Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 33 Come down, hubby will do it for you.

And in the blink of an eye, the man also senses the burning expectant gaze, just in time to raise his head and meet Song Zhi's innocent and delighted deer eyes.

Song Zhi waved her hand at Huo Moushen, her joy overflowing, as if she had seen her whole world.

At this moment, she can only fit Huo Moushen in her eyes, he is her whole world!

Huo Muchen slightly tilted up his taut chin, his dark, sharp gaze on her, half narrowing his pupils, and a dangerous aura emanating from his unruly brows.

Through the window, Song Zhi could feel his gaze climbing all over her body, wrapped around her neck, a little tease her cheeks hot, her body hot, felt her throat being stroked by a big hot hand, pressed against her chest, couldn't catch her breath.

She softly and gently shouts, "Huo Mushan, do you think it looks like we're stealing, love?"

Huo Moushen smiled, his eyes divine and inscrutable, stretching out his hands, "Then why don't you jump down and see if I can catch you?"

His gaze was so stark that Song Zhi couldn't bear it.

She covered her face and pouted at Huo Mushan, "I don't want to, I still have things that I haven't taken away, husband, you must be the one to do it!

I can be aggrieved, being bullied can be miserable, you have to take revenge for me."

Song Zhi threw winks after winks at her husband, one after the other, and then disappeared out the window.

Huo Mushen's indifferent face is amused by Song Zhi and finally stops rippling and rippling, the corners of his lips pull up a faint arc, and he uses his mouth to say to Song Zhi, "Come down, hubby will do it for you."

Song Zhi read it, she inhaled deeply, held up her small mouth, her eyes a little reddened: "You can catch me? In case I fall to my death, what if someone else stuffs you with a little wife?"

Huo Mou Shen felt Song Zhi owed a beating, his brows furrowed, biting his words as if he were biting Song Zhi: "No, you're the only one in my life."

Song Zhi's eyes fall into tears, and she suddenly turns her back to the balcony and wipes away her tears with her fingers, "So annoying, always making me cry."

Immediately, she turned around again, towards Huo Mou Shen as Xi Zi holding her heart, and spoke extremely fast with her mouth, as if she deliberately didn't let him understand, "Huo Mou Shen, I will love you well, and definitely won't let them plague you again in this life."

With that, the window was closed.

She didn't know if she had done the right thing, but in her memories of her previous life, the project that Song Yuancheng had hinted at with her husband the last time he came to her house was a pit, and it was a huge, huge pit.

Song Yuancheng had used Tang City as a name to pit Huo Mushan's funds in, nearly bringing Huo Mushan's reputation in Huacheng into disrepute!

And afterwards, Song Yuncheng had her beg and take the entire black pot.

Later on, he even thought about cooperating on the E-Star program, simply pitting Huo Mou Shen to the bone.

She clenched her fists, her brows suddenly becoming clear and cold.

Song Yanyan leaving M&R Group was only the first step she wanted, what she wanted was for the Song family to never pose any threat to Huo Mou Shen.

Huo Mou Shen was supposed to be the man at the top of the pyramid and shouldn't be dragged down because of her!

Song Zhi took a deep breath and pushed open the door, there was not a single figure in the corridor.

She walked straight into He Meiping's house, flipping through her jewelry box, her lips hooked, here are all the things left to her by her mother, hand follows heart, even lazy to count, directly all packed away.

"Xiao Ru, why are you in my house?"

Suddenly, from behind came He Meiping's puzzled voice.

Song Ru turned her head, holding a box of jewelry, and took two steps back, but deliberately angled her neck to talk back, "I didn't find my mother's things in my room just now, I think it's probably because Auntie He was helping me clean up my room, and accidentally packed away my mother's things for me."

"No, I found them all."

He Meiping swept her eyes over the jewelry box on the dresser, almost all of it was emptied, her eyes popped, "Xiao Ru, you're mistaken, those are all the jewelry your father bought for me, not Sister Tang's."

"But these are." Song Ru was not fast and furious, she could feel the gradually approaching aura and became even more reckless.

With my husband protecting me, I'm afraid of you P!

She pointed to He Meiping's neck, ears, wrists, and body, "Here, there, and there, all of them are my mother's, Aunt He may be old and a bit senile, my mother's things are all specially crafted by the Zhou family's masters, with special markings, and are unique all over the world.

If Aunt He really wants it, she can talk to me, why would she sneak it away."

Why else, of course it was because of vanity.

Everything Tang shi used was the best, which could greatly satisfy He Meiping's vanity.

The corner of He Meiping's mouth twitched, extremely unwilling, stepping forward to snatch back the jewelry box, those were all valuable and expensive, even Song Yuancheng nowadays couldn't satisfy her, how could she be willing to give it up to someone else?

Song Zhi did not move to avoid it, making a move to protect herself.

He Meiping swept over Song Yuancheng who came out of the study and simply did not do anything.

She secretly pinched her thigh hard, her eyes reddening with pain.

"Xiao Zhi, even if you hate me, why did you slander me for stealing Sister Tang's jewelry?" He Meiping cried just right, comparable to Song Yanran who could cry, "I know you've always had a lot of misunderstandings about me coming in after me, and even jealous of me and Yanran, but you can't slandered me for everything, these are really all love tokens that your father bought for me and gave me."

Song Yuancheng came in and heard He Meiping's cries, and was infuriated again!

"You actually stole something?" He pulled up his voice and questioned, "What else are you afraid to do!"

"I didn't, dad you didn't even listen to my explanation, why are you accusing me of stealing Aunt He's jewelry." Song Zhe lowered his head, his voice was not too loud and not too small just enough for the man to hear, "Dad, these are all left to me by my mom and there is also a will."

Song Yuancheng's face stiffened, furrowed his brows, and roared in a neutral voice: "Your mother can't use it anyway, even if it's really Mei Ping who took it, so what!"

At these words, Song Zhi sneered, "So is dad using mom's things to give them to others? Dad, how could you do this, everyone who doesn't know still thinks that you don't love mom at all!"

The air was filled with a crumbling atmosphere.

He Meiping cried and shook her head, "Xiao Zhi, I know you hate me, but don't blame your dad, it's all my fault. After Sister Tang died, you have always thought that I had harmed Sister Tang, hated me and Yanran for sharing your favor, and sneered at me and Yanran every day.

I've been careful to please you, and Yanyan has secretly been bullied by you to the point where she doesn't dare to speak."

Started pouring dirty water.

What she said was true, at the very beginning she did mope around all day because of her mother's death, and He Meiping had been egging her on since she arrived, and when she was slightly younger, she would secretly encourage her to go to opera halls, bars and nightclubs, and all sorts of chaotic venues, which He Meiping had egged on all over the place.

And turned around and sent Song Yanran to tutor piano painting, bound to train her daughter to be better than Tang Shi's daughter.

But Song Yanran would be carried out every time she went, kicked to the cram school, and spent her entire youth in a muddle.

He Meiping just had to wear Tang Shi's jewelry and Tang Shi's cheongsam.

She also wants to sleep with Tang Shi's husband, live in Tang Shi's house, and enjoy all of Tang Shi's glory and wealth.

Even her daughter will be fooled by her!


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