Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 31 - Huo Mou Shen is just playing with you ......

Out of Muddle Through.

There was a shadow of him.

"Third brother, what are you looking at?" Lu Ziyan sees the corner of Huo Mushan's lips pull up a hint of a hidden arc, and incredulously rubs his eyes before he's surprised, "Third brother, you just laughed!"

"This is the design?" Lu Ziyan swept a couple of eyes, "Third brother, you're so good, you finished the design drawings so quickly."

M & R Group was responsible for hitting the malls and developing their own industry as well, with Third Brother as a ghostwriter, sooner or later, M & R would hit the ground running.

"It wasn't me who drew them, organize all these design drawings and don't show them to anyone yet." Huo Moushen handed the pages to Lu Ziyan, casually took the cell phone and pressed the answer button.

Immediately, a stream of insults and goading words came from the other end of the line.

Huo Muchen is an asshole!

Huo Muchen is just playing with you ......]

It was difficult to distinguish the messy noise, but the man could still hear Song Zhi's aggrieved crying.

His handsome star-like eyebrows suddenly exuded an uninviting and cold, reserved air, and all eyes focused on the voice that jumped out of the cell phone.

Song Zhi's voice was low, aggrieved.

And stubborn, sound extraordinarily heartbreaking.

His wife was aggrieved.

Everyone in the Song family was blaming her, abusing her, questioning the fact that Song Zhi had made a mistake by marrying him.

The man just sat in the sofa breathing hard, his fingers unbuttoned a few shirt buttons, hung his head obliquely to cover the darkness that was gradually dense under his eyes, twisted his neck, and the corner of his lips hooked up a smile-like arc.

Lu Ziyan didn't stay calm, accusing the cell phone 'oh oh oh' three times: ''F*ck, third brother, your two in-laws say bad things about you behind your back! Thanks to you giving Song Yuancheng this old fox a bridge in the first place, now it counts as helping an old son of a bitch no?"

Huo Mushen's long arm rests on the arm of the sofa, and that ascetic and cool face only reveals a handsome side face, but it still leaves people in awe.

He does not speak.

Lu Ziyan also did not pay attention, a heart is still surprised in the bright and shiny amount of Song rhetoric behind actually lived so ...... wretched.

He instantly felt that before may be a little misunderstanding of song rhetoric, after all, from the voice has been listening to song rhetoric in the third brother to speak.

"Third brother, this third sister-in-law was bullied by the Song family, right?" Lu Zi Yan directly categorizes Song Ru as Huo Mu Shen's private property, one of their own, "I didn't expect this group of old sons of bitches from the Song family to actually do this to Third Sister-in-Law, daring to move the earth at the head of the taiyouyou!"

"Heh ......" Huo Mou Shen spilled out a cold laugh from his throat, slightly lifting his eyes and glancing at it, his long and slender nails rhythmically tapping on the coffee table, making a thumping sound, with a compelling voice, as if Satan was on earth: "Put the Song family's The money chain is broken, without my command, no one is allowed to give, this thing to do a little more secretive."

Bullying his wife, Huo Mou Shen will definitely force people to the end of their rope!

"Third brother, then third sister-in-law must be very aggrieved right now, I heard her crying." Lu Ziyan's mouth was full of fantasies, so he just said it straight out, "Third Brother, do you think Third Sister-in-law would have been beaten up by now, otherwise she couldn't have cried so much on the phone."

Lu Ziyan speaks to himself, completely oblivious to the fact that Huo Mou Shen's aura is on full blast and his coldness is pouncing on his face.

Huo Mou Shen has a string of sanity taut in his mind, his flawless jawline reveals an arc, his mind actually inexplicably thinking that Song Zhi is really being bullied, and floats past Song Zhi's aggrieved crying baba, being reprimanded so much that she doesn't dare to open her mouth, and his brows tighten.

"Seeing third sister-in-law like this is totally often aggrieved, no wonder she's usually so arrogant and domineering." Lu Zi Yan crossed his legs and leaned against the glass table, his tie was hitched on the write edge corner, a slutty and uninhibited look how to look at how to be beaten, "I guess it's just being bullied and scared, that's why she would want to protect herself."

No wonder, third brother said that Song Ru aggrieved, to spoil her.

Saying that she was young and had no one to teach her, he taught her hand in hand.

After they learned from the boss that Huo Mou Shen was really considered hand-me-down teaching, feeding people a little bit, except for a few years abroad, Song Ru had always lived under Third Brother's umbrella.

If Third Brother really wanted to play, Song Zhu would have been played to death long ago.

Perhaps Heartless's words directly snapped the string called reason in Huo Mou Shen's mind.

Huo Moushen hangs up the recorded phone call, smoothes out the folds of his suit, and stands up coldly, his straight, athletic legs firmly wrapped in his suit pants.

"Third Brother!" Lu Ziyan saw Huo Moushen coldly smiling, walking towards the outside, his footsteps unhurried, looking as if he was stepping on the faces of those people!

Lu Ziyan's eye pupils shrink, this is a precursor to Huo Mushan's anger.

"Third brother, do you think third sister-in-law was egged on by them?"

"What are you going to do?

Huo Mushen takes a step out of the lounge, and Lu Ziyan follows right behind him to the elevator.

The man suddenly pauses, and Lu Ziyan slams on the brakes, "Third brother, why are you suddenly not leaving?"

Just as he was puzzled, he saw Huo Mu Shen's dark eyes as if he had overturned an inkstone, his thin lips hooked in a mocking smile, "It's normal for her to be young and unintelligent, but if someone teaches her badly, I won't allow it, and I'll never let it go."

A hint of evil impetuosity flowed out from his eyebrows, Huo Muk Shen's thin lips rose lightly, and he swept his head down over the brightly lit cell phone screen, squinting slightly.

Lu Ziyan stepped into the elevator with Huo Moushen and looked deeply at him.

The elevator is suppressed with a heaviness, and Lu Ziyan's heart weighs heavily, suddenly opening his mouth, "Third brother, the Song family is on the tip of the storm now, if we take the opportunity to step on Tang City, we can directly monopolize the Huo family. If this matter is inconvenient for you to do, I'll do it?"

After a moment of silence, Huo Mushen's cold voice comes out, "No need."

At the end, he swept another glance and said in a low voice, "You're surprised?"

Lu Ziyan nods truthfully, unable to guess what Huo Mou Shen is thinking, "I thought that third brother would directly exterminate the Song family to take out the anger for Song Zhi, after all, you're on Song Zhi, we all have eyes to see."

Other people marry dainty wives, night after night.

Whereas Third Brother married not only a wife, but also a daughter attached.

At these words, Huo Mushen's deep eyes contract and he snorts lightly, "Since she didn't tell me, it means she doesn't want me to meddle in the matter."

"Then how to send you a message?" Lu Ziyan couldn't figure it out.

Song Zhi looked silly, not that human.

"Of course she needs me to step in, she wants me to see the Song family's true colors." Huo Mu Shen laughs lazily and walks towards the underground parking lot.

"See the Song family's face clearly? Can't it be that she's not the Song family's daughter?" Lu Ziyan said.

Huo Mou Shen buckles his seatbelt, and Lu Zi Yan ghostly follows and sits on the co-pilot, chasing after him nonstop, "Third brother, why can't I suddenly understand what you're saying, Song Zhu doesn't help the Song family, does she still want to help you? I've never seen her so attached to you before, do you think it could be that she's counting on a divorce?"

"Get lost!"

Huo Mo Shen's voice cavity is grim, casting a sidelong glance and suddenly speaking.

He furrows his brows, and the cramped carriage tightens up in an instant, the temperature around him plummeting.

From the first time that the Song family came to the door to ask for a bride price, Song Ru was hinting at him, and now she is deliberately proving to him that she is changing?

If it is really calculated ...... Huo Mou Shen is desperate to see Song Ru figure, yanked her shoulders, threw her on the bed and broke her waist ......


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