I will give it a try for your conditions, and let him feel that this world is meaningful, but I don't want to be in the Feng family's house." Genealogy, when the time comes, I will still go."

Old Madam Feng said in shock, "You don't want to..."

She froze for a moment, then came to her senses, squirmed her lips, with a complicated expression: "From the very beginning, you didn't want to marry into the Feng family, and you didn't like Feng Xie, did you?"

Tangyue smiled lightly: "I can't tell if I liked him or not, I just thought of him as a stranger at the time."

"As for why marrying into the Feng family, that's my best choice, isn't it? And it's also a cooperation between us, I agree."

Old Madam Feng's face turned pale, and now she was observing Tang Yue carefully.

She was beautiful, with black hair hanging down, large eyes, a straight nose, and small lips.

Absolutely beautiful.

She originally thought that she could control such a woman, but now she realized that Tang Yue was a person with her own opinions.

She planned her life, she came to the Feng family, she was not planning from the beginning, but Tangyue chose here, and she will leave when the time comes.

She actually missed it.

Thinking of this, Old Madam Feng lost her composure for the first time.

She opened her mouth, and a sense of powerlessness came over her: "Tangyue, Feng Xie is actually very good, and the future property of the Feng family will be his."

This can be regarded as a family inside story, but now she directly told Tangyue.

Young Master Feng cannot inherit the family business, and Third Young Master Feng is too young, so only Feng Xie is the most suitable.

Besides, Feng Xie is An Yasheng's son, and Feng Zhen's favorite woman, so no matter what, he will not let him fend for himself.

"That's very good."

Tangyue's expression was indifferent, unmoved, her voice was cold: "Grandma, during the time in the Feng family, I hope you can continue to protect me and the child, and let me give birth to the child safely. In order to repay you, I will do my best to repay you." It might make Feng Xie feel warm, but if it can't be done, there's nothing I can do about it."

Feng Xie is too crazy, Tangyue has already come into contact with his dark side, such a man, she has no confidence to make him full of sunshine, and is willing to live a good life.

She was even afraid of being dragged into hell by Feng Xie.

Now, she has been brought to the light by Feng Xie, some disputes are unavoidable, she can only seek help.

The old lady Feng's lips moved, and she let out a breath: "Okay, you just have to do your best."

She also wanted to persuade Tangyue to stay with Feng Xie with peace of mind, but after seeing Tangyue's firm eyes, she knew she couldn't persuade her.

So she talked about some of Feng Xie's past, hoping to arouse Tangyue's sympathy.


After coming out of Qingfengyuan, Tangyue felt a little heavy when she thought of what Feng Xie had suffered, but she didn't feel pity.

Pity for a man is the beginning of liking him.

She didn't want herself to make such a low-level mistake.

Feng Xie's past is completely a dark movie. How does a six-year-old child survive? He was abused, beaten, and trafficked by traffickers. During the period, his organs were almost harvested, but he survived tenaciously.

He picked up garbage, robbed food with wild dogs, stole things, and was imprisoned for fighting. Later, he led a group of gangsters in the black street to collect money, and began to lend usury. It's so cruel that the other party will take out the money if they empty their homes.

This is the life of his muddled life.

Who would have known that such a person was actually the homeless young master of the Feng family.

Tangyue suddenly remembered the madness and world-weariness in him.

She couldn't understand it before, but after knowing Feng Xie's life experience, she felt normal again.

His world is full of blackness, and I'm afraid he doesn't want to live for a long time. He has no love for this world.

If it were another person, he would have died long ago.

Tang Yue pushed open the door, and when she was sitting on the bed, she suddenly found that the light in the bathroom was on, and there was the sound of water.

For such a long time, Feng Xie didn't leave, and was still taking a bath inside.

She froze for a moment, then looked a little uneasy.

The sound of water stopped.

Feng Xie came out from inside. He was wearing a dark gray nightgown, his jet-black hair was covered with water droplets, and water flowed down his neck, sinking into his butterfly-like collarbone.

Tangyue raised her head and met the man's deep eyes.

He looked at her casually, evil spirits in his eyes.

Tangyue suddenly remembered what the old lady Feng said. When Feng Xie was a teenager, he worked in restaurants, clothing stores, and clubs at first.

He had a good appearance, and he was often harassed by women, and even some men with special hobbies. Later, he took a knife and stabbed one of the harassers, and went to prison.

Because of his young age, he came out very quickly, and since then, his character has become more and more violent.

The environment in which he grew up shaped who he is today. We tried to get counseling for him, but it was of no use.

Tangyue, I hope he can have a normal mind and a normal life.

normal thought.

Tang Yue blinked her eyes, but what is normal.

For Feng Xie, as long as he destroys everything that makes him feel uncomfortable, that's normal.

She lowered her eyes, avoided Feng Xie's gaze and said, "Are you going to stay tonight?"

This is not in line with Feng Xie's personality. He had a quarrel with Feng Zhencai, and he would leave the Feng family logically, but he did not expect to choose to stay.

"Well, I'm not welcome?"

Feng Xie raised his eyebrows, took the towel beside him and wiped his hair twice.

Tangyue said seriously: "Feng Xie, don't swear."

Feng Xie sneered: "What? You started to take care of my affairs so early?"

Tang Yue pursed her lips, thinking of agreeing to Old Madam Feng, she tentatively asked, "Is it okay?"

Hearing this, Feng Xie glanced at her, his pitch-black eyes were bottomless, like a deep lake inside.

"I only care about your little things and help you get rid of some bad habits. During this time, I try my best to make you feel the beauty of this world."

Tangyue stared at his face, and said her thoughts word by word.

This is a very difficult process, because Feng Xie is used to the darkness and the way of life for so many years, she can only try to slowly pull him into the sunlight.

"bad habit?"

Feng Xie squinted his eyes, and with a cigarette in his hand, he stuffed it into his mouth, and flicked on the lighter.

Tangyue frowned with some discomfort, but she still said boldly: "Well, when the baby is born, you can also set a good example for him."

Suddenly, Feng Xie threw away the cigarette, and with a movement of his body, he was in front of Tangyue. The man was carrying a strong hostility, and Tangyue took a step back carefully.

But in the next second, Feng Xie lifted her chin and kissed her deeply.

There was still a smell of smoke in his mouth, all of which invaded Tangyue's mouth.

Tangyue only felt her eyes go dark, and then his aura filled her.

This wasn't the first time Feng Xie kissed her, she was also very familiar with Feng Xie's aura, and she didn't have any resistance at all.

But his movements were too intense, as if he was going to swallow himself alive, which made people uncomfortable.

His kiss scene was actually not good at all, it made people breathless every time, Tangyue's forehead was covered with a fine layer of sweat, and sweat was also on her back.

Feng Xie reached out and unzipped her skirt.

Tangyue's body trembled, and she reached out to push him, but Feng Xie held his hand. His strength was so great that he easily restrained her, it wouldn't hurt her, but it also made her unable to move.

This disparity in power made Tangyue feel panic.


Feng Xie pursed her lips, and smiled flirtatiously: "It's not that you want to meddle in my affairs, so you can charge some interest. I'll take care of me once in the future, and sleep with me once, how about it?"

"This deal is fair."

Tangyue's face was sullen, and she felt that her ears were going to be deaf.

But Feng Xie gave a soft laugh, and he bent down to kiss Tangyue's cheek again. Her cheek was soft, like an egg that had been peeled off its shell. With love that I didn't discover.

The temperature between the two of them was getting higher and higher, and Tangyue realized that if this continued, she would not be able to stop the car. She hurriedly said, "Feng Xie, I feel bad."

"I'm suffering too, so let's suffer together."

Feng Xie deliberately misinterpreted her meaning.


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