Novel Name : Strongly Locked Marriage, Master Feng's Warm Marriage Escape Wife

Chapter 60

She once said she liked him, but now she is pointing an arrow at him.

The air was quiet again, even a needle could be heard falling to the ground.

There was an impulse in Tangyue's heart for a moment, but after seeing Shang Feng Xie's cold gaze, she calmed down a little.

It was because she had expectations for Feng Xie that she shouldn't have. She thought that Feng Xie would be able to stay away from these gangsters, return to Feng's family to live a good life, and be a good father in the future.

What exactly did Feng Xie do to give her this illusion?

Feng Xie treated her like this because the Feng family was in charge behind him, but she had no one to rely on. After she made things big, the only one who would suffer was herself.

Can only endure.

Her eyelashes fluttered slightly and covered them like butterfly wings.

She put down her hand and threw the bow and arrow on the ground aside.

Feng Xie stared straight at her: "Not going any further?"

"Stop playing."

Tangyue felt a sense of exhaustion in her heart, she dragged her heavy body and walked out, not wanting to stop a step.

She wanted to leave the place where Feng Xie was.

This time, she took a firm step and never looked back.

Everyone was also very quiet, no one dared to stop Tangyue.

Feng Xie watched her back disappear completely, a slight fluctuation flashed in his eyes, and he clenched his fists tightly.

He lowered his head, his jet-black hair brushed his forehead, looking cold and charming.

Suddenly, he stood up and walked over to the man on the ground. As if seeing a savior, the man hurriedly said, "Brother Xie, save me!"

Hearing this, Feng Xie pulled a cruel smile from the corner of his mouth: "Did I tell you to meddle in your own business?"

The face of the man in the floral shirt was stiff, and then a trace of panic appeared.

"Drag him there."

Feng Xie looked at him like he was looking at a dead dog, emotionless and extremely tyrannical.

"No, Brother Xie, please forgive me."

As soon as Tang Yue went out, she heard a scream from inside. It seemed that they were still playing games.

Thinking of everything just now, she suddenly felt nauseous, so she went straight to the bathroom and vomited for a while before she recovered.

She looked at herself in the mirror, her face was ugly, her lips were pale, and she didn't seem to have a trace of blood in her body.

She forced a slight smile.

Life is too precious, she can't waste time on Feng Xie anymore, otherwise she won't know how tortured she will be by Feng Xie next time.

She will never understand his life, and she will never intervene in it again.

She walked out of the clubhouse.

archery range.

The man in the flowered shirt was tied to the target. He was shaking all over, and the injured part of his body was still bleeding.

He raised his head and looked tremblingly at the group of people in front of him, his begging voice became hoarse.

Feng Xie gave a wink.

A group of people shot at him with bows and arrows.


Many of these people do not know how to shoot arrows, because many arrows were shot at men.

Heartbreaking pain.

Su Ling stood beside Feng Xie, his expression twisted.

"It's really courting death. I want to show off in front of brother Xie, and I don't even look at who I am?"

He sighed and turned his head to look at Feng Xie.

The dying cry of the man in the shirt came from the archery range, but no one paid any attention to it.

The clubhouse was still very lively, the rock music was played to the extreme, and someone was holding a microphone and singing loudly, as if they had forgotten what happened just now.

Several men held several women in their arms, and they were making love to each other.

There is a lot of people's voices.

Su Ling was also drunk with beer.

He saw Feng Xie who was leaning on the sofa, and was about to call him, but found that Feng Xie had fallen asleep.

With such a noisy surrounding, he might not have fallen asleep, but was just recharging his energy.

Feng Xie fell asleep.

He bent one elbow and supported his chin, his eyes were closed, and the surrounding noises gradually became distorted.

He had a shallow dream, which was a dream he had countless times.

Anya was dressed in plain clothes. In her dream, she was gentle and peaceful. She led him to the park and took him to buy a lollipop.

"You sit here and wait for mom, mom will be right back."

Feng Xie nodded, he tore open the lollipop, it tasted like low-quality saccharin, it was so sweet that his teeth were about to fall out.

He waited from morning to night, and then continued to wait from the next morning.

Anya didn't come back.

She abandoned herself.

Some later said she was dead, others said she was still alive.

He has been looking for Anya all these years, but he doesn't know why.

That woman gave him life and was very kind to him, but she also abandoned him later. If she was still alive, he only wanted to ask why.

Why abandon him.

As soon as the screen turned, another woman's figure appeared in front of his eyes.

She stepped out of the white light, like a fairy in the sky, forcefully broke into his life, and she stretched out her hand towards him.

With a soft voice: "Feng Xie, come with me."

"Get out of this place and come with me."

Get out of this hellish place and come with me.

That sweet voice was bewitching, and it kept lingering in my ears, endlessly.

Feng Xie suddenly opened his eyes, his eyes were clear, and the sound of the explosion hit his eardrums unexpectedly, and washed away his dream just now.


He stuck out his tongue and licked the roots of his teeth, picked up the coat on the sofa and put it on his body.

Su Ling opened his hazy eyes to see this scene, and regained consciousness a little: "Brother Xie, where are you going?"

There will be another show later, they guessed that brother Xie likes fairy-like women, so they prepared a few for him.

"Go back." Feng Xie said coldly.

At this moment, the door was pushed open, and three extremely pure women walked in.

Su Ling was very satisfied. Although the looks and temperament of these women were not as good as Tangyue's, they were still pretty good. They must be the kind that brother Xie likes.

It's also good for entertainment.

He had a flattering smile on his face: "Brother Xie, I made you unhappy today, so in order to make amends for you, I found some high-end goods for you. What do you think?"

The one who answered him was Feng Xie who left without delay.

He didn't even look at it, just walked away.

Su Ling froze for a moment, and then panicked in his heart.

Brother Xie didn't accept his apology, so is he still blaming him?


Haicheng is bustling and charming at night, with all kinds of neon lights flashing, embellishing the city in a flashy and beautiful way.

The car was driving slowly on the street, Qin Zheng looked at Feng Xie through the mirror while driving.

He didn't seem to be in a good mood, his dark eyes seemed to be mixed with the night, making it hard to tell what was inside.

He was looking at his phone intently, looking at something seriously.

If you are close, you can see the search content on the phone screen.

"What should I do if my wife is angry?"

The first comment is a refined comment, which has won the approval of many people.

Feng Xie swiped his phone and looked at it seriously. If he didn't see his phone, he would have thought he was looking at something profound.

"First of all, you must take the initiative to apologize. No matter what happened, no matter who is at fault, you must take the initiative to apologize to your wife and let her know your sincerity. In short, you must first admit your mistake, go down the same level with her, and finally communicate, you You'll find it's a small thing."


Why should he apologize?

There was a sneer on the corner of Feng Xie's mouth, it was obviously Tang Yue who provoked her first, she invaded her life privately, and even tried to change him.

Finally, she pointed a bow and arrow at him.

"Second, you have to coax your wife with love words, smile on your face, and you must be fast. The matter of the day must be resolved on the same day, or it will be delayed until the next day, or you will find that a small matter will turn into a big one. When it gets serious, it's over."

Feng Xie glanced at the time, it was ten o'clock in the evening.

There are still two hours until the next day.

He instructed: "Qin Zheng, drive faster."

Qin Zheng: "?"


Although he had some doubts in his heart, he still drove the car very fast. You must know that Feng Xie rarely went back to Feng's house before, so how could it be so frequent like this time.

"Thirdly, kiss her. There are many reasons for two people to quarrel. Sometimes you can't reason with her, so use actions to explain it. If she doesn't forgive you, you push her down and kiss her, and be rough. Of course this Action is only for you if you make a small mistake, it is of no use if you make a big mistake."

Feng Xie thought about it thoughtfully.

At this moment, his cell phone rang suddenly, and a text message was sent.

The sender is Tang Yue.

Feng Xie narrowed his eyes, a faint light flashed in his eyes.

Click on the text message, there is a very long text message inside.

"Feng Xie, I'm sorry, maybe it's the time we spent together that gave me the illusion that our relationship can go further, and made me forget where I should be.

Although it was Su Ling who took me there today, I personally agreed, and I admit that I was a gambler. I tried to make you give up your previous life, and let you do something that I thought was right, but you didn't. willing things.

In fact, I was wrong. I should not judge any of your actions, and I am not qualified to manage all your affairs. I apologize for my behavior today, and I hope you can forgive me.

I won't take care of your business anymore. "

Feng Xie's face darkened. He read this text message over and over again, until the car stopped, he was still reading it carefully.

I won't take care of your business anymore.


Damn woman.

Who did she take him for?

She can control it if she wants to, or ignore it if she wants to?

His opinion was never asked.

Qin Zheng looked at Feng Xie's gloomy face, hesitated for a moment, and asked: "Young Master Feng, we've arrived, shall we go back now?"


Feng Xie got out of the car.

At half past ten, the entire Feng family was brightly lit, and the servants in the hall were still cleaning. When they saw Feng Xie came back, they all looked very cautious.

These people saw him like a quail. Compared with those in the clubhouse, although he was similar, he was much more boring.

He didn't like the place so he rarely came back.

Qin Zheng asked with interest: "Where is the second young lady? Is she there?"

A servant replied: "The second young lady hasn't come out since she returned to her room. She told us not to disturb her. She must be sleeping."

"The second young lady is pregnant after all, she goes to bed early every day."

Feng Xie didn't speak, he went directly to the second floor.

The room on the second floor was really pitch black, his eyes became darker, and he slowly opened the door.

It was obvious that the two had a fierce conflict. He thought she would not be able to sleep, but he did not expect that she could still sleep.

The bed next to her was sunken, Feng Xie sat by the bed, lowered his head, and looked at Tang Yue carefully.

Tangyue slept soundly, the moonlight outside shone faintly on her face, she slept very peacefully, but she was much more well-behaved than in the daytime, she looked like a fluffy rabbit, pure and harmless.

But Feng Xie knew that this was all an illusion, she had both claws and teeth, and would be very vicious if provoked.

Xu was afraid of pressing her stomach, she was sleeping on her back, with her face slightly tilted to the left, her long hair was spread on the white pillow, like a flowing waterfall.

She closed her eyes and breathed evenly.

His body seemed to have developed an antibody to the tranquilizing pills. Although the pills were still useful, they were not as effective as before.

His sleep is terrible.

Tang Yue could sleep soundly in any environment.

A trace of displeasure flashed across Feng Xie's eyes, and he stretched out his hand to cover Tangyue's lips. Her lips were small and soft, like flower petals brushing against his palm, causing a shudder.

Tangyue had a beautiful dream, in which she returned to her childhood, her parents were still alive, and the three of them went on a trip together, her heart was soft.

The wind and the sun are beautiful, which is a good time for spring outing.

But a devil suddenly appeared in front of her. He was extremely tall and shrouded her in the shadow. Tangyue's heart was full of terror. She opened her eyes wide, wanting to see the other person's appearance, but he His face was hidden in the shadows, and he couldn't see clearly at all.

The devil grabbed her hand and held her under the water. She took a big breath, but was gradually submerged by the water.

At the last moment, the devil showed his true face.

It was Feng Xie!

Tangyue opened her eyes, and the moonlight shone on Feng Xie's face, making his face pale and pale. She trembled and called out: "Devil."

The hand on the mouth is removed.

The air was poured in again, Tangyue took a deep breath, and slowly regained her composure.

It turned out that it was just a dream.

The man looked at her displeased, and his voice was hoarse: "You called me a devil?"

In fact, many people have called him that behind his back, and he usually doesn't care about it, but when Tang Yue yelled these two words, he felt inexplicably uncomfortable.

Tangyue: "...."

She pursed her lips and explained: "I was just dreaming, and I didn't distinguish reality from dreams."

Hearing this, Feng Xie's face became even uglier: "So you dreamed that I was a devil?"

I can't talk today.

Who made Feng Xie sit by her bed without saying a word, and covered her mouth to make the air thin, that she would have such a nightmare.

She moved her body to one side and asked, "Aren't you in the clubhouse?"

Usually when Feng Xie was around, she would wait for him in order to maintain her personality, but today there is no need for this.

Feng Xie's eyes mocked: "You want me to be in the club all the time."

Tangyue thought about her words, trying to make Feng Xie not too disgusted: "I won't ask about your affairs in the future."

Feng Xie's eyes turned cold.


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