Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 58

"Put away the ginseng."

Tangyue said slowly, her brows became a little clearer: "I didn't expect Feng Xie to know how to send ginseng, maybe he can change it."

Ding Fu disagreed: "Feng Xie's notoriety is outside, if it can be changed, it won't wait until now, the Feng family has nothing to do, what can you do, he must not be a good match."


Tangyue nodded: "I don't ask too much of him, I just hope that after I leave, he can give the child a little care, and that's enough."

She looked at Ding Fu and said word by word, "Because children without parents are very poor."

Those eyes were far away, fixed in the void, and when he looked carefully, it seemed that he didn't see anything.

Ding Fu opened his mouth, fell silent, finally sighed, and said nothing.


At this moment, Su Ling's voice came from the door: "Where's Boss Ding?"

Ding Fu straightened his clothes and hurried out to meet Su Ling.

"Third Young Master Su, what do you want from me?"

Su Ling smiled and said, "I've come to ask you for someone, is Tangyue there?"

Ding Fu frowned: "What do you want her for?"

Although he respected Su Ling very much, it was because they had a business relationship, and he couldn't offend Su Ling.

Su Ling's reputation is not very good either, he has the reputation of a playboy in Haicheng, otherwise he would not be mixed with Feng Xie, the two of them can be said to have similar tastes.

If Su Ling dared to play Tangyue's idea, Ding Fu would never allow it.

Su Ling smiled ambiguously: "Didn't brother Xie ask me to give her two ginseng today? Did you give it to her? We formed a game, and I just wanted to let her go there too, which can be regarded as cultivating relationship."



Ding Fu and Tang Yue said in unison.

Hearing this, Ding Fu saw Tang Yue walking out from behind in disbelief, his eyes widened: "Tang Yue, do you really want to go there?"

The gatherings of those dandies are not very serious at first glance, why does the eldest lady join in such a fun?

Tangyue nodded, and said gently: "Well, since he sent something, I am also grateful to him, I'll go and have a look."

She rubbed her stomach involuntarily, no matter what, Feng Xie was also the father of the child, if she wanted Feng Xie to change a little, then she definitely needed to understand his daily life.

Even if his daily life outside is a bit unbearable.

Su Ling stared at Tangyue for a long time, his eyes were straightened, and after hearing Ding Fu's conversation with her, he said, "You are Tangyue? Are you not disfigured?"

Tangyue looked at him indifferently, without speaking.

Su Ling felt that her eyes were blind: "You are not disfigured, why are you always wearing a veil, I thought you were ugly, if I knew you looked like this..."

Having said that, he fell silent again. If he knew that Tang Yue was like this, he would not dare to do anything. After all, Tang Yue is now the woman Xie Xie likes.

"Forget it, you and I will go."

Su Ling's eyes were complicated, and he was still muttering, no wonder Brother Xie would get involved with her, it turned out that he knew Tangyue's real appearance a long time ago.


If there is such a face, it is normal for brother Xie to be tempted.

He came to look for Tangyue today behind Feng Xie's back, and the purpose was to let Tangyue pass by and make Feng Xie happy.


The box is very large, the lights are dim, and several people are playing cards.

Feng Xie was sitting on the black sofa, he was casually drawing cards, with a cigarette in his mouth, his brows were lazy.

The other men who played cards with him were accompanied by a woman in sexy clothes, but he was alone.

A woman secretly looked at him, but he didn't even lift his face.


Su Ling walked in happily, with a smile on his face: "Brother Xie, look who I brought? I didn't expect Miss Tang to be so beautiful, and you kept hiding."

Tang Yue glanced around and frowned.

The miasma.

She was wearing a white skirt, her long hair was let down quietly, and she looked cute and white.

Those eyes looked at Feng Xie quietly, like a flowing green lake, peaceful and quiet.

When everyone heard that it was Feng Xie's woman, they quickly looked outside the door, and the person next to Feng Xie also stood up and invited Tang Yue over.

"It's sister-in-law, she looks so obedient, it turns out Brother Xie likes this type."

Amazement flashed in the eyes of a man wearing a floral shirt, and then a trace of remorse flashed in his eyes. In order to please Feng Xie, he gave Feng Xie a lot of women before.

But what he gave were all sexy beauties, and he thought Feng Xie didn't like women, so it turned out that they chose the wrong type from the beginning.

I didn't expect Brother Xie's taste to be so special, and he actually liked this kind of fairy and obedient.

Tang Yue hummed and sat beside Feng Xie.

She glanced at Feng Xie, pursed her lips, and called out, "Feng Xie."

Hearing this, Feng Xie just raised his eyes and gave her an indifferent look, without any emotion in that look.

He grabbed the cards and played one out.

Everyone looked at each other in blank dismay, not knowing what Feng Xie meant.

Tang Yue pursed her lips and sat beside him the whole time. Unlike other women, there was a long distance between her and Feng Xie, and her back was very straight.

Su Ling leaned over: "Brother Xie, I brought someone here for you, don't you like it?"


Could it be that he misunderstood, Brother Xie is not interested in Tangyue, so didn't he just do unnecessary things?

What responded to him was Feng Xie's cold gaze.

Su Ling felt cold all over, and said awkwardly: "Miss Tang, this time I made my own decision, let's go."

If he didn't leave, he felt that brother Xie would not let him go.

However, Tangyue lowered her eyes and said in a low voice, "I won't leave."

Su Ling: "What?"

He thought he heard it wrong, Tangyue seemed very obedient just now, why is she so stubborn now.

Although he brought Tangyue here, Brother Xie didn't like it, and he couldn't make Brother Xie unhappy.

Tang Yue said: "I won't leave."

She glanced at the table next to her, all of which were filled with alcohol and tobacco, only a fruit plate was placed in the corner, and she felt that the cut fruit was not hygienic, so she took out an orange and peeled it.

Her fingers were beautiful, as white as jade, and soon the orange was peeled, and she huddled aside and ate the orange without disturbing anyone.

It was the first time for Su Ling to see someone eating so cutely. Every time she stuffed the orange into her mouth, and then chewed it slowly, she ate like a lady.

She is simply out of tune with the environment here.

Brother Xie and Brother Xie have two different styles of painting, and I don't know how the two met.

Su Ling wanted her to leave quickly, so he went over to pull her, and said in a low voice, "Brother Xie doesn't want to see you now, you should go with me. He has ignored you all this time, and he blamed me for making my own decisions."

Tangyue blinked her eyes, this time she walked to a dark corner with oranges in her arms and sat down, and asked curiously: "Feng Xie often comes to this place to play cards?"

She had heard that Feng Xie was ridiculous, but if he was just drinking and playing cards with a bunch of crooked friends, Tangyue thought it was acceptable.

Su Ling didn't want to talk too much with her, so he held Tangyue back and prepared to take her away by force.

Tang Yue frowned, and looked up at him: "Let go of me, my stomach hurts."

Su Ling looked at her speechlessly: "Miss Tang, you don't mean to touch me, I didn't touch you at all."

Tangyue said indifferently: "I feel like vomiting."

These words were so powerful that Su Ling let go of his hand immediately: "Miss Tang, don't spit on me."


Tangyue responded, and sat in a corner with her stomach in her arms. She continued to eat the oranges just now.

That's what I'm going to do here.

Su Ling was a little anxious, so he had no choice but to sit beside her, and then took away a piece of orange from her. By the way, he was so sour that he almost died. His face was contorted: "It's so sour, can you eat it?"

Tangyue didn't change her face, she slowly stuffed the orange into her mouth.

Su Ling looked at it for a long time, and a strange expression appeared on his face: "My stomach hurts, I want to vomit, and I like to eat sour food. You must be pregnant, right?"

Tang Yue looked at him quietly.

Su Ling opened his eyes wide, and said in disbelief, "Damn it, it can't be brother Xie's?"

He almost jumped up from the spot, but before Tangyue could speak, he denied it himself: "Impossible, this child cannot belong to Brother Xie, otherwise the Feng family wouldn't be so calm."

Tang Yue bent her lips, and said meaningfully: "How do you know that the people of the Feng family are very calm?"

Su Ling said with a serious expression: "Miss Tang, let me remind you that brother Xie is not an ordinary person, so don't try to rely on your child to get in the position. He is a gust of wind, you can't figure it out. If you are a fake pregnancy, then don't come here." Acting in front of him, if she is really pregnant, then hit him, otherwise it will be very troublesome."

"I know what your plan is. You want a mother to be more valuable than a child, but the Feng family will not recognize this child. Maybe they will take revenge on you."

He kindly persuaded Tangyue that it would be fine if Feng Xie played with her, but if Tangyue wanted to be smart and tie up Brother Xie, he felt that Tangyue would lose her life.

Tangyue lowered her head and hugged her stomach. This action seemed very insecure, and she suddenly lost the idea of talking to Su Ling.

As expected, he was Feng Xie's good brother, both of them had the same way of thinking.

She turned her head and said softly, "I'm married."

She married Feng Xie, the birth of this child was justified, no one would not recognize it.

After she left, this child was also the grandson of Feng's parents. She believed that Mrs. Feng would protect the child, but Mrs. Feng was already old, and she still needed someone who could protect the child.

This person is Feng Xie.

She hoped that Feng Xie could spend some time on him and become a responsible man. Only in this way, he would rely on his instinct to give some care to his children in the future.

But not yet.

The current Feng Xie still lacks humanity.

But these can be changed. Tangyue trained a very fierce dog when she was a child. After her long-term training, it can also become obedient instinctively.

She wanted to train evil like this.

"Are you married? Who are you married to?"

Su Ling's mind went blank, and then he scolded a few times: "I'm going, isn't that brother Xie a mistress? You look so innocent, so it's all just pretending, you're really flamboyant."

"Still leaving?"

A displeased voice came over, Su Ling didn't have time to pay attention to his already shattered three views, he said helplessly: "Immediately, I will take her away now."

Feng Xie looked over coldly, his eyes just collided with Tang Yue's, the blurred light hit his face, he had a distorted handsomeness, he put the cards on the table, and unbuttoned the shirt with his fingers The two buttons on the top are extremely provocative.

Tangyue couldn't help taking another look, she walked over, took Feng Xie's hand, and said in a low voice: "Feng Xie, did you send those two ginseng over?"

Feng Xie looked at her, narrowed his eyes, and laughed wildly: "What? Are you going to sleep with me to repay me?"


Tang Yue pursed her lips, and said in a low voice, "I just came to say thank you, and you can go back with me."

She wanted to tell Feng Xie to come to this kind of place less, and it was best not to have contact with these people, but thinking of Feng Xie's background, she endured it again.

She doesn't like these people and the environment.


A low smile overflowed from the man's throat, but there was no smile on his face: "Get out of here now."

Don't let him sleep, but want to take care of his affairs.

How could this woman be so courageous.

Tangyue glanced at the people around her, and a trace of disgust flashed in her eyes: "Are you really not going back with me? You are the young master of the Feng family now, and you are different from before. You can choose a different life by yourself. Doesn't your mother also hope that you can live in the Feng family and live a good life."


The cup on the table fell to the ground, and there was a pile of broken glass on the ground.

Everyone fell silent at once.

No one spoke, they all just looked at this side without blinking.

Brother Xie was angry.

You have to know that when brother Xie went crazy, he didn't taboo meat and vegetables, and he didn't care about the gender of the other party. Tangyue looked so weak, I'm afraid she couldn't stand Feng Xie's anger.

Even so, everyone just looked at Tangyue watching the show, thinking about what Feng Xie would do.

He stood up suddenly, kicked the table in front of him, reached out and held her chin, his eyes were deep, and his tone was violent: "Who told you to say this? Huh?"

"Let me guess, Feng Zhen? Or the old lady?"

"I want to tell you this." Tangyue raised her head and looked at him firmly.

Feng Xie gritted his teeth, and said coldly: "They have no right to mention that woman, and neither do you."

The woman he was talking about must be Feng Xie's mother. After Feng Xie's mother took him away, no one knew what happened.

After all, she has become Feng Xie's Nilin, and she may also be a heart demon.

On the contrary, Tangyue felt that she had found a breakthrough. If Feng Xie had feelings for her mother, she might be able to change from here, so she said, "You stayed in Feng's house because of your mother. If that's the case, why can't you go for her?" Love life."

Her tone was serious, she really didn't understand why Feng Xie wasted his time on this group of people.

Birds of a feather flock together and people are divided into groups. The old lady Feng was right. If Feng Xie still persisted in his past life, he would only be immersed in the illusion of depravity forever.

Dare to continue to mention.

The corner of Feng Xie's mouth pulled out a wicked smile: "Come on, continue to the next project and take Miss Tang down."

As soon as the words fell, everyone looked at her with malicious intent.


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