Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 59

Feng Xie stood up, his expression was extremely cold, the crowd cheered and wanted to change the venue.

Tangyue was forced to follow them to the outside of the clubhouse amidst the pushing and shoving.

It's an archery range.

Nightclub has a huge archery range which is very popular.

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes and looked at Tang Yue. He held a bow and arrow in his hand, his brows and eyes were full of evil spirits: "Miss Tang, since you want to control me so much, then let me play with you."

He winked, and soon, a waiter brought a bunch of apples.

When everyone saw the apple, they all became excited.

Brother Xie wants to play something new today, so they can watch a good show.

Someone led Tangyue to the front, and then stuffed an apple into her hand.

The apple is red and big.

It was still cleaned, covered with a layer of water droplets, and looked very delicious.

Tangyue didn't know what they were going to play, a faint confusion flashed in her eyes, she looked at Feng Xie, Feng Xie casually stroked the bow and arrow, and looked at her playfully: "Put the apple on your head, if I play Have fun, maybe you can leave."

on the head.

Tangyue looked at the bow and arrow in his hand, as if she understood something, her face turned slightly pale.

Feng Xie wanted her to put an apple on her head and make it his target.

She saw the bow and arrow just now, it was very sharp and strong, if it hit her head, it would be dead.

She refused: "No, I can't be a target."

"What illusion makes you think that I won't hurt you?"

Feng Xie's eyes were covered with a layer of fine ice, perhaps because he was too far away, Tangyue couldn't see his expression clearly, he said coldly: "Tangyue, is it because I am too kind to you? That's why you dare to climb on top of me, and you want to take care of my business, are you qualified?"

"I didn't intend to climb on your head." Tangyue said softly.

The man in the flowered shirt just now came over again, dragged Tangyue to the target, and said with a smile: "Little beauty, just be obedient, Brother Xie's technique is very good, it won't hurt you, at most it won't hurt you." It’s just to let you bleed a little, it won’t kill anyone.”

Tangyue pushed him, with a disgusted look on her brows: "Stay away from me."

This man's expression was sluggish, and he had dark circles under his eyes. It looked like he was overindulging in sex.

Dissatisfaction flashed across the man's eyes, he snorted, took out a rope from nowhere, and was about to tie Tangyue, his tone became vicious.

"If you are more obedient, you can save yourself some suffering. Why are you refusing to listen? You insist on me doing it."

The man was a little jealous of Tang Yue at first, but now that Feng Xie didn't care about her at all, his attitude became unscrupulous.

"Just play well with brother Xie. If brother Xie is in a good mood, he may be willing to take you to open a room."

"If brother Xie is not willing, there are still a bunch of men for you to choose from, and I am happy to help."

After hearing his words, everyone laughed.

Tangyue struggled desperately, it was the first time she had been humiliated like this, her brows were all frowned, but she still couldn't escape the fate of being trapped by a man, she turned her face slightly to look at Feng Xie.

Feng Xie just stood there. He kept looking at Tangyue with a blank expression on his face, as if looking at a plaything.

Tangyue's heart has completely cooled down.

She found out that she was completely wrong, Feng Xie couldn't get better, he gave her ginseng, probably just on a whim, she actually used this to speculate that there might still be such a ray of kindness in his heart.


His heart is filled with infinite darkness, which is where the light cannot shine.

How could such a person be a father, and how would he want to return to the Feng family to live a normal life.

He was lawless, he acted recklessly, he was just...

No heart.

He is a demon, if you stay with him for a long time, you will be dragged into the dark abyss by him.

"do not move!"

A man's mocking sound came from next to his ears, he quickly tied Tangyue's hands this time, making her unable to move again.

"Little beauty, since you took the initiative to find brother Xie, then it's fun, what are you doing playing hard to get? Not everyone has this honor."

"Let's start, shoot quickly, don't move a bit, or brother Xie will shoot through your forehead and you will be finished."

"Haha, if brother Xie really shoots through, he will give you enough compensation. It can completely make you carefree for the rest of your life. Maybe some people secretly think about getting shot."

"I don't want to talk about it. It's just that the arrow wound is fine. If it's dead, no matter how much money you spend, it's useless."

Everyone looked at Tangyue while talking, these words were clearly meant for her.

They had malicious intentions and wanted to defeat Tangyue's willpower.

Tangyue's hands were tied with a rope, and she looked extremely embarrassed. An apple was placed on her head, and she just stood like a joke.

The laughing voices around became distorted.

She closed her eyes.


An arrow shot over with unstoppable force, and as the distance got closer, Tangyue heard a violent wind.

The bow and arrow pierced the apple.


The apple hit the ground and fell apart.

During this period, Tangyue's body didn't even shake. She opened her eyes and quietly looked at Feng Xie who put away her bow. This look seemed to be filled with disappointment across thousands of mountains and rivers.

She regrets it.

She shouldn't have provoked him, and even tried to tame him.

Where is Feng Xie a dog, he is a wolf, an untamable wolf.

He became crazy, his relatives did not recognize him, and he simply forgot the little bit of friendship between the two of them.

Su Ling quickly came up to help Tangyue untie the rope, and said with a bit of embarrassment, "Miss Tang, hurry up."

He was also the one who harmed Tangyue, if he hadn't brought Tangyue here, this kind of thing wouldn't have happened.

But he also watched the play for so long just now, so he didn't dare to say a word.

Tangyue pursed her lips, stepped on the apple just now, and took steps with a cold expression, ready to leave.

After the men agreed, they blocked her way and refused to let her leave.

The man in the flowered shirt gave her a hand: "Just leave, brother Xie doesn't want you, but there is still me, let me play with you."

Tangyue stopped in her tracks, she looked at the man indifferently: "How do you want to play?"

The man in the floral shirt laughed, and looked at her chest lewdly: "This is the first time for the little beauty to come to this kind of occasion. She was so frightened that she didn't dare to move. How about it, brother will teach you Archery."

After he finished speaking, he was going to grab Tangyue's shoulder, intending to teach him by hand.


Tangyue hooked her lips, avoided his movements, and smiled at him.

A trace of obsession flashed in the eyes of the man in the flower shirt, and he was fascinated by her immediately. He asked the waiter to bring a pair of bows and arrows, intending to teach Tangyue himself.

"Do you want to try?"

"If not, my brother will teach you, and we can go to the hotel and get a room to learn by ourselves later."

The following words became more and more obscene, and everyone laughed.

Tangyue glanced at him indifferently, she was very impressed with this man, he was very concerned about herself, he was the one who tied her up just now, and now her wrist still hurts a bit.

Although she knew that other people, like this man, were full of malice towards her.

She picked up the bow and arrow, and suddenly aimed at the man in the floral shirt. The man's expression changed: "What are you doing?"

The next second, she drew the bow and string...

With a whoosh, the bow and arrow passed by the man's face, and directly inserted into the target behind.

The ten rings are in the middle.

The man in the floral shirt was stunned for a moment, and everyone was also stunned.

Tangyue continued to take out the second arrow and shot it.

Another ten rings.

As if she was venting her emotions, she didn't stop, and took out a third, fourth...

Ten rings, ten rings, ten rings...

Until there are fewer and fewer arrows.

The last arrow directly split the arrow in the middle, and landed on the target with a bang.


Everyone was so shocked, they completely forgot what they were going to say, and just watched Tangyue shoot the arrow in a daze.

These people are actually just coming to the clubhouse for entertainment. If you want to say how good their archery skills are, they are not.

Tang Yue's move was completely comparable to Feng Xie's.

In the end, Tangyue looked at the man in the floral shirt indifferently, and her voice was calm: "You want to teach me?"


He originally thought Tangyue was a little white rabbit, how could he know that this rabbit could bite people.

"Don't you think it's fun?"

Tangyue hooked her lips into a smile again. She was born beautiful, with a pure temperament, and her smile had a special flavor. The deep and shallow smiles on her lips seemed to light up those eyes, with a three-point charm.

The man in the floral shirt was stunned anyway, and reflexively said, "It's fun."

Tangyue drew her bow this time and aimed at the man again.

Just when a gust of wind blew over, it lifted the hair around her cheeks, setting off her soft beauty with a hint of heroism.

The archery skills that Tangyue showed just now had conquered everyone, so no one thought her move was wrong.

The arrow swished out, but this time it hit the man's thigh fiercely.


The man in the floral shirt uttered a scream, he raised his head, his eyes showed cruelty, as if Tangyue rushed over: "You little bitch, you dare to harm me, I will kill you today."

There was a snap.

Tangyue drew the bow and arrow, and shot the second arrow again, which pierced the man's other thigh.

He fell directly to the ground this time, unable to move forward at all.

"Fuck, do you know who I am? I will never let you go, what are you still doing, and grab her quickly!"

The man shouted angrily, and there were painful cries from time to time.

Feng Xie frowned, and he scanned his surroundings, which brought him an infinite sense of oppression, so those who wanted to go up to help stopped their movements.

No one went up.

Su Ling glanced at Feng Xie, he couldn't understand Feng Xie's behavior, he seemed to want to help Tangyue out, but he just didn't care about Tangyue.

Brother Xie's thoughts are really incomprehensible.

Feng Xie seemed to be surrounded by a layer of ice-cold barrier, his expression was extremely gloomy, and he kept staring at Tang Yue.

Tangyue didn't give him another look, she walked up to the man in the floral shirt, and this time directly pressed the arrow on his leg hard, causing the arrow to pierce deeper.

"Ah, you bitch!"

The man was in pain beyond recognition, and he stretched out his hand to catch Tangyue.

Tangyue's body dodged to one side, and one foot stepped on the man's foot fiercely, and it was crushed fiercely. She lowered her head, and the hair in front of her fell down, covering the eyes in front of her. look.

With this kick, the man's hands were bloody and bloody, and it is estimated that he is not far from being disabled.

Su Ling opened her mouth wide, feeling that what she experienced today was like a dream.

Fortunately, he felt a little guilty just now for bringing Tangyue to suffer, and it turned out that Tangyue was not a little white rabbit at all.

This is...too ruthless!

Is she being played, or is she playing someone else.

He saw that Tangyue was having a good time.

Tangyue looked at the man on the ground with cold eyes. She obviously had no expression, but felt that she was very cold, but even if it was cold, she was also a unique cold beauty.

"You pushed me three times and pulled me four times just now. You also tied my hands."

She was not as calm as she appeared, there were too many people here, they all surrounded her and refused to let her leave, Feng Xie also watched her being humiliated.

If she showed any weakness, she would become a meal for these people.

But even if she was really bullied, she would take revenge first.

There was a fine layer of sweat on the back, tightly sticking to the clothes, Tangyue stood up straight, without looking at the man on the ground, she turned around and said: "This time it's even, I won't care about it anymore."

After finishing speaking, she walked towards Feng Xie with strides, each step was very slow, but without any pause, she walked very firmly.

Feng Xie was sitting on a chair at the moment, his face was expressionless, his black eyes were extremely deep, and there was an incomprehensible light in them.

The others didn't dare to speak, they just looked at Feng Xie quietly, Feng Xie didn't respond at all, and they could only see the seriously injured man on the ground.

Blood bloomed under his body, like red lotuses blooming, but no one said a word for him during this period, and no one helped him.

The air suddenly became quiet.

No matter how slow you walk, the road will have an end, Tangyue has already walked in front of Feng Xie.

He sat with a lazy posture, and even slowly squeezed a cigarette, lit it, and a little smoke rose up, passing over his eyebrows and eyes.

This man was indeed well-born, and his features were the most elaborate masterpiece of the Creator.

But he's a scumbag.

Tangyue stood in front of him, it was the first time she looked at Feng Xie so seriously, and anger welled up in her heart.

The arrow flew over her head, and the apple was shot down. If she was not careful, she would die twice.

The child in the womb is still his.

He didn't care at all.

He is not willful at all, he is just a demon, only worthy of living in the deepest hell.

"Feng Xie, is it fun?"

Tang Yue said softly.

At the same time, she drew the bow and arrow in her hand and pointed it at Feng Xie's head.

Just like he aimed at her just now!

She reported her revenge on the spot, no matter how humble a person is, she shouldn't be humiliated like this.

Feng Xie doesn't take her life seriously, why should she be patient.

I didn't expect things to happen to this point, and everyone's eyes widened.

Su Ling was so frightened that his heart jumped up: "Miss Tang, murder is against the law, what are you going to do, quickly put down the bow and arrow in your hand!"

She just dealt with the man in the floral shirt just now, but now the person facing him is Brother Xie.

Feng Xie didn't move his brows, his eyes looked straight at the past, coldly, even if Tang Yue pointed a bow and arrow at him, his expression didn't change a bit.


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