Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 32: Finally I know the reason why Mrs. Climbed the door

He started the engine with one hand, and the wheels rolled and frosted the ground.

If it were usual, Lu Ziyan would have asked for clarification, but now that Huo Muchen is going to the Song family to settle the score, he doesn't want 'a fire at the city gates to spread to the fish in the pond', and hurriedly gets out of the car in a grayish manner.

Shutting the car door, Lu Ziyan bent down and asked, "Third brother, the Lu family's affairs ......"

"Broken roots, completely ruined, I don't want to see their existence in Huacheng again." Without thinking, Huo Mushen drops a sentence that doesn't leave any half-hearted words and drives off.

The car at a fast speed to Tang Village, Huo Mou Shen's car skills is also extremely good, high school drove a lot of racing, at this moment driving a Maserati, driving on the highway, spinning, drifting, overtaking, a series of actions are done in the line of clouds such as running water, the eyebrows are untamed, as mastery of the world's king.

And Tang Zhuang inside, Song Zhi still hiding in the room, listening to the door was slammed boom, the sound was so loud that the door was almost unloaded, directly rolled his eyes.

She rummaged through her room, but all of them were some killer clothes left over from college, and she didn't find her mother's relics.

She remembered that her mom said that the Tang City shares were to be inherited after she got married, but now she hadn't found any tokens either.

"Damn! It must have all been taken by He Meiping."

This little bitch!

She sat on the bed with a puff of anger and let out a long breath.

Her heart was bubbling and her head was buzzing with anger, He Meiping's claws were so delinquent that she actually took all of her mother's things.

As soon as she remembered that the bed had all been touched, Song Zhi dropped goosebumps all over her body, jumped up directly from the bed, wandered back and forth in the room, and immediately texted her husband, "Hubby Hubby, you hurry up and come oh, your kissing wife is being bullied."

With three pitiful emoticons.

After editing the text message, Song Zhi all felt goosebumps falling off, so meaty.

Outside the door suddenly rang He Meiping's fake benevolent voice, so pretentious that it almost made Song Zhi spit out his breakfast.

"Xiao Ru, come out, your father isn't angry anymore, and it was all a scare just now." He Meiping was worried that the valuable jewelry would be snatched back by Song Ru, she hovered anxiously at the door and kept pacing, what if Song Ru found out that all the jewelry left by Tang shi had been taken away by her?

Those were all limited edition models on the market and were worth a lot of money, she had a hard look in her eyes.

As long as she gritted her teeth and didn't admit it, no one could do anything to her.

What's more, she still had Song Yuancheng as her master.

She didn't believe that Song Yuancheng could move her for Song Zhi.

He Meiping turned towards Song Yuancheng and said, "Yuancheng, Xiaozhu just told me that she doesn't want to marry the Huo family, anyway, the Huo family doesn't know she's here, so why don't we fulfill her."

"How to fulfill her?" Song Yuancheng was fretting about dealing with the online scandal, "Tang City's PR department is as good as trash!"

"Let's call and say that Song Ru took the opportunity to escape, or whatever, and then use Yanyan to go over there instead." He Meiping leaned on Song Yuan Cheng, her cheongsam outlined her sexy, "Yuan Cheng, I'm also doing this for the sake of the Song family, if Yanyan marries over, won't everything be solved."

He Meiping carefully said the plan in her heart, observing Song Yuancheng's expression.

"Huo Mou Shen is not that easy to fool!" Song Yuancheng's spine chilled at the thought of the words 'Huo Mou Shen'.

But He Meiping went over and rubbed her elbow against Song Yuancheng, fawning and pleasing, "I'll think of a way to send Xiaozhu back to her countryside home for a while, to make sure that Huo Mushan won't be able to find it, and then after that, we'll take Xiaozhu abroad, and say that Xiaozhu died, so the gods don't know and the ghosts don't realize it just happens to be right?"

As long as Song Yuancheng agrees, she will sell Xiao Ru to the old man, and then ask someone to completely scratch that cool Tang Shi's face, but also scratch it so thinly that no one can recognize it.


"Yuan Cheng, I know you don't believe me when I say this, but for the sake of the Song family, I have no choice but to do it." He Meiping was buried in Song Yuancheng's chest, and her half side of her cheeks were filled with flavor.

Worthy of being an escort, she knew how to provoke a man's nerves with every move.

Song Yuancheng nodded numbly and dialed Huo Mushen's phone number at He Meiping's 'encouragement'.

Ding ding ding!

A black, low-profile Maserati had just stopped in the shadows at the entrance of Tang Zhuang.

The dead silence inside the car is abruptly broken by the ear-piercing ringing.

Huo Mou Shen picks up the ringing cell phone, sweeps it, dials the connect button, and walks with a calm gait towards the back of Tang Manor.


A low voice traveled from the knot in the man's throat to the opposite side of the phone.

Song Yuancheng's heart 'thumped' for a moment, forced himself to calm down, "Mu Shen ah, Xiaozhu has disappeared, she made a scene this morning to run away from home, and then now ran to where I do not know ah."


The man raised his head to look at the room on the corner of the second floor, took the binoculars in the hands of Chu Huaibei to see the little woman jumping up and down in the house, and asked with a cold heckle, "When did she leave?"

"Just ...... an hour."

"One hour, I know."

Huo Mou Shen hung up the phone, his voice so calm that he couldn't hear any emotions, causing Song Yuancheng and He Meiping to look at each other in dismay.

Why wasn't he in a hurry and didn't even ask?

It seemed that Huo Mou Shen wasn't satisfied with Song Zhu at all, and everything was just a marriage between the two families, for the sake of profit!

He Meiping's eyes are sharp, this is better, as long as Huo Mushan doesn't like Song Zhi, then they are still rubbing Song Zhi flat!

She was completely unaware that Huo Muchen was standing downstairs in Song Zhi's room.

The air pressure around him lowered, and he casually handed the binoculars to Chu Huaibei.

"The president's wife has been at home and hasn't escaped." Chu Huaibei felt the powerful air pressure and could not wait to bury his head in a crack in the ground, but he could only say with a hard head, "President, it was my unfavorable errand to bring Mrs. out, letting her be bullied."

Immediately afterward, Chu Huaibei took the initiative to confess his guilt, and briefly and succinctly told Huo Mou Shen everything he had heard before and after.

Huo Muchen stood to the side and listened quietly, slowly averting his gaze, suddenly licking his tongue and revealing his white teeth.

Like a fierce beast in the wilderness, he is ready to strike.

A pair of sharp eyes are like a cheetah hunting in the dark night.

He was angry.

Still suppressing anger.

He glanced at the gate and raised his eyes to see the one meter high fence, frowned and rolled over three or two times, his athletic body crossed to the opposite side of the wall in a spilling position.

Chu Huaibei and the two bodyguards were surprised.

There was a door not to go, to climb the wall!

They seem to know where Mrs. Climbing Doors learned from!

Huo Mushen walks under Song Zhi's window and lowers his head to send out a text message call to Song Zhi.

The woman who is picking at the door and is waiting for when Huo Mushan will come is startled by the sudden ringing of her cell phone.

She looks down, then can't wait to run to the window.

Sure enough, it's Huo Mushan.

He had come.

He stood straight downstairs from her in a well-tailored black suit, his cold face glistening in the sunlight.

Song Zhi watched intently from the second-floor window as the man stepped through the golden glow.


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